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Colleges snub Turnitin's AI-writing detector over fears it'll wrongly accuse students

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My advice to students is to save and keep copies of your work in progress every few hours, so if some flaky software accuses of using AI, you can show how your work was created every step of the way, with all the changes and corrections you have made.

Signal adopts new alphabet jumble to protect chats from quantum computers

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Re: "an effort to keep encrypted Signal chat messages protected from any future quantum computers"

But in the mean time there are plenty of snake oil salesmen trying to flog post quantum encryption algorithms which have not been proven to be as secure as existing algorithms in use today.

Getting to the bottom of BMW's pay-as-you-toast subscription failure

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Have you ever driven a real car?

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And a 2CV actually sends the power to the correct pair of wheels!

You forgot the joke icon.

Russian allegedly smuggled US weapons electronics to Moscow

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Re: Why bother?

That would be a mildly amusing comment if the missiles weren't killing people every night.

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Re: Why bother?

Russian heavy bombers daren't get closer than the Caspian sea to chuck cruise missiles at Ukraine before running away - fucking cowards the lot of them.

BT confirms it's switching off 3G in UK from Jan next year

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Re: Just switch it off .... no one will notice .... :)

When I was a child we visited my grandmother and in the evening sat down to watch the TV, but she told us it had broken a few months ago, she didn't watch much it anyway so wasn't bothered. It was only when I was older and remembered her TV couldn't get BBC2, so it must have been a 405 line VHF set (BBC2 was only on 625 line UHF), and that time we went around was just they switched off the old VHF service.

I wonder how many grandmothers will find their 3G mobile no longer works, just think it's broken, and probably not say anything because they don't use it much.

Unity closes offices, cancels town hall after threat in wake of runtime fee restructure

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Re: On false equivalences

Yes, things such an a whatever-they-were-called-before-ActiveX text grid with build in edit control, easy to use but cost quite a bit up front and then wanted a per copy royalty on top - so wrote my own instead.

These days you can teach old tech a bunch of new tricks

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Re: Windows ME

I prefer Windows Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and I can pronounce it too.

SK hynix says no Huawei its memory should be in Chinese wonder-phone

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Re: Can anyone tell if the Mate 60 Pro will work in Canada ?

Oh the naivety. You might never intend to go to China, but China might come to you. If the data they obtain from a compromised device indicates you are working in a particular industry or belong to certain political organisations, you may well be coerced into furthering the objectives of the CCP.

GNOME 45 formalizes extensions module system

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A desktop...

...written in Javascript - no, just no.

Bombshell biography: Fearing nuclear war, Musk blocked Starlink to stymie Ukraine attack on Russia

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Re: The report is not completely accurate

More importantly warships have CIWS (Close in Weapon Systems) to shoot out of the water any small high speed vessels which try to approach. There are videos of the Ukrainian drones being actively controlled to try to avoid the incoming fire, usually unsuccessfully given the potency of such systems. The successful attacks have been when they haven't been spotted until its too late.

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Target what? There are lots of ships in a port, and they tend to move around too. Without very sophisticated autonomous weaponry, which Ukraine does not posses, you need a live feed to identify between warships and other vessels, and provide terminal guidance so the small explosive charge is detonated location which will cause the greatest damage.

If you like to play along with the illusion of privacy, smart devices are a dumb idea

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Re: Resistance is futile

There still has to be an antenna somewhere, and the car isn't going to know if has no signal due to lack of an antenna or if it's driving through in one of the many not spots around the country.

Microsoft to shield paid-up Copilot customers from any AI copyright brawls it starts

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Bad, bad, bad

So a small independent developer who finds that his code has been ripped off by someone using Co-pilot, and asserts his valid copyright claim, now finds himself up against Microsoft's army of lawyers operating in every jurisdiction?

Microsoft: China stole secret key that unlocked US govt email from crash debug dump

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No hardware, no secuirity.

The key had no place being in a production environment no matter how isolated. Any key which Windows (or other OSs (but especially Windows)) can access is a key that will be leaked, one day somehow. Important signing keys should only exist inside hardware security modules, which produces and validates the tokens.

Largest local government body in Europe goes under amid Oracle disaster

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Re: Great job!

Wilko goes bust, you shop at an alternative such as B&M.

Your bank goes bust, you don't get your salary, your bills don't paid, and your mortgage gets bought from the administrator by some glorified loan shark who immediately doubles the interest rate. Saving the bank isn't about saving it's employees, it's about saving you.

Vodafone and Amazon shoot for the stars while Kuiper satellites remain grounded

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Re: "21 launched on a Falcon 9 at the weekend"

Jeff didn't like that last bit.

IT needs more brains, so why is it being such a zombie about getting them?

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Re: Professional qualififcations

As far as the IET is concerned it shows the ability to churn through massive amounts of box ticking paperwork.

So you want to save energy? Ditch web apps and go native, boffins say

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Overlooking the poor phraseology, he has a good point about the additional network traffic scaled by the number users.

I'll see your data loss and raise you a security policy violation

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Re: Wrong base?

No, for me all disk sizes are measured in powers of 2. It's the thieving disk manufacturers that decided to round down to powers of 10.

NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is returning with its first-ever asteroid sample

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Re: Missing one small detail

We do want the parachutes to open, otherwise it will be a bit difficult to find the asteroid granules when scattered across miles of Utah desert.

Official: Microsoft unbundles Teams in Europe

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Re: Regulatory pressure

Except it's not "the right thing", they are still massively subsidising the cost of Teams to keep the difference in the price of Office <365 so small all businesses will opt for the with Teams version.

It effectively caps price of any competing collaboration software or video conferencing platform at under €2 per user per month, and you aren't going to get anything for that, so Microsoft still wins.

Perhaps AI is going to take away coding jobs – of those who trust this tech too much

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There's got to be an threshold above which it's easier to code something yourself than correct all the mistakes in the AI generated code, and that threshold is way below the error rates those LLMs are making.

That's not even taking in to consideration that if by some chance it does generate seemingly working code for the immediate problem, you can understand it well enough to maintain it in the future.

America's financial cops say Impact Theory's NFTs were unregistered securities

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Re: We've done this before

Generally speaking, I think that typical NFTs, which are marketed and bought/sold as unique artistic artifacts, should in fact be treated in the same way as a painting or a valuable watch the emperor's new clothes - 100% scam.


Zoom CEO reportedly tells staff: Workers can't build trust or collaborate... on Zoom

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I hope you're getting paid for those evening hours ...

I'm only working into the evening because I've taken an hour or two during the day to go to the shops, or do something with the kids during the holidays - the benefits of flexible working from home.

I'm actually doing the reverse of BYOD - TCDH Take the Company Device Home. I don't bother plugging it from all my monitors and use it remote in to my various bits of equipment to do stuff. Trouble is if I forget to change my availability status on the work laptop, people think I'm working all hours.

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WFH it is not quite so dynamic. We have no idea if the person is there or online (espeically if you have multiple client devices / VDI's so you appear as away), so they don't always try to get hold of you and I don't stop to show them things (though may do if I feel it is worth it in a weekly meeting) There is the lack of office conversations where they will pick things up.

If you set up appropriate groups on slack or teams, the a team member with a question can ask on there. If its something simple the response will come straight back from whoever is around, if it's more complicated someone will offer to jump on a call in a few minutes when it's convenient and talk them through the problem. Very rarely it takes more than 10 minutes to get a response throughout the day and often in to the evening, and it's less of a distraction to those answering the questions than if they were physically interrupted at their desks in an office.

FreeBSD can now boot in 25 milliseconds

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The bubble has burst

Getting over the shock of finding that anyone was still using a bubble sort, let alone in a kernel, I like the idea of a Micro VM, it's a good abstraction which should be used to reduce complexity in all OS's.

Microsoft still prohibits Google or Alibaba from running O365 Windows Apps

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Thumb Up

Microsoft has been replaced because it's a vendor with a horrible track record in security, the most unreliable cloud offering of all cloud vendors, and with a portfolio of bug-ridden products which, increasingly, are plastered with ads and other monetarization components which have no place in a business environment.

This needs to be written in 100pt bold text, as the Microsoft apologists seem to need better glasses.

Concorde? Pffft. NASA wants a Mach 4 passenger jet

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Re: The real problem with Concorde.....

Most of Russia is empty if they even cared about anyone on the ground, but more of a problem was the noise level inside the Tu-144 of 90-95db which is about the same as on the outside of most aircraft.

Intel seems to think Wi-Fi 7 is too cool for old-school Windows 10

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People seem to forget how for literally YEARS with XP there would be some new remote exploit that needed to be patched basically every week

It's so different now with modern versions of Windows - they only patch the dozens of new exploits once a month.

Version 5 of systemd-free Debian remix Devuan is here

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Re: Being based off ...

I meant to say "this site no longer uses", but succumbed to the curse of pendant by making exactly the same mistake as I was complaining about.

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Re: fork in the road

The log files are masses of binaries under /var/log/journald/ which by default grow to a ridiculous 2GB, and as Peottering knows better than you, there is no way for turning them off and just using rsyslog as god intended.

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Re: Being based off ...

I don't think that that's a correct use of English

This site is longer uses what we recognise as English, it's whatever passes for a language in the US.

LibreOffice 7.6 arrives: Open source stalwart is showing its maturity

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Back when El Reg was...

...still a young publication, newly moved from email newsletter to website. (You can tell by how short those stories are.)

Short and to the point. Something which would be of benefit today with the ever increasing number of articles.

SEC fines fintech crypto fund that promised 2,700% returns

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Break a leg

There's only one way to get returns like that based on 21% over 3 weeks extrapolated to a year, and it ain't crypto - become a pay day loan lender, but be prepared to break a few legs to get the return.

Fauna Query Language tamed to appeal to developers

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One too many query languages

"The [FQL] syntax is very familiar and inspired by TypeScript and Python,"

What sort of a bastard offspring is that?

California DMV hits brakes on Cruise's SF driverless fleet after series of fender benders

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Re: Well forget the second accident

But a vehicle that can't handle an oncoming vehicle in the same lane ? I understand that avoidance maneuvers is a whole other set of abilities, but braking is still supposed to be on the cards, is it not ? The vehicle "initiated a braking maneuver". Nice to know. Why did it not stop entirely ?

The AVs get so many false indications of on coming traffic from vehicles in the other lane on bends and at intersections, they have assume the other traffic isn't on a collision course most of the time to avoid having to continually brake. This seems to work right up to when it doesn't, when there is actually an oncoming vehicle in the same lane, it's too late to avoid.

Last rites for the UK's Online Safety Bill, an idea too stupid to notice it's dead

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Re: Companies which don't deliberately compromise user security will be fined

Most of these stupid ideas come from the civil service and they keep coming back no matter who is sitting on the government benches.

South Korea's biggest mobile telco says 5G has failed to deliver on its promise

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So far I've only got 5G on visits to London. I've been less than impressed as the phone will seek out any 5G network even if there is a better 4G signal available. I checked this with the OpenSignal app, doing a speed test with 5G, then forcing the phone to only connect to 4G and retesting. 5G was worse and I just ended up using half my monthly data allowance in one day.

Microsoft: Codesys PLC bugs could be exploited to 'shut down power plants'

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Re: Strange how...

And he's still desperately watching hoping to downvote another post.

Here you go...

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Re: Strange how...

Awww, there is still one sad little Microsoft apologist out there.

OpenAI's ChatGPT has a left wing bias – at times

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But your views of British politics are based on what news makes it over to rural France, and given what we hear of French politics in the UK, may not be entirely accurate.

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Re: Well ...

Sounds like a colossal waste of time, just do the bloody work yourself, as your are paid for.

Red Hat redeploys one of its main desktop developers

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Re: A small headline suggestion

FWIW, the big boss has already replied above

The big boss? I remember when Chris was no more than a small clothes closet, as it would be called by Americans.

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Re: X.org

We'll be retiring X.org about the same time as IPv4 stops being used.

Downloading the Webb Scope's data starts with a 6-month scheduling scramble

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Chuck another shrimp on the barbie

You would think given the cost of the spacecraft and how much science data it is likely to return over it's lifetime, they would have budgeted for adding another dish to the DSN.

ISP's ads 'misleadingly implied' existence of 6G, says watchdog

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There's no point in having gigabit fibre to the premises, if your devices are connected via WiFi and you use the ISP's crappy router which struggles to give you 100mb/s six foot from the router.

Round here Toob are putting in FTTP and someone who hadn't had BT's FTTC disconnected yet did a test around the house. Obviously the speed when connected via Ethernet was far higher on Toob, but their WiFi was slower even in the same room as the router, and dropped off to next to nothing further away in the house. Where as slow old BT less-than-full-fibre was far quicker everywhere, due to spending a few pennies more on the in home hardware.

Of course it's easily fixed by replacing the ISP's junk with a decent WiFi router (and a mesh network if necessary), but how many people know they need to do that?

Boffins reckon Mars colony could survive with fewer than two dozen people

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Re: "neurotic, reactive, social, or agreeable"

I'm reminded of one of the later series of Vikings when a small number of families colonised Iceland. I didn't take long for the population to split in to two and start killing each other.

Google Chrome to shield encryption keys from promised quantum computers

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The twelth of...

Second, said Krauthamer, the arrival of capable quantum computers should not be thought of as a specific, looming date, but as something that will arrive without warning.

I'm still putting my money on ...NEVER!