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Major overhaul makes OS X Lion king of security



This ASLR thing has existed for so long on other OS's. This was like how Apple "revolutionalized" their iPhone development kit with step through remote debugging... in 2009.

Google sees printing in the cloud


I already have a slap chop

I'm really confused about the value that this brings to the consumer or where any efficiency is really gained. The "now you don't have to fool arround with 'troublesome drivers'" sounds like something you'd hear on late night infomercials and I already have a slap chop.

97% of INTERNET NOW FULL UP, warn IPv4 shepherd boys



Wouldn't it make more sense to give the ISPs IPv6 addresses and reserve IPv4 for servers?

Android out-runs Windows Phone 7 on price comparison site


identity crisis

I think its somewhat obvious what the issues are with this phone. The marketing and target audience seems to contradict itself.

Its features are social networking and targeting the younger generation. Slap some expensive hardware with no "big name" software into the mix and you get an unsellable product. They've basically stripped out all of the business and developer/power user features so they've lost their legacy crowd.

Also their in and out quick motto with their commercials gets a few laughs but is misguided to what the target demographic does with the phone and what needed improving. The in/out quick crowd would be buying the 0$ phone.

With all the negativity surrounding the OS, I have to say I think its an interesting platform, however definitely is not mature. Why anyone would spend top dollar for a phone that can run software that doesn’t exist yet really fast is beyond me. So it will take a lot of development $$$ to get this to a point where it can compete in a crowded market. If they can leverage the gaming market better then apple has I think they would get a really big win; but again, this contradicts their marketing....

It was definitly time for a rewrite. Any OS that is still requiring unmanaged calls to make a deliverable product is in need of some love (BB OS?). I'm sure things like multiprocessing will eventually show up because its likely they used their old kernel from WM6 however it has to work its way into the phones OS framework and SDK. Having said all that, this is likely the most time efficient OS to develop on now; so they need to develop their gaming market quickly.