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TiVo calls time on ageing set-tops


too late to Ebay my Tivo then

The Virgin Tivo boxes are shipping to Tivo users who were offered them through their current Tivos.

Still waiting to hear from Virgin after i expressed an interest although my Tivo was boxed up last year when i moved to a V+HD box. Can't wait to get back to having a Tivo again.

I can understand why Tivo users wouldn't be happy though, if you're not in a cable area your only choice is to go Sky+ or Freeview.

Any anyone who's used Tivo knows anything else seems like a step backwards in usability...

Virgin unwraps three-tuner über set-top

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then Tivo is what you need

The V+ allows you to set padding on programs but it's a global setting to srart early and finish late and if this causes clashes you lose stuff. I.E. double episodes of a show running 8pm & 8:30 with a 1hr show starting @ 8pm. If you set padding the 2nd show @ 8:30 won't be recorded as the tuners are in use.

If this Tivo follows Tivo Gen 1 that i had till i went HD then :

1) You can set padding rules per season pass

2) You can set padding rules per recording

So in the above scenario you would go into the recording planned for the half hour show, let the 8pm one start as planned but stop on time and modify the 8:30pm one to start on time but stop recording late.

You then end up with all 3 shows recorded with nothing missed - perfect for BBC 2.

ofc if there's any repeats then Tivo will have already picked up on them and gone for recording the 1hr and the first 30min prog whil getting the 2nd 30min prog from the repeat