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IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop


Calm, Collected and Well Delivered

If your little Thomas or Thomasina thinks that they can bad mouth you to the whole world and get away with it. Show them that there are consequences for there actions.

And I would have made here destroy it herself...... and video here doing it to facebook

Most EU states sign away internet rights, ratify ACTA treaty


Sold Down The River By A European Non Elected Body - I just Don't believe it

You wouldn't be able to writ eit really you wouldn't. 2012 or 1984?

Beer because you should always have a couple of beers and a bag of peanuts. Softens the warp travel.

El Reg in email address blunder




Can you complete the good work you started by explaining exactly what you did to create this cock-up. What stapes are you taking to make sure that this never happens again?

You've cocked up, you've admitted that you've cocked up. Get top marks for a complete and frank disclosure.

This just in: Brussels shatters CRT cartel


Mines the £20 21" IIYama Now

Can I get a cheaper CRT monitor now then, will they reduce the amount of money taken from my salary to pay for the buggers in europe.

If the answer to these question is no I vote, we shouldn't enter into the Common Market.

Irish DPC to investigate Facebook


Tell the Aussies that it has Undeclared Food Attached

Then they will take there citizens personal data seriously.

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56


Where are the great figures now

I have to say I have never been a fan of Steve, but it does leave the world that little bit poorer.

Love him or loathe him, the man saved Apple with the understanding what people want is a tool. And as we lose the really great innovators from the market place. Who do we really have that are the big polarising characters in our industry.

Steve, RIP in peace. You will be missed, for without polarising characters like yourself, I fear antipathy will set in.

Go with God, and my thoughts go with your family as any loss is one loss to many.

Phone-hack plods arrest another man in pre-dawn raid



Or maybe somebody has said can we actually make this look liek we're serious rather than just making it look liek we're working.

Bury council defends iPads for binmen

Big Brother

Not Just £9k

Is it me or does that just seem a bit short. If you spent £9k on the fondle slabs so that you can provide real time data. Just how much are you spending on the software solution to provide that real time data?

Just watch out for the Google Sponsored Bin rounds I tell you !!!!!!!


@Bit Fiddler

Bloody brilliant by the way.

Coders howl over Google's App Engine price hike (natch)


And Chocolate Factory Strikes Again !

Just goes to show how underhanded they are.

"We told you we'd be changing the pricing Model. You didn't actually expect us to tell you in advance enough for you to port did you."

When Google first emerged I thought they would provide a useful service to the world. But they have proved time and time again to me is that they are underhanded and devious. And the technology they develop is secondary to the Marketing Shylocks that they are.

Never thought these words would pass my lips, but you have to admire that Jobs fella; he never pretended to be anything but a money hungry, egotistical sod. Larry and Sergei can't even be that honest.

[Man the pumps for the incoming flamer's]

Oz parliamentary network breached


Oz IT Security Team Required

Well Australia does have an immigration policy that request you have large sums of cash and a skill set that is missing.

Well there seems to be a large amount of chinese people that could fill the hole in Australian security for them. Do you think that this would count.

And just as a quick thought, just becuase they tell people it 'NOT Suitable For Sensative' these are the same people that would leave post it notes for a secure system.

Tube to get phone coverage by the Olympics


Boris spend the money on something useful


As much as techno geek I am, even I don't care that for 30 Minutes, I can't surf the web take phone calls, send texts, read the internet.

What I would like is my tube fares to go down, to not feel like a sardine every morning, except somebody forgets the oil.

To0 not need to think about haveing spare shirts at work to change into because I have travelled on the tube in summer [air conditiong that's on would be good]

Having enough Tubes so that when you do finally start the Olympics, that I can get on one. After all it's Londers and the commuters who are paying for the big party, so at least look after them,

Rather than the worrying about wireless for the olympics why not give every commuter on the tube travel while the olympics are on free travel.