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Dell's dinky designer desktop


For the money

If you just wanted a cheap unit to watch HD movies on, then, and I hate to say this being a PC fan through and through, wouldn't a PS3 be cheaper and more reliable? Sod the games aspect, as a media streaming front end, with Blu-Ray support, you can't do better for the money really.

Flame on I guess, but it isn't meant to be flame bait, I promise.

NASA: The Moon is not enough


Reasons for the ISS

I hear a lot about the science being done on the ISS, and whilst I would like there to be great breakthroughs due to the endeavour, in my mind it's not the biggest benefit it's given to us.

I think the fact that it's a focal point between nations, that allows countries who are in other ways unable to work together to get together.

US, Russia, Europe, Japan, Canada and the rest have at least one project where they actually help each other, this in the long run can only be a good thing.

On a smaller scale, Europe, the Jules Vern was a European venture, not just UK, or France or Spain, but the whole of Europe contributed to it's creation, teaching much needed engineering skills and inspiring bonds between countries.

I don't think this is a universal answer to world peace, but it can't hurt. *

The science in my mind is secondary (although still important)

Heart for obvious hippie based reasons

* At least until we start fitting the thing with big Lasers!

Congress accuses American Phorm of 'beating consumers'

Thumb Up

But google is opt-in

All that talk about google.

Yes they could hold all that information, if you use their services, there's no one forcing you to use any of the google services, there are alternatives (Unless Google buys Yahoo of course, then your just left with Microsoft Live Search, which is a punishment I wouldn't want anyone to have to suffer)

The only part of google that could be possibly considered opt-out is when you visit sites hosting google ad's (The opt-out being to install adblock)

Apple swipes £121 for 'free' MobileMe trial


Debit Cards

You state that 'Debit cards are less widely used in the US' I've not bothered looking up anything like hard facts about this (That would ruin the truthiness of my claims), but I would have to say that their about the same.

I realise the US is a very large place, and I haven't been out to the more rural areas, so I suppose it's possible that as a percentage of population their less widely used, but even if that was the case, they are used pretty much EVERYWHERE ELSE. Everyone I know uses a debit card (Probably have a credit card as well, gotta get those bonus points you know)

So for that to be put up as some kind of excuse doesn't work for me, I would imagine you'll be hard pressed to find more than 5 apple employees in the US that don't have a debit card (I'm feeling brave, I'll include all the teenage trendy types that work in the stores as well)

UK boffins roll out video periodic table


@AC - ghd

Damn you ,I'm trying to work, and you made me go watch the Boron video...

San Francisco's 'rogue' sysadmin still being paid while in jail


What about the Hackers - I mean Haxx00rR$$$

Or whatever weird spelling they choose to go by these days.

We're always reading of systems being compromised in like 4 minutes, or penetration testing being too easy.

Why are they wasting time trying to get the password out of the guy, surely they should just get in a 14 year old, bored teenager with something to prove, sit him down at a terminal and tell him under no circumstances is he to hack into the system, that should get you access again in no time.

SanDisk touts read-only SD cards for sensitive data


I tried

I tried to go to our secure SD storage vault, but the stairs were gone and the lights were out so I had to use a flashlight.

Mind you that was the easy part, finding out where the storage vault was, was the tricky part, no one had actually gone out of their way to call attention to the location..

Mines the one with 'Don't Panic' on the back, written in large, ever so friendly letters

Google releases serialization scheme


Ah spot the newbie

When reading the article I got the feeling this was a first attempt at a Reg article. Clicking on the 'more articles by this author' link only confirmed this.

Someone who's been told what the reg style is like, and decided that means using swear words, and comparing programming code to having fun with the Prom Queen.

It was actually a fairly interesting article fact wise, and I'm sure the style will settle down after a few more posts / some time spent reading a few more posts etc.

You don't need swear words in every sentence to make a reg article, that's what the comments section is there for.

World+Dog lines up for iPhones


Most Wanted Smartphones

Yeah Yeah, Apple is great, Apple is shite, I'll let others have that argument.

What I'm interested in is the list of 'most wanted smartphones' that is displayed on the right hand side of reg hardware articles.

I can't be guarantee this, but I'm fairly certain that list hasn't changed in like 6 months or more. As a reader on El Reg, it's quite noticeable that the amount of phone reviews is quite high, so you would think that the most wanted (Not most bought, or best, just wanted) would have changed a bit by now?

Plus, who the hell is Mwg anyway? I mean I've seen their phone at the top of the list for quite a while, but the manufacturer? Never heard of em, and possibly for that reason I know I don't want one, and trust me I want a lot of things, shiney new things, with flashing lights, and weird features I'll never use, I want them all..

Just curious

Jacqui Smith kick-starts yoof ID debate site, site kick stops


For my title see my ID card

Well the site appears to be back up.

Some interesting comments as noted. My favourite so far has to be in reply to the discussion on Facebook, the initial post by the admin asking why we're worried about a central database of ID when we already give up more information on the likes of Facebook.

The first reply given was 'I haven't invited the government to be my friend on facebook'

And I mean, seriously, who would?

The Moderatrix will see you now


Best Toy for Dioramas

I of course realise the current trend is for Play Mobile, which is all well and good.

But seriously wouldn't Lego be better?

Oh and megablox doesn't count, it is the inferior 3rd cousin who doesn't get invited to parties as it just doesn't fit in correctly.

Commercial iPlayer faces anti-trust shakedown


Damn It!

I've been waiting for Kangaroo for too long already.

I don't care about anti-competitive behaviour I just want my BBC and I want it now!

(As an Englishman living abroad you soon realise what you had in good old auntie beeb, oh how I miss her)

I know I have access to 'BBC America' and DVD's (and of course those funny torrent things, but for some reason I don't like that route, call me old fashioned but I genuinely don't like breaking the law, even if it seems the laws are stupid and that society is trying to make me do it)

I wait the time when I can get access to up to date BBC programming, and am willing to pay subscriptions for the privilege, so OFT you can go pleasure yourself.

Beeb's online music stations get rewind button



I third or forth the statement that it'd better not stop me listening to the radio from overseas.

If it does, maybe the long promised, little delivered project kangaroo will hop to our rescue.

Adobe swings out Acrobat 9


Acrobat Sucks - Fox It Rules

Sounds like their sticking more features in that practically no one will ever use, which just means the reader will take even longer to load all the random rubbish that Adobe seems happy to stick it with.

Foxit Reader for the win, I've opened 100+ page PDF's with images in under a second.

BOFH: Dealing with engineers


Why not on the front page?

I was concerned that Simon was taking a holiday or something, I had to go to the BOFH section to find this story.

Why wasn't it on the front page where it belongs?

Are you trying to censor the BOFH? Well Fu <Slam>

Alien head because they tried to hide the aliens, but we found them too...

Hummer glummer on high oil price bummer


Well Now

I have to say, I'm sorry for the people losing their jobs, and in many ways some of the SUV's that are going we're good vehicles (Although yes, they were stupidly large, gas guzzling behemoths) but they were comfortable, and very hand if you have a lot of kids to transport etc.

However, having said that, the Hummer is a truly terrible machine, I've driven one a few times (rentals) and their horrible. All manly steel on the outside, and the worst sort of plasticy rubbish you could imagine inside, rough ride, too much road noise and from what I can understand a worse crash test rating than a small sub-compact.

Some cars look rubbish, but are actually quite good vehicles (Fiat Multipla - I'm looking at you) then theirs these, they look good if you like military styling and pretending your Rambo, but are just awful in every other regard.

If the global oil crisis causes the demise of this senseless brand, then I say well done to the oil monopolies, you did us a favor. (Just try to find a way to use the plants to make cars that will sell rather than shutting them down, the workers did nothing wrong)

Oh and in other news, does anyone know when Top Gear is starting again? I'm out of the country and need to know.

Acer punts £199 Linux laptop


Question for the linux gurus out there

From what I can gather the Linux used on this is Linpus Lite.

Does anyone know if this has a VPN client available, and also an RDP client?

It'd be a great gadget to carry around when on call, to be able to vpn into the office, and remote into a server etc. (I currently manage to do this in an emergency from a treo, so a small, portable unit with a real screen that can do this would be a BIG plus)

I know a number of other distros have this ability, I've used them myself in the past, but I can't seem to find an answer on the all knowing interweb as to if there's a client that will run on Linpus (I assume there is, but need confirmation)

Thanks for you answers (or flames I suppose)

VIA revamps NanoBook sub-notebook platform


At least

They got rid of that stupid plug in handset thing besides the screen. That was a really stupid idea in the first place, who in the design department though that, that was a cool look?

Now all they need is a suitable model to demonstrate it's use in an everyday setting, say a kitchen drinking wine, or possibly another room in the house...

ISS toilet spares stowed and good to go


The thing is..

From what I understand, they think the problem is with the pump, and did in fact have spare pumps on board, two of them.

Whenever they fitted one of the spares, they failed after initial start up.

The key spare being sent up is another pump, but this time from a different manufacturing batch.

This seems a bit strange to me, even if the batch was faulty, the first one onboard seemed to work fine for a long time, I suspect there's something else wrong causing the pumps to blow, so if all they do is put in the fourth pump and it blows up, well then their really in deep sh <SLAM>

Man accused of siphoning $50,000 in micro-payments from Schwab, E-trade


Reminds me of...

Superman III, or Office Space

All those little payments soon add up.

Anyone who does something like that would have to do something pretty stupid to be caught - such as turn up to work in a new ferrari. Ah Richard Pryor you are missed (although possibly not because of Superman III)

Mines the coat with all the loose change in the pocket.

Bill Gates unveils interactive wallpaper


Just build your own

Why pay the costs of a Microsoft package, when you can do all the same stuff, and more using a Wii controller?


Life a mess? The Moderatrix can help



Pictures? You want Pictures?

Well your obviously either not an avid Reg reader, or have a very poor memory, I believe you'll find some pictures of el Moderatrix in the article on El Reg's 10th Birthday.

I would include the link, but well, I'm feeling evil, and seeing if you can use the search function properly.

P.S. Nice glasses El Moderatrix....


What did I do wrong?

I grew up as a geek / nerd (Depending on your definition of both)

I watch sci-fi, I can debate the intricacies of technology differences between Star Trek and Star Wars, I have been known to read a comic or two, and have certainly been known to roll a D20 or two in my time. I can diagnose a computer with my eyes shut, and have a variety of OS's running on my home computer cluster.

Yet somehow I managed to get a wife and child (that's right my fellow reg readers, I have had sex and have the proof to back that claim up), I'm not shunned from parties and have been known to give a speech without resorting to techno babble. Heck if it comes to it, I'm also known to have a shower more than once a month! (No seriously, like everyday or something, I know it's wrong but I can't stop)

So the question is what did I do wrong? Where did I lose my way on the track of life known as geekdom? How did I de-rail and join 'society'? How can I hope to get back to the right way of life?

Please Moderatrix (OK, Sarah if you insist) share with me your wisdom, tell me how I should proceed, I feel like I'm letting the team down.

Why Microhoo! is like, so, totally dead


Is Nia Fired...

A Man From Mars?

I was half way through the article assuming it was from the confused one himself, before I noticed the author....

Nigerian duped gullible NASA employee


But did she....

Go chasing him down whilst wearing a diaper?

BBC defends iPlayer against Murdoch Jr's 'anti-competitive' claims


Project Kangaroo

Just in case anyones waiting for the Kangaroo to start hopping their way, apparently it's due for an August launch this year..

As an Englishman living abroad, I personally am very eager for the launch.

Especially when all my mates tell me how handy the iPlayer is, I get quite jealous.

More details here


BBC Micro creators meet to TRACE machine's legacy


The BBC at last, I wouldn't call it forgotten though

"So while the BBC's Project may not have engendered computer literacy in the way the Corporation originally hoped"

I disagree - I say the BBC machines engendered a great deal of computer literacy. Just about all the geeks of my age can point to a BBC somewhere in their past that taught them the basic fundamentals they still refer to today. They were so easy to use that they encouraged playing on them to see what you could do (Which is of course the best way to learn)

BASIC - Was, well, basic, but it taught the use of variables, memory, even modules (if you abused the often maligned GOTO command)

Oh and yes, there was definitely an element of hacking involved as well, which only helped keep us playing with them, nothing peeks the interest like trying to do something you shouldn't (For fun of course, never malicious)

Oh and Elite - I made deadly and Repton was excellent.

Astronauts in seven-hour ISS construction session


Smiley Face?

Seriously? Because it was a robot they thought it needed a face?

Or am I just seeing an otherwise ordinary logo as a face?

That white circle at the top, certainly looks like a face to me.

Smiley symbol for obvious reasons

IBM gets back into PCs


Completely Unscientific but...

Lotus Notes Sucks...

It sucks so hard, it can suck monkey balls through a straw, whilst wearing a face mask and with little holes punched into the side of the straw to reduce the pressure... yes it sucks that hard...

As for the rest of the Lotus stable, I give it a 'meh' it's alright, seems more stable than some of the microsoft stuff, but with a few less whistles. Exchange isn't brilliant, don't get me wrong, I've had my fair share of battles with that beastie over time, and SharePoint can leave something to be desired in the document sharing realm, but their gold standard, angelic applications when compared to Notes.

Just in case you don't get what I'm trying to say it's this, NOTES SUCKS!!!!!

You see that flame? You see the small line at the bottom of it? That's a Notes Installation CD that is...


Thanks Ralph B

One other thing, I originally thought Ralph was telling porky's when he suggested googling 'World's Worst Application'

He wasn't and I did, and somehow I feel a lot happier now, thanks Ralph.

Lawmakers voice concerns over cybersecurity plan

Black Helicopters

Will this new security include....

Not sending confidential e-mails to web masters of small towns that happen to have a domain name similar to an air force base?

Just wondering is all, I'm sure stopping that little security loop hole will eat up a few of those dodgy dollar bills.

Vote now for your fave sci-fi movie quote


Is this a record?

I'm curious, have we now set a new record for the number of comments on a single story?


RE : Flash Gordon

I remember about a year or so ago, listening to a radio interview of Brian Blessed, he was promoting some west end show he was in or something.

It wasn't that interesting, until the interviewer got into a bit of a personal request and asked him to repeat the 'Gordons Alive' quote.

He laughed, and repeated it in a good loud rumble, made my day that did.

So many quotes, so little time, in the end I went with Back to the Future, apparently I'm only the third person to do so, ho hum. Their all pretty good I'd be happy no matter which one won.

(I'd maybe have left off what movie they were from though, just naming the films could have wasted enough of Friday to make it worth while)

Steve Ballmer lies to my mother


Working for me

I hate to say it, but I just logged into my (very) old account and it's working for me (1923 Unread messages, I'm sure that's not the most someones seen, but I was impressed)

Canon Digital Ixus 70 compact camera


Time Between Pictures

I'll admit I'm not the best photographer in the world, I just take happy family pics of the kids doing something cute.

My main problem with my current camera (A Fuji Finepix) has always been the time from taking a picture, to the camera being ready to take the next picture, I know it's only a few seconds, but that can be enough to infuriate.

How does this camera cope in this regard? I noted in the review it powers up quickly, but it didn't mention time between pictures.


Terminator Salvation is go for May 2009 release


But it's McG

Seriously - This will be terrible, never mind the scenery, or that bloke from Batman, it's the McG factor you've got to worry about.

Him of Charlie's Angels fame, yes that film which got together 3 hot(ish) women jumping around and wearing bikinis, and still managed to make you notice how cr*p the film was, that takes some skill, it really does, unfortunately it's skill at making cr*p movies.

Oh and talking about Highlander 2 (Which has rightly been seen as the garbage it is) I noticed in my local Blockbuster the other day that it's been re-released on DVD, as a remasterd, directors cut, collectors edition! Seriously, how drastic must the directos cut be to make that purchase worthwhile? Maybe cut out the entire film, and have the full length hypno-toad episode from Futurama instead?

Gawker - Texas's supercomputing Ranger


So let me check this

And I know in the past my maths has let me down something terrible, so if I get this wrong, and I probably will, please feel free to flame away.

IBM has 106,496 Power PC Cores for 596 TFlops

AMD/SUN has just 15,744 Opterons for 504TFlops (Or 62,976 cores as each chip is quad core)

So IBM uses 43520 more cores for a speed increase of 92 TFlops.

I'd say core for core, that's still pretty darn impressive for AMD/SUN, if they can just add in another 2874 chips they could still take the crown. (11496 Cores)

Now where did I put that copy of Crysis, I think I've found the machine for the job.

Star Wars animation heads for the silver screen


I see your Swartz is as big as mine

Graham : Don't worry, your not the only one to recall that film in all it's glory.

I was always a little disappointed they never released Spaceballs : The Flamethrower myself.

Any guesses as to what the combination on my luggage is set to?

Oh and this is an unlisted wall...

I didn't wear a coat, but the dark helmet is mine, thanks.

16GB iPhone to launch today


@Andy - Hows the new Eagle Center?

I left Derby 4 years ago to move to the US, when I left they were busy knocking everything down to build the new Eagle Center, so hows that worked out then? I understand it opened recently (as in the last year)

Oh and to TimBiller, your still correct, but you forget to include sales tax, which is not included in prices quoted in the US, you have to add that on yourself.

Based on sales tax where I live, the actual price would be closer to $540 = £273 approx, still a big difference from £329 but just pointing it out.

'Facebook fatigue' kicks in as people tire of social networks


I wonder what will happen

If and when Facebook get forced to implement a 'delete my account' option.

If the EU has it's way, they're going to have to at some point, and when they do, I'd be very interested to see how many accounts vanish over a few weeks once the news gets around that they can now do that.

Personally, I joined facebook to look at some photos of a friends wedding, then got really annoyed by the endless vampire / werewolf / food fight invites, and so emptied out my details, but I'm still technically counted as an account, which aggravates me just a little.

Flame because I'd like to see facebook and it's ilk crash and burn.

Bloke finds missus working in brothel


I knew it!

I read this story elsewhere yesterday, but I just knew it'd get picked up by El Reg! It's one of those stories that's too good to pass up.

The question I want to know the answer to is, Did the woman decide she needed to earn extra money working at the Brothel, because the husband was spending to much money at the Brothel, or Did the Husband decide to visit the Brothel because his wife was away too much, and as they had extra money coming in, he could now afford it?

It's a catch 22, chicken and egg question.

NetFlix sics troops on Apple TV


I've used their watch it now service

Whenever I've actually found something on there I want to watch (So far it's mainly been old Dr Who episodes, when I'm in a retrospective mood) it's worked really well.

I have a media center PC setup, and I have to say the on demand stuff is good quality when viewed on a TV, watching on a monitor at typical high PC resolution makes it look a bit worse, but on a TV I'd say it was comparable to DVD quality (Not quite as good, but not so much worse as to be an issue)

The two main issues I have with the service at present are a lack of selection in the watch now category, and the fact the player only runs in a browser (Yes it has to be IE, and on a PC, but hey, I have both of those, so ner ner to the MAC lads)

I'd actually love it if they would produce a plug in to make the service available natively in Media Center, and / or at least work with the media center remote control, as it is I have to open up the browser, dig out my wireless mouse, and click on the full screen option, but as I say, after you do that, the viewing experience is not bad at all, and certainly fulfills the 'I want to watch that, and I want to watch it now' urge you get from time to time.

If they made it available in set top boxes, I'd say it'd be a good service (so long as they increase the selection)

Welcome to the El Reg bumper demographic survey


Carry On

The only thing I'd change is a more consistant style applied to the various sister sites (Hardware I'm looking at you)

Really the re-design was a bit poor in my opinion, oh and add some links on each site so you can navigate to the other sites, if I get to a hardware story via RSS I might want to spend more time on your site, and a handy link would be much appreciated.

As I put all that in my submitted survey there goes my anonymity, but as the great and wise Kryten once said "It's such an important point I thought it was worth mentioning twice"

Oh and spell things however you want, so long as the story is valid I've no problem with how it's spelt.

Microsoft offers $300m for web-washing ad campaign

Jobs Horns

Has anyone tried it yet?

Windows Live - When someone sends you a message you can view it without having to install some stupid application to your page first, allowing third parties access to your private data, which you can't delete

Windows Live - Might look boring but it does work

Windows Live - Hey at least it's not Apple

Windows Live - We only use your information internally unlike other services we could mention

Windows Live - Be Different, everyones on those other sites

Windows Live - No ones ever been invited to be turned into a zombie on live

Windows Live - Unless your a Mac user, you'll find the apps / interface really easy to use, if you are a Mac user look over there, it's shiney, look at it sparkle, pretty

Windows Live - Has anyone actually tried using it?

Windows Live - Allows grandma to see photos of their grandchildren

Windows Live - For people with real friends who don't need to have 200+ fake online pals to play with

Windows Live - It's like Radio 2, all the services you used to get from that trendy Radio 1 place, but for grown ups

Woman finds boyfriend dead in catflap

Black Helicopters

I suspect foul play

Have you never watched CSI or Law & order?

Come on think about it, girlfriend has argument with boyfriend, she obviously doesn't like the man (at the time)

She kicks him out, he tries to get back in through using the catflap to unlock the door, she finds him, they talk, they argue, she gets distraught, does 'something' (TBD) and he's dead...

Police come, decide it all looks normal at the moment, pending autopsy, they spot problems, they need to look at the door to find more evidence, but oh what do you know, it's already been stripped out of the house and sent to the trash heap....

Very convenient...

I'll be the one over in the corner wearing a tin foil pyramid hat...

DoubleClick caught supplying malware-tainted ads


@Keith T

Well in my defense and my fault for not mentioning, my statement about the page containing doubleclick ad's was derived from pulling up my adblock-able items window and seeing what was being blocked.

When you see multiple ad.uk.doubleclick.net it's safe to assume their are ad's from doubleclick around somewhere.

Oh and sometimes I do surf using IE7, for some reason I quite like it, not sure why, I think because it loads in a quarter of the time it takes firefox to load up, and is able to better display a (really, really small) number of common websites I visit.

but yes, firefox with ABP is the norm


Oh El Reg....

I do enjoy the fact this article, basically saying how doubleclick ad's are dangerous, are displayed on a page surrounded by, what?

Well let me check....

Yes indeed, a page festooned with doubleclick ad's.

Well don El Reg, truly living up to your moto about hand biting.

Winona Ryder to suckle Spock in Star Trek XI


Skinny People in California

If your able to get to Burbank this Saturday, and fancy being a young starfleet cadet, or tight clothed Vulcan, this is your chance...


Open casting call for extras, as the article states -

Everyone must be thin, athletic, fit; wardrobe will be form-fitting.

Which I'm sure all the techie people reading this correspond to ::cough::

But more reassuringly...

Talent with interesting and unique facial features such as: long necks, small heads, extremely large heads, wide-set eyes, bug eyes, close-set eyes, large forehead, short upper lip, pronounced cheekbones, over- or undersized ears and/or nose, facial deformities, ultra plain-looking people, ultra perfect-looking people, pure wholesome looks, twins, triplets, emaciated talent, regally poised and postured talent, or other visually unique characteristics.

Now that we might be able to do...

Live long and all that..

Beer better than water: Official


Is Science to be forgiven now?

At last Science has made amends for it's previous mistake, that of claiming women don't talk more than men.

I really couldn't bring myself to believe anything science said after that little paper got published, but this may balance it out.

Welcome back Darwin, I always knew I was a monkey once.

I didn't bring a coat, and I spent all my money rehydrating after some exercise, if someone wants to lend me a coat, and give me a lift home, that'd be great.

Igor-style human, animal parts assembly on horizon


@ kit-form henchmen

Assembled size : 50cm*80cm*175cm.??

This is El Reg, we don't deal in pesky cm's here!

What's that in Grapefruits?