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One man is standing up to Donald Trump's ban on US chip tech going to Huawei. That man... is Donald Trump

Michael 43

Just goes to show the deep state is alive and kicking

You'll never get Huawei with this, FCC tells US telcos: Buy Chinese kit and you won't see another dime from us

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Re: How much US kit does China buy?

I'm sure they can do better than that.. They can stop buying in bigger industries like commercial aviation..

Why worry about cost of banning certain Chinese comms providers? Fire Huawei, says analyst

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Re: Huh ?

By not being cynical for sure means there can be no intelligence !

US lobby group calls for open standards to fight Huawei 'threat'

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Re: Indeed

Haven't they offered that aready ? haven't they offered to license their patents along with the actual source code, so customers can customise how they see fit i terms of security.. This offer wil expose the duplicity of the USA, if they do not take it, it smacks of pure racism on the highest level, the highest form of discrmination by any accounts. The world is changing and the USA is not number one n evrything anymore...

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Re: Pot, kettle

You know lots of seatrch entries are censored or removed rght ? giben the fact who sipports Google !

Apple v BBC: Fruity firm hits back over Panorama drama

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Pegatron is a Taiwanese company

Sony: Walkman, meet Android

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I have a 7 year old Sony Walkman MP3 player, it can play ATRAC, MP3, AAC, Windows files no problem. It's still working and the sound quality still beats any Apple Ipods./touch

DRM ? That's Apple's arena, I think Sonyh ave learnt frm their past mistakes,

In regards to pricing they need to sort it out as I think it's a gret piece of kit..

Apple IP details tech for 'iTV' innards

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Samsung TVs ?

They may well be selling alot of LCD TVs, but like the japanese makers they are also losing money on their TV operations, they are being cross subsidied fom other areass of the the company. I think if it wasnt for the cheap WON and the very strong Yen, Samsung wouldn;t be sitting so pretty.

Sony has sold their share of the joint LCD panel with Samsung to Samsung, which is current generation stuff, whilst Sony gets the lump sum, and are also investing to develop their own Next gen panels. Crystal LCD/LED and OLED etc..

Sharp panels ar ealso one of the best in the world,.

Apple hands iPad screen contract to rival Samsung

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Sharp unbale to supply wat they invented ?


I think the troubles in japan last year contributes to the supply problem, i think it is more a supply problem in volumes that Apple wanted rather than technological issue....

And as one poster mentioned Apple does have some dodgy business practices..

Sony goes inorganic for 'eye popping' OLED TV rival

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Actually, Sony amongst others do not use the word LED TV in their current TV lineup, they use the term LCD with LED back lit... it's only ignorant fools like Tom 35 who shorten it to LED TV and think they've been conned,,

Sony had a joint venture with Samsung for their TV LCD panels, even though they shared the same panels, they used their own electronics to control the panels.. Sony was losing money on their TV operations, partly due to a very stromg Yen, and partly to do with aggressive near cost selling price of Korean makers like LG/Samsung. Sony are free to buy from various suppliers for current Generation LCD panels for TVs now, whilst on the otherhand still investing R&D in their own next Gen panels...

Renault wants full spy probe

Michael 43


I highly doubt it's China, they've already got their own electric car company


Who's to say it isn;t Renault themselves raising a stink for self publication..

Kinect blamed for Red Ring of Death outbreak

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Anonymous Coward,

How can you remotely assume what people do with their 360s and how you can remotely link it to the PS3 is beyond me .. ? Sounds like you are real fanboy -- MS Fanbo

BTW the YLOD is a such a small problem as comparted with RROD..

BTW , the 360s were hacked a long time ago !!

Boffins build medical control centre with Kinect

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MS sponsored promotion ?

Kinect.. i question the accuracy of the system, as apposed to somehting tactile.. would you rely on in say for a surgery or something.. This must be something sthat has been paid off by MS to promote Kinnect..

Apple patents glasses-free, multi-viewer 3D

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Apple Invents ?? WTF !!

all they need now is someone to invent it and get it working, then 'hey presto !!' Apple owns the patent!!

It proves one point.. Apple don;t invent anything... they are justa good marketing company !!

Toyota Auris hybrid e-car

Michael 43

your opinion only

"You're right it doesn't. But any number of diesels do and are more economical than these hybrids in the real world."

where is your source ??

Oh really,? are you comparing like for like..simliar sized as a prius or an Auris..

Do people really get the claimed mpg n their diesel, i mean the avarage driver doing less than 5-0 miles in the mornign to get to work, and tghe engine hasn't even wrmed up before they've arrived. not warming up meaning, diesels engines get clogged up....

my opinion is the medim future is turbo 4 cylinder petrol hybrids, cleaner than any dirty diesel..


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