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Portugal’s prosecutor punts P2P case


Re: Won't be sustained under review

"Based on this decision a person in Portugal could buy one copy of say Windoze 7, software or a music CD/download and share it with all of their friends"

Nothing in the decision says that Microsoft could not take action against the sharers in the civil courts. And win. The only decision was that the state will not prosecute 2000 criminal actions.

Sharers of music have already been successfully prosecuted in Portugal. One got a two month suspended sentence for sharing Alanis Morissette...

Apple MacBook Pro 13in



I don't agree with the Skoda/ Audi or 2$/40$ wine comparisons. The hardware is not that much better. I use a MacBook and an HP laptop about 50/50, and I can't say the quality of the build is any better. Screen, disc, graphics, memory, ports, no way do they justify the price difference. Yet still, I want my next laptop to be a MacBook. 100% because of the software. I will pay over the odds on hardware in order to be able to use MacOS because it is much less hassle and is a pleasure to use, that I can put in the hands of people with less IT capability.

It's more like buying a car that has the same equipment as everyone else's (costing half as much), but it can drive in exclusive lanes which are nicer, cleaner and safer. Of course some professional drivers prefer a car that is "demanding" to drive, that needs to be dominated, that feels dangerous, that they can take apart, but other people want to get from A to B safely, without even having to worry about the car, because they have other things to do. And they pay more for this.

iTunes gifting scam plunges Reg reader into the red


How to buy download apps without giving CC details?

The app store is a great place to browse. If I find anything I want, I then go to the developers site, download from there. Pay with PayPal if necessary.

EU telecoms to Apple, Google: 'Pay up!"

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.. I use the net for many wonders, including BBC podcasts, news, El Reg, etc., but the only company I pay for all this IS my telecomms company. Everyone else does the hard work, they get my 25 euros a month.


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