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Cloud data fiasco forces bosses to break out the whiteboards

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Should have had onsite backups?

'The new iPad' revealed: Full specs, rumor scorecard

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Was the Rumour Mill correct?

Or is Apple getting a little predictable?

Still, it works for the Call of Duty franchise I suppose.

Eyes on stalks: ancient predator a real monster

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Is anyone else not surprised this was found in Australia?

Oracle kills Sun.com after starvation diet

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Will there be an anniversary?

For the day the Sun.com died?

Microsoft 'paid Nokia $1bn' for WinPho 7 deal

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If you can't beat 'em...

Pay them lots of money to push your product.

Has anyone done a study into the stages of death of a company?

Videogame TRAINS TERRORISTS, yells pundit

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Any word if they had a 10 meter knifing lunge?

LG uncloaks six-foot 3D TV

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HD is like black

Once you go there, you'll never go back.

3D, not so much.

Saw the new resident evil in 3D a while back. There were some nice effects, and the landscape shots looked really good, but that was about all that 3D improved.

It was also the only movie I've seen of late that I didn't sit there thinking that it would look better in HD.

Mozilla lands fresh Firefox 4 beta on Android, Maemo

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It's faster than Firefox on my PC. Which I should look at upgrading (the PC) anyway :/

Zoom in can be a little tempermental at times, when trying to hit links with large sausage like fingers.

Also on the Desire, also recommend Readability.

Apache open sourcers welcome Google's unwanted Wave

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It's a shame they killed it....

It was a really good idea, but outside of a few niche users, no-one really saw it's potential.

Nice to hear the Apache people are going to get it :)

A group of us in AU/NZ were using it for managing a web site (writing up ideas for articles, Rules and Regs, etc), and we found that Google Wave was brilliant.

Everyone could add their ideas (or smart-ass comments) in realtime, and despite inital fears that it would turn into an utter mess, it was really quite organised.

Hope Apache does something with it soon, as we'll miss Google wave when it closes up :(