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Canadians taking to spying on their spies


I'm Canadian, and lean pretty far to the left. (socially WAY left, financially more to the center.) I was, however, planning on voting Liberal this election as I figured they'd have the best chance of ousting Harper.

Then came C-51, and Trudeau happily went along with it, without so much as a whimper of protest. That, for me, was the moment when I knew I couldn't vote for the Libs. I can't in good conscience give my vote to anyone who cares so little for the privacy of the people they work for, and/or is so weak willed that he'd let something like that pass without screaming and yelling.

So, NDP is getting my vote. I'm a little nervous that they've never had a federal government before, but I trust that Mulcair will do what he says, and more to the point, I trust that he actually respects the Canadian people - something Harper has never done, and Trudeau can't do since he's too busy contorting himself in to pretzels at the behest of his advisers

Citrix: Hmmm, profit down 30%? Right. 900 HEADS WILL ROLL


The faster XenServer dies the better off the virtualization market will be.

It's no surprise that they're tanking - when you have a shitty product people stop using it.

If someone can explain to me why installing an update to Xen Tools requires 5+ reboots of the VM (and even then may leave the VM in an unbootable state requiring a rollback to snapshot) then I might be more forgiving. A service pack to our hypervisor shouldn't require multiple hours of outage for every VM running, and since it DOES we'll just take that outage and use it to migrate to VMWare instead.

PARIS concocts commemorative cocktail


How about:





HILTON - High-Impact Liquid Tonic Of 'Nauts!

WP7 vs Android: a struggle for supremacy


Angry birds issues aren't due to OS version fragmentation...

...They're due to hardware limitations.

The handhelds listed in the Rovio list of unsupported devices are all budget phones and lack the GPU power to run the game smoothly. Saying that the issues are due to OS version fragmentation is akin to saying that Bioshock won't run on my intel IGP laptop because it's running Vista instead of Win7 - it has nothing to do with the OS version and everything to do with the hardware.

I own one of the phones listed, and have installed a custom FroYo firmware even though my carrier and the handset manufacturer only offer 1.6, and Angry Birds _does_ run, but it's a very slow and unsatisfying experience because the hardware just isn't up to the job.

I'm not suggesting that fragmentation isn't an issue on Android (otherwise I wouldn't have been forced to use hacked firmware, after all) just that the Rovio example is a bad one. Better to talk about the features of the newer versions of the OS (e.g tethering) that the older versions lack.