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Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz


Maybe ask the Bluebox guys at IBM how well things went

with their acquisition and integration into IBM. Oh wait, they are all gone

Wikibon sticking to server SAN takeover idea


anyone predicting more than 1 year out

is bound to be wrong. also, server-san is the dumbest

Hyperconverger Springpath pivots to OEM channel. Yes, we said pivots. What of it?


more like dumped by cisco

cisco courting nutanix and will be offering their sw on cisco kit soon enough, the springpath stuff was half baked and not ready for prime time. looks like this was a failure to launch and yet another example of cisco failing to do any form of due diligence. obviously not as bad as invicta given that cisco wasnt out half a billion for a non-functioning product with no customers. this time they were out a few million for a non-functioning product with no customers.

things are looking up, obviously.

Nimbus Data CEO shoots from the hip at NetApp's SolidFire buy


Re: Means little

going it alone? you mean not selling any product and getting sued by its customers.

best glassdoor reviews ever.

Nutanix slims down code, chases after small business


Re: Nice to see them validate scale computing

I guess thats why they are borrowing money at crime syndicate rates to float them to an IPO http://www.marketwatch.com/story/goldman-loans-75-million-to-ipo-hopeful-nutanix-2016-05-31-111035156

Violin Memory CEO and board member splash $180k on firm's shares


someone needed a tax writeoff

stock losses tend to be good ones

HPE has released a Gen 2 hyperconverged... er, thingy. Here's the lowdown


Oh HP, please never change.

A turd in a candy wrapper still doesn’t taste good, even if it’s free.

All-flash array bake-off: Load DynamiX finds six AFAs go into four



seriously, if people are struggling to comprehend the metrics you are measuring, maybe you should use ones that people do understand or that the industry as a whole recognizes

Cisco needs to get off its backside if it's to remain storage king in 2016


No real storage DNA

Its odd to see Cisco still continue down the road with the partner with everyone strategy, their strongest alliance right now is Netapp, the EMC/Dell deal will slowly dislodge them fully from the VCE and EMC pairings that they have had in the past. The Data Center Group who pushes UCS has zero real storage ability, yet Cisco brass seem to think that they are capable of selling storage products, guess what they are not. The Whiptail team has some good people, but lets be honest that company had 70 people in it when they got bought, Cisco has more people working as door greeters in the San Jose campus.

Simply put they have no real storage ability, they have always had to partner for it, and without building a legitimate storage business unit with a dedicated team that sits on par with their DCG and Networking arms, they will always struggle. They will probably end up buying Netapp at some point, and that, while not the best technologically sound decision, will give them an end to end team with the right experience to determine a market path.

We SC what you did there, Mikey: Dell emits top-end array, hyper-converged boxes



With the impending EMC merger EQL/SC are both toast and I would not bet on Dell doing anything else to keep these platforms alive and kicking.

How to waste two years and lose $415m: Cisco's now-dead Whiptail deal


cisco is a death sentence for storage technologies

seriously, if I'm any of the various upstart storage companies out there today thinking that Cisco is a viable suitor, I would be terrified that they were considering buying them.

Disk is dead, screeches Violin – and here's how it might happen


For a company that saw a 33% drop in revenue

I hardly think they would be the arbiter of the future direction of storage.

What hyper-converged storage really means for you


Too much hype

Far too much hype around the hyper converged market. The reality is that yes if you are a greenfield customer or someone with a small number of VM's in your environment (say sub 500) then HCI is a good fit, but the reality is, the inability to independently scale compute and storage will always leave gaps. Some customers are ok with that, think shops with 5 total IT people, also think large orgs who have very specific projects that they want hardware isolation, thats where its a good fit. But, HCI will never replace core infrastructure for sophisticated customers, anyone who still has bare metal workloads won't be able to use it, anyone who operates at legitimate scale won't use it either (they already have been building their own HCI solutions) and the price point for a HCI platform is ludicrously expensive.

TL:DR works great for specific use cases (think VDI mostly) and small customers with unsophisticated environments. Everyone else will go the converged infrastructure route.

VMware doubles node count for EVO:RAIL hyperconvergenceware


non-starter compared to mature solutions

still have yet to see an EVO system at a customer site anywhere. HP wants a stupid amount of money fort their system with zero value add. HDS hasn't released theirs in the wild yet. Dell pushes the far more flexible and profitable Nutanix offering. The other bottom barrel players have crap supportability and no sales teams capable of articulating the value.

Those are just the OEM issues. EVO doesn't integrate into existing VMW environments, its an island of resources. Who wants that? SimpliVity and Nutanix offer services on top of the base HC delivery vehicle, and they tend to be cheaper solutions when compared to EVO, far more feature rich, and far more flexible (multi-hypervisor support). So again I ask, who will buy this?

Answer, no one.

Nutanix announces beta of Community Edition software


influencer community types can get access to the nutanix POC lab pretty much anytime they want without having to incur the time/effort to spin up a neutered community edition of the product. Your comment has zero merit. This isn't thought leadership, this is list building. Most of the people you mentioned are paid for commentary types, they are not going to waste their time playing around with something that they dont get paid for. As for the various other groups, I'd hazard a guess that they dont have the required HW on hand to build out a nutanix cluster.

there's a good reason that you cant sign up for this trial without a corporate email address, and why they are giving away 3k towards a home lab.

NetApp CTO Jay Kidd resigns and retires from the industry


the wrong people are leaving

Netapps needs a sweep at top level management, not at the tech level if they want to remain relevant.

Is hyper-convergence a good thing? Ask a mini computer veteran


Looks like someone got the EMC marketing packet

And regurgitated it.

To InfiniFlash and beyond: SanDisk wheels out Big Data box


For certain customers this is mana from heaven

All those stupid cat pictures on your facebook profile that you have not accessed in a year, they go on a box like this because FB users are inpatient twits who can't wait the 10 seconds it takes to pull those archived images off of disk, or DVDROM media. There is a very deep market for all flash archive storage, its just not remotley relevant for 99% of companies out there today.

They will sell a lot of this, and you will never hear about it.

New Dell boxes reverberate with Blue Thunder


no memory?

Kind of a big omission is the amount of usable memory on each of those boxes. Can you update.

HP flicks white box switch: NOT a Facebook wannabe? Stuff our open kit in your cloud


How many bites at the apple do you get?

Whats this the 3rd attempt by HP to do networking? Yeah good luck with that.

HP has lost its way, they have all the potential growth in the Networking world as Netapp has in storage.

NetApp brings Hadoop functionality to its ONTAP customers



makes as much sense as their EVO:Rail system

Hitachi smashes SPC-1 benchmark, boasts: We HAF ways of crushing 2 million IOPs


Eclipsed and Irrelevant in 12 months time

That's where this system (and many others) will be from a market perspective. When technologies like DSSD eventually come to market (and similarly architected solutions) these old dinosaurs will be regulated to the scrap heap. The plain truth of it is, very few customers actually need those performance numbers. And for the performance they do require, they can gain that a fraction of the cost of this array, or any of the other monolithic boxes designed in the 90's.

Storage vendors need to drop the speeds/feeds crap marketing that they have used for the last few decades and focus far more on the actual benefit that their products bring to an organization, that will drive sales of their product. Everything else is just chest thumping crap that no one who pays for these products cares about.

ONTAP isn't putting NetApp ONTOP


The blackberry of the storage world

Netapp had it all at one point, but the failure to truly innovate or adjust to the changing storage landscape has harmed their long term prospects. The storage space is highly competitive. One need only to look at the success that many of the new storage startups have had during the same period that Netapp has fallen. Taking a strong look at an architecture that simply cannot keep up with the future of data might be a good start if they want to remain relevant in the changing data economy.

For EMC, it’s all about the rack-scale flash


Can we stop talking about Skyera as if it was an actual shipping product?

No one you know has one, no one you know has seen one. What did they get picked up for, 150M plus some debt? Lets focus on real shipping technologies instead of products no one has.

Storage infrastructure wakeup call


Can someone put a disclaimer in the titles

of these obvious commercials for specific vendors products masquerading as helpful content

Six-starved storage bods rush to support vSphere and VVOLs


Re: Why Flash Array

Sure, I'll trust my enterprise to a version 1.0 product.

Dell muscles into all-flash for small biz with $35k 4TB array


8 years?

The flash will burn out long before that.

Hungry, hungry CPUs: Storage vendors hustle to get flash closer to compute


how many diablo commercials do we need

Isn't this like the 4th such article pimping their stuff this year?

Don't you forget about VCE... Cisco gets cosy with Pure Storage


Did you see a PR from Cisco?

There is your answer.

Who won all-flash sales sash, sucked up all the cash? – IDC report


Re: Cost per RAW GB is a useless measuring stick in the AFA space!!!

yes we get it you work for Pure Storage.

Will tech titans SWALLOW upstart where Apple guru Steve Wozniak works?


Holy Grails

believe it when I see it, until then, its all hype.

EVO: RAIL – Is NetApp sleeping with a SAN killer?


Desperate to stay relevant

Bold prediction, no one except Netapp zealots will buy this. There are a number of vendors jumping into the EVO stack who are absolutely clueless about the hyper converged space, and Netapp appears to be the most ignorant of all. The entire value prop around hyper converged is to remove complexity of the multi-system traditional infrastructure stack. Netapp jumping into this space shows once again that they just don't get it anymore, and why Nimble, Pure Storage, Tegile and others are feasting on their carcass.

Oracle refreshes RAM-crammed ZFS array line


its still ZFS

and all headache associated with it. Give it up and move on to something else instead of a hobbyists file system.

Pure Storage developing converged systems


One Trick Pony No More?

Good luck with the pivot, they will need it.

Storage: Never mind the quantity, feel the quality of service


Nice commercial

So Fujitsu wrote this and you put your name on it. Cute.

No biggie: EMC's XtremIO firmware upgrade 'will wipe data'


Lets be honest with ourselves

There is a big difference between a non disruptive upgrade, and an upgrade that requires a data migration / restoration event. Far too many times I've seen people take the vendors word for it when it comes to the upgrade/update process only to get burned down the road. The onus is on the purchaser to ensure that they fully vet a solution(s) that are being considered for purchase. Any decent storage admin worth his salt would have a set test routine to put a solution through its paces, as well as the proper questions to ask. As always the devil is in the details and its up to the purchaser to do their own due diligence.

If you get bit by something like this its because you didn't do your homework.

'Software-defined' IS just a passing fad: HP techie Fink Tank lays down law


8 Billion Reasons to Believe this

HP is the last group that should be prognosticating on any futures. #Autonomy

Hyper-converged flash appliances are COMING. Here's one I dreamed up earlier...


You may need to dig deeper

You can't treat flash as standard disk.Sure it may be faster but you will burn it out. Nutanix ran into that early on when they were burning through Fusion IO cards because they did all their read/write cache in the SSD space. Since their dedupe isn't in-line for all data, they rely on post process for capacity savings which is a fools errand. If you look even deeper you will realize the performance hit is significant when they do turn dedupe on, then there is the issue of not being able to do dedupe and compression at the same time, or having to turn it on or off for specific workloads. Essentially you are injecting significant amounts of complexity into a platform that was meant to be simple, which is the one key benefit that hyperconvergence is supposed to provide.

VMware's MARVIN emerges as 'EVO' for branch offices and web-scale rigs


Price points will determine the space

Lots of holes in this offering. 10GbE Only, Ent+ licensing only. Smaller ROBO sites wont be needing that much horsepower as well. Not bad for a fledgling effort but expect it to change.

Tegile boots Dell array out of chemical biz. Dell responds: Tegile, who?


Child please

Nearly all of the Tegile sales staff is ex Dell. They most certainly know who they are.

Fighting words from Asigra: Yes, backup vendors, we said it... commodity hardware


aww how cute VTL's are back

Yawn. Really this is a big deal, for who exactly other than Asigra.

Tell it to me straight, vendors: Are you cheap and easy?


There are no free lunches

You can have it cheap or fast, you can't have both. There will be a breaking point, its up to you to figure out what is acceptable. I'll also throw out, one size doesnt fit all, especially with storage today.

The adage of "you get what you pay for" comes to mind. I'm not saying rush out and pay 12k per TB for JBOD, but if there are features outside of what everyone offers and there is a price premium, to many shops that 12K is acceptable. It takes an incredible amount of R&D effort, time, and capital to bring a product to market. No one is in this business to lose money.

I dont want cheap and easy. I want it to work.

VMware reveals more VSAN nodes



Maybe if Netapp discounts Flexpod by 70%. H

Huawei hybrid array smashes aside puny SPC-1 contenders


Those are great numbers

For the year 2010 maybe. The new metric is latency, thats where dinosaurs like this will fail. All they did was prove that AFA trumps big iron.


Oh, so you've founded a disruptive storage upstart? Do tell me more


Re: From The Other Side


this is so true on so many levels.

HP: A firmware update is just for Christmas, not for EVA


dead platform to stay dead

Seriously, if you are still on EVA then I feel sorry for you.

It's a CLUSTER-PLUCK: Nutanix uses MapReduce to polish performance


novel concept

A "software company" that won't sell its software? How long before people realize its just open source on cheap hardware with a 70% markup?

Storage upstart Coho Data decloaks from stealth, slurps $25m


rebranding isn't coming out of stealth

This is just convergent IO re-branding as COHO Data.

Starboard Storage goes titsup: LeftHanders to leave the building


Uh Who?

anyone ever seen their kit in the wild?