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Dell hit with $500m discrimination suit

Adam Peters


Well, if it is all underhand shenanigans then hopefully something will be done, but no-one ever seems to consider its possible they kept the people who were best at their jobs.

'Idiot' pulls cables, downs ISPs at Telecity

Adam Peters


What's more worrying is the fact the guy even had a tech job, and was then let loose in a data centre unsupervised. A remotely controlled fire suppression system could have nipped this problem in the bud quickly. Gas the feckers next time. (Before they start fixing things)

Can't fault Andrews & Arnold whenever there is a problem tho. They blog everything so you know where you stand, and you can normally grab the techs in IRC if there is an ongoing issue. Compare that to the drones that service the lines of the 'big' ISP's, its pretty refreshing!

iRobot Roomba 560 robot vacuum cleaner

Adam Peters
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I have one....

And he does me proud. Had it for a few months now, and other than the ability to navigate stairs, can't fault the unit. It usually cleans up when I'm out of the house, so its always pretty clean.

I programmed up my Logitech Remote control so I can drive the bugger round, and there is a active Roomba hacking community around as well. Fancy giving your Roomba Wifi, Bluetooth, and webcam connectivity? You can!

Spanish chanteuse strips for anti-bullfighting campaign

Adam Peters

Better watch out!

It's extreme porn! The bizzies will be round shortly for your re-programming.

Smut blocking? We're more bothered about Bebo

Adam Peters

RE : ..Just so we can use a proxy like fingerproxy.com to unblock them :-)

Not if your content filter is actively blocking proxy sites such as that......

That'll teach the cheeky buggers. Plus we also then know who has been actively trying to bypass company security. At one point, no-one was doing any work and was logged into Facebook.

DHS ponders microwave raygun missile defences at airports

Adam Peters


If its a MANPAD, you can guarantee the seeker will be Infra Red, not 'radar'.

V-22 Osprey combo-copter hits fresh tech snags

Adam Peters

Not quite true....

The CVF design should be able to complement CTOL operations by a retrofit. (they will basically remove the ski-jump and install catapults, and arrestor gear at the back)

So if they do decide to go fixed wing, the hull should accomadate it.

Join the army, get your ID pinched - MoD laptop goes AWOL

Adam Peters

Trust the bloody Navy....

Thanks chaps. There was a reason I signed up to the RAF, and not the bloody Navy. There I was stupidly thinking they wouldn't retain any pertinent data 7 years later!

I imagine if the data was encrypted, it would have been announced sharpish. At best, it'll be a password protected excel sheet.

I suppose on the plus side, whoever nicked it will get nid of sharpish. If they got caught, I imagine they could do them on all sorts of lovely charges for handling MOD property and 'data'. (Porn links and trojans from experience)

IT managers caught in employees' illicit networks

Adam Peters

Like hell

"More worrying for the BOFH is that 36 per cent of employees believe they have the right to install any application they like on their desktop computer, regardless of IT department approval."

In the same way I have the right to install small gardening tools directly into their brains.If any crap appears on their machines, lock down all their internet access for a week, and make it aware to them that you can read their email with ease.

Bastard users!

Vodafone Live 'improvements' kill mCommerce

Adam Peters

Quite Correct

Remove the Proxy IP,

Port at 8080

username : web

password : webs

No more banners!

Adam Peters

Not impressed

After reading this I fired up my book marks on my phone to see what a shables this service is.

Now all the websites that detected I was using my mobile don't revert to WAP mode, and try to stuff the entire site down my phones throat, using more bandwidth to boot!

Secondly, the 'banner' at the top with its great new features takes up half the bloody screen!

I rang customer service who politely informed me they can't turn it off, despite me telling them the service was 'complete arse, unwanted, and why I wasn't warned about it'

My Voda business contract has just expired, and we spend a sizable sum on it. They better get their arses into gear and deliver what the customer wants, or I will be looking elsewhere.

(Oh, and thanks for introducing the unconvincing robot woman voiced menu. I used to get straight through to a human last week)