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The Australian Bureau of Statistics has made a hash of the census


Lotus Notes

The ABS website appears to use Lotus Notes (well Domino) it doesn't exactly fill you with confidence that they use the latest online technology does it!

Netflix fail proves copper NBN leaves Australia utterly 4Ked


Re: Pay for it yourself

I don't want to pay for highways or roads in country Victoria to be built, I don't use them but my taxes do pay for it. I do drive but not that often, I live in the city, why should I subsidse a road in the country? Those people should pay for there roads directly, not be subsidsed by me because they choose to live outside of Melbourne....And I'm not talking the middle of nowhere, why do I pay for a road to Geelong, Ballarat or Bendigo?

How far do you take your argument? What about police, there's relatively little crime in my area and I'm a reasonably young(ish) man, why should my taxes pay for police to protect the elderly or frail? If they want protection, they should pay for it themselves?

Might it be that building infrastructure such as roads, sewers, NBN, etc. and providing services such as police ambo's, etc. actually provides a broader economic benefit to the whole community, not just to an individual?

Having a healthier (hospitals, ambulances, police), more mobile (roads, public transport), more productive (NBN....) population, helps improve the economy and hence our lifestyle, but who would want that....


Re: 38% @ 12Mbps and 38% at 25Mbps

I fail to see how iiNet's issues are relevant to your argument in fact it almost directly contradicts your point, clearly there is demand for high-speed internet, so high that a reasonably big ISP is struggling to cope.

More broadly, I think your missing the point governments need to be planning for and building for the future, not building an NBN that only provides for the current requirements, it's like building a new freeway in a capital city on the assumption that population & traffic won't grow over the next 30 years, it makes no sense.

Netflix is an example (the first mass market one) that contradicts the argument that we don't need/have demand for high speed internet, and this comes less than 2 years after those very public arguments that there was no need for it.

We should be building infrastructure for the future, not the short-term, it will be interesting to see in a few years if property listings start talking about the type of NBN in a property, I for one will only want a property with 'proper' NBN.

Luckily for me, I'm on 100Mb FTTP, so I'm quite happy at the moment!

G'Day Australia! Office 365 and Dynamics CRM bounce Down Under



This is great news for anyone who works in Government as it takes away one of the biggest perceived barriers to cloud adoption.

Any chance of a link to the source for the article?

Virtually yours: Microsoft unveils Windows-as-a-service


Windows Server 2008?

I don't get it, is the article trying to say that this is deployed on Windows Server 2008? At the very least surely they'd go 2008 R2 like every other sane person who works in a windows shop? I'm surprised they're not using some highly customised version of 2012 R2?

Boycott Firefox, gay devs urge as Mozilla appoints JavaScript daddy as CEO


I assume they've switched to Chrome: http://projects.latimes.com/prop8/donation/88370/

Cherry-pick undermines NBN business case: Switkowski


I live in a Carlton apartment and an NBN Co box has appeared on the wall of our basement, I wonder if we're one of the trial buildings!

I'm disappointed I was hoping we'd just sneak into the FTTH roll out!

Microsoft takes InfoPath behind the shed, says successor will be better


I never quite got the point of InfoPath the fat client when you're connecting it to SharePoint, why not just use webforms in SharePoint? Their are probably valid reasons I just don't know what they are.

Also "so far only OneNote is available in a full-featured fondleslab edition" what about Lync mobile clients?

Office 365 Microsoft's fastest growing business, ever - Microsoft


Enterprise Use Rights

"Signing up for Office 365 at any price, though, will have seen customers on EAs paying too much at any price.

That’s because those who’d attached an EA to their Office licences were entitled to get a new version of Office rather than starting to pay for Office 365"

Well that depends, signing up for Office 365 E3 gives you Enterprise Use Rights (basically Enterprise CAL's) for your on-premise versions of Exchange, Lync & SharePoint, trust me 3 years of E3 is a lot cheaper than 3 years of buying those individually (even buying one of them).

Also with Office 365 you can have your users install it on 5 devices of their choice (including Home PC's, Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.) this isn't something available with Office 2013.

So yes, we already had licenses for Office 2013, but until we got 365 we were limited on the Exchange and SharePoint features we could use, now we're not.

Although I must admit at the somewhere aback of my mind is the concern that once Microsoft have us hooked on the enterprise features, they're then going to remove the use rights from E3 and force use to either move to the cloud or buy the CAL's.... but they wouldn't do that.... right....

Virgin unwraps three-tuner über set-top


Crap Looks

Why can't Virgin ever make a set top box that looks half decent? This looks like an 80's version of the PS3! Not that the Sky boxes are the pinnacle of sleek design, but they look better than this!