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Dig deep! Radio asks taxpayers for blank cheque

Paul 117

@No political bias then?

I didn't realise it was considered bias if you state facts.

MS smartphone share falls despite WinPho 7

Paul 117

Early days

"The numbers indicate Windows Phone 7 was not a big hit among the phone-buying public"

Maybe. Or maybe the phone buying public are locked into 24 month contracts and couldn't try Win Phone 7 even if they wanted to.

BAE Systems faces 'debarment' from exporting US war-tech

Paul 117


Yeah right AC, so software never crashes? Only Windows software?

Stop trolling.

I think the key phrases you used were "simulated" and "excercise".

Five Reasons to be cheerful about Nokia-Microsoft

Paul 117


Nice piece of mis-information Bloodnok, clearly you have no idea what you're doing. Step away from the keyboard.

Nokia's developers wait and wait for Windows Phone

Paul 117


What exactly do Microsoft have to do to get a positive article written about them on The Reg?

Having owned an Android and now a WinPho7 phone, I've got to say MS have done a good job.

Just sayin'.

Microsoft issues temp fix for serious Windows security bug

Paul 117


Everyone should take Chas' advice and switch to one of those OSes.

It's only Windows that suffers from security vulnerablities after all. And it's only Microsoft that takes ages releasing fixes.

Oh wait...

HTC 7 Trophy smartphone

Paul 117

Battery Life

I've had one of these phones for a couple months now, and the battery life is more like 2-3 days as opposed to the 1 day the reviewer mentioned.

Reviewer, was the handset you used brand new? Did you only use it for the one day? Like most HTC handsets, the full battery capacity is only arrived at after a number of full drains followed by recharges, just like my previous HTC Hero.

Samsung shows off tablet-cum-netbook convertible

Paul 117

Nothing to see here

This is nothing new. HP have had a line of convertible notebook/tablets for a couple years now, and Dell released a range late last year.

I'm using the HP Touchsmart TM2, bought in March last year, running Win7 64-bit. It's got a Wacom digitizer for pen input and inking and handwriting recognition out-of-the-box is spot-on.


Poor IT contributes to DWP errors

Paul 117

@Red Bren

"At the very least, the government could give the work to companies registered in the UK for tax purposes, using local employees rather than those brought in through the intra-company transfer loophole"

Couldn't agree more.

I could have sworn that in the run-up to the election, David Cameron mentioned breaking up large govenrnment IT contracts into smaller ones so firms other than HP(EDS), Logica et al could bid on them? Or was I dreaming?


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