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Microsoft Office 365 Exchange issues for users across Europe


Outlook.com, too

I noticed it this afternoon in the UK - sat and sent off about ten emails via my phone (using imap/smtp). No-one has received them, they're not in my drafts, they're not in my sent items. Logged in to outlook.com and they're not there either. Just gone. Nowhere.

Dead device walking: Apple iPod Touch 6th generation


I want something to play my downloaded Spotify playlists on, that isn't my phone! My phone lasts me all day with my normal use, but if I were to be playing music then it'd be dead by lunchtime. I need something the size of the iPod Nano but that can take my Spotify with me - there's nothing that can do that.

Why doesn't Spotify make a device with a little square screen and WiFi and 16Gb of storage and price it at £99/$99 just for those of us that want a music player?

The Times offers subsidised Nexus 7s to get subscribers


Might be good for me...

I have a teenage son about to start an Economic A-Level and a Politics A-Level so a subscription to The Times would be good. I also have another son who is after a Nexus7 for Xmas. So I need both of these things. Anyone have the subscription and able to confirm if it's tied to a device, a Google account, or a login? Ideally I'd like to be able to use it on MY N7, my son's N7 and other furture tablets as well....obviously one dead-tree paper in the house can be read by everyone, can the digital editions?

Google to refund some pre-price drop Nexus 7 buyers


As far as I can make out, the Asus refund applies to those who bought through retail outlets. The Google refund is only for Google Play purchases. Those two together seems to cover every way to buy.


Thing is....

....most of us that bought early would rather have an upgrade to a 32GB model than some money back. I know I would.....it's less about the actual money and more about the convenience of the extra storage space.

Google Drive stalls on LAUNCH DAY



Sorry, but can't see the point of Google doing this.

I have 25Gb free with my Hotmail account (which can be accessed from any PC also my phone)

I have 50Gb free from Box.net (which can be accessed from any PC and also my phone)

I have 3Gb free from DropBox (which can be accessed from any PC and also my phone, but more importantly, actually syncs over all my devices).

Because of the syncing, DropBox is the only one of these cloud storage services worth having. Unless Google are going to do something to make themselves stand out (and if they are, why not do it at launch) then this is just another Google "Meh" service.

Android Market morphs into 'Google Play'


Re: does not matter what you call it

"The free aps will still demand permissions that delve into the deepest corners of your device...."

And not just the free ones, either.

Blighty's Post Office computer system goes titsup


As a postman, I can only smile...this'll mean a light day for us on Saturday if no-one can post any parcels today :-)

Apple issues invitations to March 7 iPad roll-out


Re: Nah- this is the iPad 2S

"where what Android users would have considered a mere software update"

Oh what I would give for a "mere software update". How long has Ice Cream Sandwich been around? Still no idea of when I might get it on my SGS2.

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9790



Ignore that....sympton of BB (and other manufacturers) bringing out endless variations on the same thing, I got my model numbers confused. But still....same old same old. Nothing new, plenty old.


Same old same old

So it's a bit better than one BB here and a bit worse than another BB there and a lightly smaller screen but a touchscreen.

Seems RIM can only improve one thing if they cut back on another thing. What would be wrong with the 9900 plus touchscreen?

Paypal emits cash swap tap app for Android



Why the need for NFC/Bump at all? If both users are using PayPal and have to be connected to the net, why doesn't one just click 'request a tenner' and the other just click 'lend a tenner'. Why do they need to bump when they're right next to each other anyway?

RIM BlackBerry Torch 9860 smartphone


BB Missing The Point?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this, but aren't RIM missing their USP here? They make good handsets with good keyboards and that's what differentiates them - only the Nokia qwerty range ever seemed to come close to the BB keyboards.

They lose the keyboard and go touchscreen....what do they have? My Android (and my old iPhone) all do email just as well (for consumers, anyway) as BB ever did. They have a wider range of (cheaper and better) apps, and with things like MSN and LiveProfile, who really needs BBM now (except kids who want it to work when they have run out of credit).

BB cannot catch-up with iOS/Android in the app market, so they must concentrate on what they do better than anyone else. And that ISN'T making touchscreen phones with no redeeming qualities.

Native Gmail app coming to iPhone, iPad?


Who even needs a Gmail app?

I have an Android phone and an iPad. Both of them get instant, push email notifications and on neither of them do I use a "Google" application. Gmail works fine as a bog-standard IMAP server which means my Gmail comes to the same application as my Hotmail and my own domain-based emails.

Puzzles me why Google would do this though - do they NOT want Android to succeed?

Heavily-looted mobile phone barns issue 'safety first' missives to staff


Gain to the mobile Telcos/Shops?

They won't gain anything - in fact, the more phones are stolen, the more the phone manufacturers can make and sell. If they're stolen from a store then insurance pays out and the store buys more phones from the manufacturer = win. If they're stolen from users, then insurance (sometimes) pays out and the user replaces the phone, normally with a new model = win.

There's really no incentive for the manufacturers to do anything at all about mobile phone theft.

Asda offloads affordable Archos fondleslabs


More bad news for Android

No access to the official Market, slow processor, rubbish screen, outdated OS. It's devices like these that people will try, hate, decide that it's Android that's the problem and then go on to Apple.

HTC ChaCha Qwerty Android smartphone



If the screen were the size of the whole black area, and the processor was one of the new 1.2Ghz dual cores, then this would be just about my perfect phone. Coming from Blackberry, I love the apps on Android, but really, really miss the keyboard.

iOS 4.2 multi-tasking comes to the iPad


Pointless scroll lock change

I am firmly in the pro-scroll-lock-camp. 90% of the time I have my iPad on mute, whereas I am very often finding myself locking the screen. Maybe using the screen lock ten times per day and the mute option on/off less thaonxe per day.

What's REALLY annoying is that a press-and-hold of the volume down button has always muted it quickly, so why the need for a dedicated button right next to it? And the new scroll lock function is a lot harder/slower to use.