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From RAGs to riches: A practical guide to making your local AI chatbot smarter

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FFS you could cut out all the pages of crap about the AI, and just tell people to RTFM in the first place.

Microsoft answered Congress' questions on security. Now the White House needs to act

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I'm talking about the security tools, not security which should be part of the products.

It's obscene that you pay Microsoft for shoddy insecure products, then have to pay them again to put sticking plasters over them.

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This is the opportunity do what the DOJ failed to do in the 90s which has directly lead to this catastrophic situation - break up Microsoft. At the very least, OS, Office, Cloud and Security should be completely separate entities. There is also a question of what to with their AI investment.

Microsoft cancels universal Recall release in favor of Windows Insider preview

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If anyone thinks...

...that this has gone away, don't be so sure. As with many other stupid ideas, that even the general public can see are bad, it will be come back eventually with a different name, and a slight tweak to the way it works, probably also losing the opt in/out along the way.

Rivals and legal action cast shadows over Windows on Arm market

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Re: I used a Tegra K1 Chromebook with Ubuntu and it kicked ass

Lovely fast battery sipping ARM system, the last thing you want to do is cripple it running Windows.

Microsoft's Recall should be celebrated as the savior of SMEs and scourge of CEOs

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Re: with every keypress and mouse click – they're automating their way out of their jobs

Except that it doesn't record any keypresses or mouse clicks

Except Windows telemetry does, so Microsoft has the full picture of what is going on, even if you only get to see the pictures.

UAE minister says US fears over Middle East becoming an AI proxy for China are valid

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I think they need to give the UAE an Oracle style audit to make sure all the GPUs they have bought are in the country - or else!

Tetris Company celebrates classic game's 40th birthday

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Re: Memories...

That fork has a bug in that some of the pieces are black, the original doesn't have that problem https://github.com/kt97679/tetris/blob/master/tetris.sh

Gates-backed nuclear plant breaks ground without guarantee it'll have fuel

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Fast breeder

If only we'd kept our liquid sodium cooled fast breeder reactor program going, there's spent fuel to generate new supplies for decades.

UK education department awards contract uplift to Horizon scandal-plagued Fujitsu

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Re: Contract extension

Everything has to be a contract extension at the moment, as new contracts can't be signed due the period of purdah before the election.

Sodium ion batteries: Yet another innovation poised to be dominated by China

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Re: Scale

You don't really read the news very much do you?

Quantinuum inches closer to fault-tolerant quantum with a 56 qubit machine

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Two wrongs don't make a right!

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Then, in April, Quantinuum teamed up with Microsoft on a qubit virtualization system, which was used to generate what it claimed were the "most reliable logical qubits ever recorded," by using 30 physical qubits to create four logical ones.

Now you are just taking the piss. Teaming up Quantum magic unicorn fairy dust with the worlds largest purveyor of bug ridden insecure software, and the result will be something reliable?

Volvo recalls all of its 72K EX30 cars due to software bug that obscures speedometer

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Any car with a combined instrument and entertainment display - idiocy.

Any car with a touch screen intended to be used whilst driving - idiocy of the highest order.

Microsoft pulls Windows 11 24H2 from Insider Release Preview Channel

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Re: rust in the kernel?

That's been there for ages, along with dry rot in the drivers, damp in the DLLs, and woodworm in the windows.

Two cuffed over suspected smishing campaign using 'text message blaster'

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Most network operators in the UK are enrolled in a scheme that allows customers to forward suspicious SMS messages to 7726 – a dedicated number for assessing the potential threat of any given message.

The number 7726 was chosen as it is the letters SPAM on a phone key pad, if anyone is old enough to remember when phones had such a thing.

Fragile Agile development model is a symptom, not a source, of project failure

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Re: History lessons

I agree with what you've said, and it fits in with what the article says, but probably not they way they meant it.

And so it is with the huge slapdash edifice of corporate IT development, with so much cultural and managerial inertia that change will come not with new ideas, but the aging out of the old guard.

I suspect the problems wont be solved with the old guard brought up on waterfall aging out, but rather it's actually caused by them leaving the coal face. Those are the people who understood why waterfall didn't work and had to work out how to make Agile work themselves, rather than being chucked on a week long Agile course and expected to know it all. They are no longer around to mentor junior engineers with the benefit of real world experience.

From meatballs to metaverse – IKEA's flatpack fantasy lands on Roblox

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Job share?

I have a 10 and 8 year old that I can never prise off Roblox, their ages add up to 18 so maybe they could job share .

Microsoft paid Tenable a bug bounty for an Azure flaw it says doesn't need a fix, just better documentation

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Re: "The bottom line, according to both vendors, is to implement multiple layers of security"

I credit Microsoft not for inventing zero trust, but certainly inventing the need for zero trust solutions anywhere it is involved.

California upgrade company aims militarized 'Tactical' Cybertruck at police forces

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Re: Bwahaha. Please do!

There are even easier ways of escaping Police SUVs available in the middle of town's with no hills necessary. For many years criminals have been removing one of the series of bollards preventing vehicles using pedestrian paths between roads, allowing small cars to pass through while stupidly over-wide vehicles will come to grief.

Defiant Microsoft pushes ahead with controversial Recall – tho as an opt-in

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Who is going to trust a Microsoft "opt-in"?

Let's just see their previous form in opt-ins:-

* The opt-in for Windows 10 upgrades, where even the close button in the window title bar goes ahead and does upgrades anyway.

* The opt-in for the default browser choice where whatever browser you select, Microsoft opens everything in Edge anyway.

* The opt-in to telemetry, where you have a choice between surrendering all data to Microsoft, or slightly less than all data to Microsoft.

With Recall it will record everything anyway for use by Microsoft, the opt-in will control whether or not you get to see it.

I didn't touch a thing – just some cables and a monitor – and my computer broke

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Re: IT Crowd

They try to make sure that there are the correct number of cycles over a 24 hour period. Ironically if you have a mains driven clock, this means that during the working day when demand is usually slightly grater than supply, the frequency drops and time runs slower. During the evening and night demand is less than supply, the frequency is slightly higher and you get less of your own time!

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Re: Crows: It starts at the top

At McLaren we were double and triple parked in the normal car parks, unless you came in massively early to get an actual space and didn't leave until late, you'd be called away a couple of times in the afternoon to move cars. There was also an executive car park which wasn't so oversubscribed, but required a special access pass. They started a ballot where each week two mere mortals would be allowed to park in an uncontested space. It wasn't much consolation to get that week once in 3 years, but it did mean you could drive around the lakeside road in front of the building that the F1 drivers in their supercars.

A tale of two missions: Starliner and Starship both achieve milestones

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Re: Boeing's software woes.

I wonder if they are using Liquid Dawn on the helium seals.

Lansweeper finds a lot of CentOS Linux out there

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Re: Just use Oracle Linux

Many people will suggest that the only bet that involves Oracle, is that you will end up paying for it eventually.

More layoffs at Microsoft: What's really going on here?

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Re: Stab in the back

Don't forget that last year the Microsoft employees who weren't sacked were given a zero pay rise, despite billion of record profits.

If they didn't get the message that Microsoft doesn't value them after that, they never will.

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Take the opportunity to get out on your own terms while you still can.

London hospitals left in critical condition after ransomware attack

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Re: Let me guess ..

Why not blame the OS? If you didn't have a steaming pile of excrement as the base of your system, you wouldn't need so many security tools to try to work out what it is doing, which is almost indistinguishable from malware right out of the box with the latest version.

Windows 11 tries to escape Windows 10's shadow with AI muscle

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Re: reliability of PCs

These days the unreliability is purely the realm of Windows.

Millions forced to use brain as OpenAI's ChatGPT takes morning off

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If it is acceptable for AI to write it, you no longer have a real job.

ASUS creates a substance: Ceraluminum, which fuses aluminum and a ceramic

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A hammer would be more of a Windows Trusted Feature.

Boeing's Starliner finds yet another way to not reach space

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Re: Can someone please take this POS out back

You do know this mission is a manned one?

Researchers warn robot cars can be crashed with tinfoil and paint daubed on cardboard

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I also wish to rent a part of the M25

You probably want Millbrook Proving Ground, as every film or TV show shot in the UK which features something dangerous happening on a road, uses either their stretch of simulated motorway or the alpine circuit.

UK Surface owners can now take misbehaving laptops to Currys

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Re: Three times a looser

You got me, I'm always spelling loser, looser.

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Three times a looser

1. You've bought Microsoft hardware

2. It's broken

3. You've taken it to Curry's to fix

Google finally addresses those bizarre AI search results

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Re: Sure, polish that turd

Using something based on Microsoft search is not going to be a way to avoid a

AI enshitification.

Codd almighty! Has it been half a century of SQL already?

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Re: Lecture material

Where's your reg badge gone?

Surging datacenter power demand slows the demise of US coal plants

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Data centre tax

It doesn't matter how close to a nuclear plant or renewables they build build their data centres, its the total demand which is keeping coal in the mix and they are responsible for greatly increasing that.

The only way I see of tackling it is to work out how to tax total power usage by the data centre industry exponentially above typical 2022 levels, so the massive expansion to handle AI generates enough tax revenue to pay for the infrastructure investment to allow coal to be phased out faster.

Windows 11 24H2 might call time on that old NAS under the stairs

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Re: Workaround

It's easy to turn back on though, and you could bind a dedicated SMB process to a specific network interface that only has the old NAS on it for extra security.

We had the problem the other way around on RISC OS as the client was SMBv1 only and couldn't talk to modern a NAS which only supported v3, but a Raspberry Pi running Linux can act as a protocol relay, and you could do that here too.

Arm is so, so over this AI accelerator unit craze

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After the bubble

ARM definitely has the right idea about avoiding optional custom NPUs which complicate the software environment. However, I wonder when the AI bubble has burst how long we will be stuck with silicon wasted on otherwise useless FP16 and FP8 instructions, before they are dropped. I suspect it will persist in to ARMv10, so is that going to be ARMv11 or ARMv12?

Fancy climbing the peaks of Alpine Linux? 3.20 is out

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Re: Good for old netbooks

I've found our pair of EEE-PC 701s under the sofa again, they were updated to Debian 8 last time that happened. The kids saw them and want to play, so I'm going to put Tiny Core Linux on the 512MB one, but I think I'll try Alpine on the 1GB one.

The Reg builds official Lego Artemis and Milky Way sets

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That's not any old Saturn V, but SA-513 with Skylab onboard.

China shows off machine-gun-toting robot dog and its AI-powered puppy

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Re: Charge! (at the nearest power outlet)

The rifle isn't belt fed, so it's going to exhaust it's single magazine long before it runs out of batteries.

PayPal is planning an ad network built off your purchase history

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Re: Won't get much out of me

This one time at Bandcamp...

We polled thousands of IT pros – and sustainability just ain't a priority right now

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@Heyrick; crypto hasn't stopped pissing away vast amounts of power, it's now been joined by AI pissing away even more.

Ubuntu 24.04 upgrades available – to Mantic users

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Re: Desktop Choice

There's something to be said for leaving something that works well alone.

MATE can use either normal or HiDPI screens, but not a mixture.

As for an answer to Wayland, I think you can guess it will end in off.

I stumbled upon LLM Kryptonite – and no one wants to fix this model-breaking bug

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Re: No need to imagine

That's been every version of Windows since 1.0

Read AI about it... OpenAI does deal with News Corp

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Burn baby burn

Bodkin argues that AI access to data needs to be democratized using distributed technologies, such as micropayments on a blockchain.

As if burning half the planet to power AI wasn't bad enough, he wan'ts to burn the other half to power blockchain scam coins to pay for it.

It looks a lot like VMware just lost a 24,000-VM customer

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Azure? Microsoft Azure? Have you ever heard the saying; out of the frying pan and in to the fire?

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It was Oracle, what other trigger could you possibly need?