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We're in a timeline where Dettol maker has to beg folks not to inject cleaning fluid into their veins. Thanks, Trump


We apologise profusely.

Please forgive those misguided dolts who elected this moron as president. Even though he lost the popular vote, our antiquated Electoral College still gave him the victory.

Hopefully this nightmare will end next January, and it will only take a few decades to repair the damage his administration has done to our country and relationships with out allies.

Elect a clown, expect a circus.

Microsoft liberates ancient MS-DOS source from the museum and sticks it in GitHub


I still have the original MSDOS 2.0 disks that came with the IBM PC I bought in '83 or '84. Would be interesting to see if they are still readable.

Top of the radio charts: Jodrell Bank goes for UNESCO World Heritage status



I think it's Quasars.

Microsoft adds 'non-security updates' to security patches


I'm Surprised

I"m surprised that MS hasn't taken a different tack on forcing all of us to upgrade by crafting updates that incrementally install little parts of WIN10 one at a time. So, instead of one large obvious change, little bits creep in over the period of a year or so, claiming them to be "updates" and "added functionality" or whatever fucking buzzword they decide to use.

When I retire in the next couple of years, and I no longer have to use apps that are not available on Linux, Windows may get replaced by LInux.

Nest thermostat owners out in the cold after software update cockup


While I am not to be considered a Luddite, turning one's home and other valued possessions over to the control of all these IOT's is a BAD idea. It's not a question of if things will go wrong, but when, and how much it will cost you.

My Hunter thermostat has two AA batteries that last for three to five years at a time, and still works, powered by the AC from the furnace/AC if the battery goes dead.

AWS outage knocks Amazon, Netflix, Tinder and IMDb in MEGA data collapse


Re: Good thing Bezos is not an avatar living in Amazonia!

Not to worry, before long we will have killed ourselves off, and after a few millenia, few signs we existed will be around.

Google dumps ISP email support. Virgin Media takes ball, stomps home


Not Just Virgin Media

MY ISP had switched from in-house email to Gmail hosted email about a year ago. Last month they switched back to their in-house email servers again. I was curious why that happened, now I know.

Gmail falls offline, rest of Google struggles on: NO! Not error code 93!


Gmail has been working for me all day. Just got a few emails from my Gmail account. It's 3:25 PM EST here, I think PST is 3 or 4 hours behind.

Combover King Donald Trump: 'I miss Steve Jobs'

Thumb Down

Like antone cares

And just who gives a flying crap about what that buffoon has to say?

Why isn't he spending millions in a hair loss cure instead of wondering why IPhones have dinky screens?

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a massive package


Let's see

If he starts wearing turtle necks and acts like a control freak. If so, he'll fit right in and go far.

Facebook shoves your face into creepy 'sponsored stories' in 2012


Boy, am I glad I don't have a Facebook account and have to deal with crap such as this.

Anyone who has a page there, get's exactly what they deserve.

Apple was OK to fire man for private Facebook comments


Just maybe...

People should learn not to post stuff on Facebook or any other social media that could get oneself fired. Especially when you work for someone like Apple.

Jeez, learn to keep your mouth shut unless you like being unemployed.

0.5mm2 ARM chip offers 5X energy efficiency, jacks up performance


0.5mm2 ARM chip?

So it's about the size of a grain of sand?

Color me dubious.

0.5cm2 maybe.

FSF takes Win 8 Secure Boot fight to OEMs


Re: Pah...

And just when did common sense, lawsuits and customer opinions become a guiding force at Micro$oft?

Office 365, Hotmail and SkyDrive hit by outage

Thumb Down

MS: Trust us will all your data.

Me: Yeah, right. I'll get back to you on that.

Wills and Kate to wed live on YouTube


Wake me when it's over.....

While I am sure some people who don't have lives are hoovering up every tiny tid-bit that leaks out concerning the upcoming Royal nuptials, I find anything about the Monarchy un-newsworthy, unless one of them is caught drunk as a skunk, running naked through Piccadilly Circus at high noon.

After careful consideration, however, I still wouldn't be interested.

Some morning news programs here in the States even have a daily update on the latest news and rumors. I could care less, as I'm sure 99% of the rest of their viewers are equally disinterested.

One can only wonder what good all that money spent could do for some worthy cause.

What a complete and utter waste of time.

Robo-warship sub hunter: Free DARPA crowdsauce game


Download link doesn't work.

Get a 404 error.

GM declares Ampera e-car 'production ready'


Mix 'n match

"The Ampera delivers 148 horsepower and 370Nm of torque."

Why not 112 KW and 273 foot pounds of torque?

Bank of America retrofits BlackBerrys with NFC


So what happens...

While I am not a Luddite, what happens when either accidentally or on purpose this handy method of payment goes titsup. And it will sooner or later, no system designed by man has a 100% uptime rate.. So many people no longer carry any cash that when this happens, what will they do?

To be honest I really don't care.

Bad planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

And, sooner or later we all know, some ne'er do well is going to come up with some kit to steal the cash in your virtual wallet.

FAA to pilots: Expect 'unreliable or unavailable' GPS signals


Civilian signals

If it affects the GPS equipment in aircraft, then yes, it will affect GPS receivers in phones and cars. Only military equipment uses a differnet, more accurate signal. The Air Force has the capability to turn off the GPS signals in either a selected area or the entire system if the need should arise.

Brave new Boris-bikers banjaxed by broken boxes


Killer-death snow

"Let's hope they get the systems fixed by the time London is released from the icy grip of killer-death snow and people might actually want to hire a bike. ®"

What that, flurries, a coupe of inches?

When you get snow measured in feet like some areas of the colonies, then I'll feel sorry for you blokes.

Dubya to speak his mind at Facebook event


Dubya to speak his mind at Facebook event

Let's face it, he probably still doesn't understand why all the hullabaloo about these TV typewriters and the interspace.

Besides, if he ACTUALLY wrote more than a paragraph that's in his book I'd be truly amazed and ask who was moving his hand.

He's probably happy now that Cheney doesn't have his hand up his behind working his mouth.


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