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Renault Fluence ZE


While not perfect

Fossil fuels are running out so not a long term solution. It's true that a large part of electricity is still generated by fossil fuel but A electricity can be generated from other, cleaner sources and B generating energy in power plant is more efficient and cleaner that thousands of individual car engines doing the same.

Grow up, Google: You're threatening IT growth



I fail to see how google's version naming is childish but naming your version after big cat isn't. Not to mention ms naming it mango or nodo which was a stab at a compeditor. At least google's naming has some logic with the alphabetical versions

LG Optimus 2X dual core Android smartphone



or press power+home using the phone's built-in screenshot capability

Google unloads Nexus S Gingerbread phone


not quite

Hummingbird is a far more powerful SoC than snapdragon and 2.3 will take even more advantage of it's power, don't just use Ghz as a measure.

I'm also disappointed with the lack of microSD. I would have loved 8G INAND + SD. SD is great for data storage like pictures and music but sucks for apps because it's slow. If I have to choose between 512M flash + 32G SD and 16G flash the latter wins.

Also, one could argue that the screen is a 'real hardware improvement' as well.


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