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Natty Narwhal with Unity: Worst Ubuntu beta ever


It's a feature

@Mark: "Ubuntu's bizarro notifications system (you know, the one that 4 releases later still doesn't allow you to click on a notification)"

It's different than Windows, but not a bug as you imply.

One thing that always bothers me with Windows is that, as I'm typing and working away, notifications pop up and grab focus. This results in two problems - the first Enter I hit clears the notification (which I may not have even seen), and focus then returns to the system rather than the app I was using. Since I touch type, I can lose quite a lot of text before realizing that Windows has removed focus from the app of interest due to a notification.

Ubuntu's system solves my problem, and so I prefer it's approach.

YMMV, but you shouldn't assume that Windows == Right, or that one approach is best for all users. Use cases in the real world just aren't that tidy and distinct among a large user base.

Ubuntu - yes, Ubuntu - poised for mobile melee


You typed too much and betrayed yourself

You mentioned using Ubuntu 10.10 on a netbook for 2 days, then mentioned Canonical persisting with "orange" (presumably the wallpaper, which you don't know how to change)? The problem is that 10.10 has a distinct purple theme by default - not orange. "A valiant effort" indeed.

Palin's email snooper sent to prison



The Vice President of the US isn't "any office, high or otherwise"? It may not be worth a warm bucket of spit (to coin a phrase), but I'm afraid she was most definitely a candidate for the office that is one heartbeat away from the president at the time of the offense.

But this comment is as ludicrous as most others here - hate-filled rhetoric complaining that Ms. Palin is using hate-filled rhetoric. Check the mirror, bubs.


Shuttleworth's Ubuntu makes like Space Shuttle


Not even close

Linux' desktop share was about 5% in 2008 according to Microsoft - but I'm sure you'd never trust *those* guys! ;-)

You can measure server share in three ways - revenue, units shipped, and installed base.

In revenue, Microsoft gathers about 50% of the money, with Linux and Unix splitting 40% and leaving 10% for others. (You might think this makes Microsoft very expensive, given the stats below. Well... yes. ;-)

Linux is pre-installed on about 60% of units shipped, compared to about 30% Windows and 10% others (including Unix).

Linux' installed base (in any market) is typically somewhat higher than pre-installed units, as its free nature allows it to be added to hardware actually sold and shipped with Windows or another proprietary OS, or even bare. This is a big player in desktops, but fairly small in servers, since servers with Linux are the norm. In any event, it's not objectively measurable (many servers are not on the open Internet), so we'll call it 60%-30% to be kind to Microsoft.

So... No, Linux is either well ahead of or just a bit behind and growing relative to Windows in the server market, depending on your favorite definition. In fact, Linux is either first or second in virtually every computing market (having recently jumped to second in smartphones, behind only Symbian).

You'd almost think free software was the wave of the future. I do. :-D