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Welcome, friend, to Metroland


Fie on you, Verity,

for making the link test "Betj pastiche macro" instead of "Betj pastiche". I was really, really, hoping for that macro.

Marvellous documentary, though, so no complaints in the end. Also, poetry gratefully receieved; I especially admire the way you sneaked the lorem ipsum in. Metro-Land's opening stanza is very catchy. And regarding to the conceit of transferring Cargoes to the realm of computers, this quote from "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" comes to mind:

“I would have thought it was quite obvious. Anyone could have thought of it.”

“Ah,” said Dirk, “it is a rare mind indeed that can render the hitherto non-existent blindingly obvious. The cry ‘I could have thought of that’ is a very popular and misleading one, for the fact is that they didn't, and a very significant and revealing fact it is too.”

Trevor explores Microsoft virtual training


This article could have used screenshots.

I don't have Silverlight installed. If that layout/UI is as good as you claim, screenshots would have given me an impression of that, and the article would have been useful to me. Because, the words? they do nothing.

Verity Stob and the super subjunction


We all eagerly await the next installment

I, for one, am raring to learn how ~~;^ is rearranged to summarize that Punch cartoon.

Vote now for the best sci-fi film never made


Try the BBC's radio play of Neuromancer

It is magnificent. Everything you could wish for in an adaptation, and more. Especially the voice casting and acting – Armitage, the Dixie Flatline, Molly, Peter Riviera, Maelcum – is inspired, I can still hear the characters and their lines in my head.

One Daniel was kind enough to put it up (after writing to the BBC repeatedly, and receiving no reply).


However, we probably ought to use the torrent, lest we wreck his bandwidth allotment for the month.


On a related note: It's a crying shame that the World Service's entire radio drama department got axed in the recent cuts. :-(

I was timeboxed in a holistic scrum





My hat is off to you.

I am strangely attracted to these promises of lithe development techniques and supple software, and to being part of the it-crowd that fondles Innovation's bum. I could not tell you why.