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What a tit! Uber CEO hijacks his staff breast-pump room to meditate


Required listening

The Dollop ep 271 http://thedollop.libsyn.com/271-uber

Although most of this you already know, much of it was new for me especially the early history

Energy market operator used urban data only, undershot heatwave forecast by 3°C


Adelaide Airport and Adelaide

Let's not miss this important point here..

Those two weather stations are located in Kent Town and Adelaide Airport.. These 2 stations are less than 10 kilometers apart.. and Kent Town is only 46m above Adelaide Airport



Bluetooth-enabled safe lock popped after attackers win PINs


No need for any sniffing or surviellance to get in to other bluetooth locks


Bosnian Bill reviews the Noke and then shows a foolproof method to pick it without a smartphone or computer.

OK Google, Alexa, why can't I choose my own safe, er, wake word?


Being able to unlock your house from outside... already done


I made the mistake of adding an August Home Smart Lock to my front door. It's an Apple HomeKit device so it requires a hub for Siri; either an AppleTV or iPad. I use an iPad Pro in the living room for this purpose. I was showing off my home automation setup to a neighbor a few days ago, he's cool techy guy like myself. Fast forward to this morning, I'm pulling out of my driveway and he runs up and asks to borrow some flour to fry wings for an office wing party/contest; dope. So I put the car in park and to go back inside and he's like "I'll let myself in." I'm stunned, like what the f*ck. Dude walks up to my front door and shouts, "HEY SIRI, UNLOCK THE FRONT DOOR." She unlocked the front door.

Networking wonks say lousy planning, not DDOS, caused #Censusfail


Next day still no dice

Seems interesting to me that the site is still refusing participant access.

You would have thought that at the end of the day after the site was shut down it would be back working in a somewhat limited fashion.

There was reports that they pulled the plug at about 1930AEST Tuesday which should have given them a chance to let the "DDOS" (inverted commas deliberate because quotation fingers don't work online) subside but the continued downtime likely means that something is royally f**ked there!

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has made a hash of the census


encode your name before entering it into the forms online:


Reddit's warrant canary shuffles off this mortal coil


Re: Assume the worst

thats fine by me, all they will get is a pile of dickbutt gifs

Hollywood gives up speculative invoicing attempt in Australia


Re: "worth the bucks"

Not sure why *your* friend needs to torrent the MotoGP, Dorna (the company running that show) do an amazing streaming deal that is more than legal for non-Europeans!

Formula One on the other hand.....

Oz railway lets newspaper photograph train keys


Re: Replacing keys

if recent history is anything to go by, the upgraded access technology will be a long, drawn out tender process with the winning bidder deciding to create their own solution even though there was multiple, proven solutions already available. It will also be delayed about 6 years with a budget overrun of over 100 million dollars.

Myki anyone!

Raspberry Pi mini-puter TOO BIG and EXPENSIVE for you? Think AGAIN


Re: No ethernet

no, it was on element14 so that explains the higher than expected price.

Take a look at other lines on that site, they are 20% - 50% higher than other sites - even bricks and mortar locations in Aus that already include the antipodean tax.

I use them for emergency purchases my normal suppliers cannot meet quick enough and accept the hit in the budget!

BOFH: SOOO... You want to sell us some antivirus software?


and Kaspersky, and Trend, and Avira, and Micro$oft, and everyone else!!

We've found it – the ULTIMATE man-cave accessory



I'm too busy working in my shed to spend time watching the TV...

Much prefer my AM radio blasting away

@Duncan Macdonald: The DVD is just the car radio deck with a composite output feeding the TV, so I doubt that there is even a HDMI input on the sub-$200 display supplied.

.... And I've seen one of these in the Big Green* hardware stores discounted to $2500, there was another model from the same manufacturer with just a cd/tape deck and speakers being flogged for $800

*The big green hardware stores will be very familiar to Aussies who live anywhere close to a metropolitan area, I just don't want them to get free publicity on ElReg.

Australians receive SMS death threats


Why bother censoring the email address on that screenshot, it's been so widely published in all media (print, tv, online) over here there is no doubt that yahoo have already shutdown the account

Cloudy QR code bike theft stopper gets Police thumbs up


makes me wonder whether they have fully thought the idea out, have you tried to scan a QR code on an angled or curved surface, not an easy feat if you ask me.

Victorian Taxi Directorate exposes 400+ email addresses


So not surprised, the VTD is just another idiotic Victorian government department.

They can't get anything right ever so this is just standard operating procedure.

Stolen iPad leads to 780lb crystal meth seizure

IT Angle

Really just because the plod found the ipad and then stumble on a big load of drugs it warrants (see that, I made a joke!) an article here????

elReg == TheDailyMail

Newt Gingrich wants Moon to be 51st US state

Thumb Up

So nice to see that the raving loony party is back in full force on the other side of the pond.

Stars behind the clouds: Oz government wants ratings


lather, rinse, repeat


lemme guess the website name before it disappears after a few short weeks of action;


an all too familiar story with this government and their ideas..

Microsoft and Samsung uncloak slimmer Surface


obligatory parody vid - Big Ass Table


Solar car teams bask in Darwin sunshine

Thumb Down

Damn whinging poms

Not too surprised at your reaction to the weather... 32 degrees is cold for Darwin, just wait for the real heat traveling down the Sturt Highway!

Don't forget that the finish line is in the driest state of the driest continent.

Bletchley Park lands £4.6m restoration bonanza

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Awesome news. As an aussie war crypto enthuasuist I love hearing such good news about Bletchley Park.

So much is said about ensuring that history is preserved that the funds are directed to making sure that physical things like ordnance and equipment is kept for historical needs that the other factors that made the wars successful such as intellengence gathering are left out.

Thank you for committing to preserve a great history.

Samsung offers Apple TOP-SECRET peace deal in Australia


RTFA - Samgung has capitulated by REMOVING features to get that contentious patent tally down, as a result buyers are receiving a crippled product.

I'm going to buy one anyway because the crippled version is very likely to work properly once the homebrewers get their hands on a complete version.

Telstra's branding plans leaked to El Reg


well, Channel Nine used the line "Still The One" long after Seven kicked their asses!

End of UK local dialling in sight as numbers run out


Don't forget the new number for Police, Fire or Ambulance...

It's easy to remember too!!!

0118999881999725 3

Burned by DigiNotar, Mozilla tells cert cops to audit security

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Time will tell...

If this actually gets followed through fully. I am happy that at least my preferred browser maker has made a statement of intent to follow up, but we might see one or two days before the deadline a reversal from Mozilla.

I sincerely hope that doesn't happen though and we see a few more point upgrades to blacklist non-conforming CA's.

US breakthrough in Oz bomb hoax case

IT Angle


I never knew that elReg was becoming a mainstream news outlet, or is this an attempt to take some market share from Murdoch!

Operation Antisec lames out again


worlds best hacker

Have to post it ^_^


not sure even after all these years if it was true, but still a good read!

Scotland Yard still have no idea why their network fell over


It's the Canon crap

After over 10 years of having HP hardware to work with I left that job went to another outfit who decided to buy Canon printers, well.... it only took me 30 minutes on each and every desktop to install a convoluted proprietary printer network driver... and that was before trying to get online scanning from the MFP's. Scanning simply won't work unless the computer AND printer are on the same physical network switch.

Apple pulls app after dev publishes users' PINs



now I have to change the number on my luggage!

Skype pushes gaming software down users throats


back to the future!!!

Does ANYONE remember the crapware that Real Networks foisted upon users who wanted to use their player software? Seems too much like a repeat of this, and if Skype was willing to let this one through then there's not telling what they might have in store for their users.

i3 touts sewer as NBN saviour


already been done

Google has been there, done that!


Has to be a better option as it reduces the need for installers for the final mile connection.. users get to do the dirty work themselves!

Australia, give up your fixed broadband!


Oh Noes....

Seems the author has never tried wireless broadband, especially between 4pm to 9pm weekdays....

Yet again, Australia lags behind on infrastructure to actually backup these grand plans and sky-high aims.

No thanks, I'll stick to the copper....

Judge rebukes 'World's No. 1 Hacker'


pass me the popcorn....

...this is going to be good to watch.

It has all the good things that make up a great train wreck....

1. serial pest who can't get enough of his head on tv

2. Id10t lawyer who can't read a case number properly

3. CNN who keeps putting him on TV as a cyber security specalist

4. And an imploding business... see http://ligattleaks.org

His actual twitter feed is a joy to behold @gregorydevans

But I'm undecided as to which is more fun to read, the real one or the parody @gregory_d_evans (until it gets changed as someone has filed a complaint to twitter!!)


PS, can ElReg please add a GregEvans icon... surely there is a CC licensed version out in the ether!!

Website with 10 million users warns of password theft


silence is deafening

Not too much info to be found on the ACTUAL site... pity.

The only thing I have found is the orphaned webpage referred to in the twitter post.

On the other hand, I still am amazed at how many people still use the same password on sites as their email accounts and then wonder why they are compromised. I just use an email alias that forwards to an unpublished account. This almost ensures that if these breaches happen, I will never have an active email account compromised.

US woman @theashes gives in to Twitter, flies to Sydney


Not as bad as The Hoff

Thats a better analogy than David Hasselhoff who after facing a few balls from Shane Warne in the nets spoke about Warne's pitching.

Then again, it's from people who beleive that the champion baseball team in their country are winners of the world series!!

US woman @theashes stumped by cricketing tweets

IT Angle

In other news.....

dumb yank realises that there is other countries than the US


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