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Google Street View Wi-Fi data slurper named


Re: Let me fix that

See post above - Option B seems to also apply.

Adobe auto-update eases Flash update chore - on Windows only

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Re: Chrome?

Somewhat correct. Chrome uses its own flash and there fore manages all the updates (to flash) via browser updates.

Java, Adobe vulns blamed for Windows malware mayhem


I think apple knows their user base pretty well eh?

I wouldn't expect them to be the most diligent at patching.

Rebekah Brooks quits - Murdoch accepts this time


Replies listed in order.

Re: Firstly, it's not hacking - it's just guessing a pin number..

Vlad, it really does not matter whether the number was guessed or not. It was unauthorized access. If you left your home unlocked and someone entered, its still illegal entry. It might not be BREAKING and entering

Re: here is only an investigation because a) it affected personally a few schmucks who had the power to start the inquiry

Ah, yeah, and the point is, these individuals might have other content (on their vmail) related to national security. So the UNAUTHORIZED access is potentially more serious and requires closer review than it would be if your babysitter left you a voice mail to say she won't make it friday. If you don't understand that, then the next point will truly be lost on you.

The rest of your comments seem to be where you really have some personal objections and are more just random rants than anything factual. Come up with something a little more relevant and we can resume the discussion. Thanks