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Acer Aspire One A110

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Integrated storage slot

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The integrated storage SD slot (accepts SDHC) is used by the file system as it gets mounted into your home directory, which is itself in the /mnt directory. It's a *nix thing that M$ pinched in Win 2000 btw.

I bought the 150 L last week and I'm using it for nearly everything although you will definitely want to change the default twit-proof interface to something more flexible - acerguy will tell you how.

The 120GB holds my MP3 collection (60gb) and still has space for a few movies for the kids although you really want a power socket for movies.

For the record, everyone who has seen this has asked if it is a "real" pc, they are quite surprised when I tell them that it is.

Will buy an aftermarket battery when they come down in price, unless I can source some good quality li-ion cells and build one myself.

Run on alkalines, not very green is it! Now a solar case lid, that would be funky.


Acer Aspire 8920G 18.4in laptop



Finally, a laptop that can run Vista without struggling.......

What a porker!

Judge grants Viacom 12TB of YouTube user records


Conflict of laws

Renvoi (or double renvoi) is the terminology used when the laws of one country infinge onthose of another. If the US courts have made a ruling it means that they have viewed the content of the case and decided it is something they can make a ruling on.

With ref to the non-locked down wireless network, in the UK it is the responsibility of the person who the connection is registered to - for a company I suppose that would be the directors of that company.

12TB of log files FFS!

False positives run amok in Vista anti-virus tests



Wanted to get there first - I run linux!

In fairness though the missus runs XP with AVG free and we have (only) had one problem that went away. We'll be moving to Vista soon enough and would like to know I'm not going to have to disinfect it 2 hours before a deadline for something and it's falling over every third cpu cycle.

Come on M$, play ball with the smaller anti-virus boys too!

Wi-Manx launches WiMAX...nearly



Nope, also includes the suburbs and nearby towns of Douglas;