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DANGER MOUSE is back ... and he isn't half a GLASSHOLE


Theme Tune

One would hope the keep the original Myfanwy Trelog voiced theme tune - written by Mike Harding.

Myfanwy was David Jason's partner at the time.

Privacy crusaders: ISPs in 'conspiracy of silence' over Snoop Charter


Here we go again

Will they never give up on this fanaticism? Amazing how in opposition the conservatives said they opposed all this fluff and then once they are in power (and the mandarins have had a go) they feel it so essential to keep pushing this bill that they fail once, do a rewrite and try again.

As Tom Chiverton said, "Why Should only IT geeks get to keep their rights?" Everybody should be entitled to privacy from an over intrusive "government", you should not need to have to set up ways of attempting to circumvent their traps.

One thing is for certain though, if they can't read your data but they can see a train load of packets going through your account, it will make the so called powers that be more interested in knocking on your door in the early hours just because they think you must have something to hide.

Pirate Bay site sinks, Swedish police raid its ISP

Black Helicopters

Re: Torrents ? Pah

hmmm encrypted, they like encrypted, that means you are *really* doing something naughty (in their book anyway).

If you are encrypting stuff and you don't want nanny gubinment to see it then you must be a teririririrrrist. Now be nice and open the door for that nice gentleman in the black suit and flak jacket.

UK's web super-snoop powers could be extended to councils

Big Brother

Re: Dear Ms. May

Please give us a list of the submissions you received, the actaul names of the people signing the submissions and how many times they nagged to make you decide that "oh, maybe that last gubinment weren't wrong after all and we DO need to treat everyone like a child or a criminal, because the Sir Humphreys, the ACPOs the CEOPS and now the bloody HMRC all want to sniff at where you have been.

Oh, and I know it will maybe only get the low hanging fruit, but think of this, they can expand the legislation (if I read it correctly) without further debate and how long will it be before they decide anyone using proxies or TOR etc really shouldhavetheir door knocked on at 5 in the morning because you are *obviously* hiding something that the above "agencies"want to see (their probable view not mine).

Computer error triggers mass rocket launch


I told you

That Y2K bug would cause problems - one day. Surprised they never thought of that one.

Reborn UK internet super-snooper charter to be unveiled today


Re: Filthy, lying, cheating....

They are politicians. Of course they are.

Girl Geek Dinner lady: The IT Crowd is putting schoolgirls off tech


Is it just me or?

Why is it so wrong to have an industry, any industry that has a bunch of blokes working in it?

Is it felt that we cannot manage without having a lady to organise us or work along side us and metaphorically hold our hands? (real hand holding could be construed as sexual harassment).

Sometimes it can be enjoyable to just work in the company of other men and even be allowed to make un PC jokes and laugh at farts.

If Anybody wants to join our industry we should welcome them and encourage them but please don't make it a quota/sexist issue. A lot of industries have been male dominated for years, IT is perhaps the last one left (apart from sewer cleaning and I don't see the lady queueing up to point girls in that direction). Sometimes just leave things be and let things work.

Two things I should add.

1. I met a girl many years ago on a course in Hardware maintenance, she was a brilliant engineer, great worker, great personality, could drink the best of us under the table, but hated every little thing about IT.

2. My granddaughter is a science wizz, bright as a button, sharp as a pin, interested in the sciences, had computers from an early age, but the only computing thing she is interested in is farce book.

or maybe I am stereotyping.

Moshi Monsters pushed onto pint-sized kiddies' mobes


Social Networking for under 10s....... oh dear.

I know I am being a bit of a Luddite here but, in my day, social networking was being down at the park all day (yes under 10) with my playmates. Hiding in bushes, climbing the trees, getting shouted at by the park keeper. I got to speak to my mates face to face, not via some app thingie, hell you had to be posh to even have a phone in your house shared with a neighbour (party lines anyone?).

For goodness sake stop giving kids all the technology and send themout into the wild world and tell them to be home before it gets dark. Never did me any harm *twitches*.

Canary Islands host long-distance quantum teleportation


Re: Ok, perhaps I am being dumb...


You Sir must be an Engineer - or went to the same school as I where they taught "question everything"

Vintage alien tech crash-lands in field


Re: It's a Condor moment...

Spoilsport. Then again, if it is a Condor moment, maybe I will get my pipe and slippers.

Child abuse files stolen from council worker in PUB - £100k fine


Costs Them Nothing

I have said it before, take the fines out of the senior managers salaries, they are supposedly being paid to take the big risks associated with their roles and also in cases like this, fine the actual people who were negligent with the data.

Fining the council, as cornz said, just comes out of the tax payers pocket.

NHS fined £375k after stolen patient data flogged on eBay


The Problem With This

Is that it doesn't really hurt the trust because we the tax payers pay it.

Really the people that should be fined are the directors of the trust, they are supposedly paid to take responsibility for things, so they should suffer the financial consequences, not the patients or for that matter, us the tax payer.

Can't beat a good rant in the morning

Water utility hackers destroy pump, expert says


American Beer

Of course they could have just sold the water direct to the breweries and they could have bottled it without further processing.

X-Prize offers $10m for working Trek tricorder


Of Course

In Europe it would have to be covered by the WEEE directive

Computer glitch opens un-staffed supermarket to happy Kiwis


That is because

You never let the truth get in the way of a good story

Feds indict poker sites, seize domains



ummmm, not just the Americans.........

WTF is... up with e-book pricing?


Ahh The same old song

This is effectively what damaged one of the first generation e-readers, the Rocket Book. It was a wonderful device, I still have and use mine for self generated content, but the publishers could not seem to get their heads round pricing below hardback level.

Now they seem intent on profiteering from the new generation of e-readers and they have a bigger target audience to squeeze.

e-reading is very convenient, though I have to admit to having purchased more dead tree format of late, the ability to carry multiple books in one convenient device is brilliant - but not at any price.

Oh well, do you think if we compressed the book people with the music people at high pressure, we could get the next gen fosil fuel, after all, we are running out of the original dinosaur juice.