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UK student faces extradition to US after piracy case ruling


Of course they did ...

... that's why they took advantage of the 9/11 tragedy to pass this sort of legislation - not coincidental - opportunist. You have nothing to fear if you don't break the law - until they change it ...

X Prize: Build a Star Trek 'tricorder' and win $10m


$10m sounds good until Apple ...

... sue you for some pie in the sky patent they took out stealthily on anything you can hold with rounded corners that communicates wirelessly in some way or another with any kind of sensor - ever ... so if you can actually do this you'll be lucky to end up with a pint and a ploughman's lunch after they bankrupt you for your trouble.

Steve Jobs action figure set for shop shelves


How long before the blow up model...

for the real fanbois

Apple land-grabs fuel cells for mobiles


just pure evil

best that can be said of apple now.

After hack nightmare, Sony bars lawsuits with new TOS


If only

the ignorant herd would vote with their feet rather than clicking agree ...

but they won't - what are human rights compared to the ability to stream a B list movie you're not that interested in seeing in the 48 hour window in which it's available for the same price as a circle of obsolete plastic that you could leave in a corner for years but lend, with little risk of being dragged before the courts, to any interested party in a few years time.

The point , as ever, though is they screwed up big time and you have to pay.

ITV player streams onto Android


don't fret - you're not missing anything (ironically)

The app is a pile of poo - getting dissed all round. Bloated, poorly performing spyware - shame.

Kindle Store awash with auto-generated crap 'books'


Isn't this why brands were born?

In the 18th century nefarious purveyors would sell woodchips in cheap goo as raspberry jam or bulk out other foods with all manner of crap (literally) - the solution? Branded goods that guaranteed a certain quality.

Same is true here I guess - buy a Penguin version of the book rather than a Pingreen one ....

Acer takes on iPad with Android, Flash, own UI


10 inch looking good ...

... lots of boxes checked. But is that a front facing webcam on the image or just a sensor. Former - might be the one for me - latter - fail.