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Huge ice blades on Jupiter’s Europa will make it a right pain in the ASCII to land on


RE: Icebreaker

Spacey McSpaceface?

German engineers demo ROBOT APE


Its Gore!!

Can't believe nobody noticed it looks like a prototype of Gore from Zoids!!


Barclaycard site falls over, web payments impossible


Re: More 'cloud' fun

Actually, it has alot to do with the cloud.

I am pointing out how unstable the web actually is and fools actually think that they will always have full access to all their important documents whenever they need them.


More 'cloud' fun

Hehe, I love seeing stuff like this, after all the 'cloud' crap that is being shoved down our throats.

This is just another example of why the 'cloud' can't work.

Ten... eight-bit classic games


Anybody play Tau Ceti?

Spent hours on that, loved it as I had just got the tape with no instuctions.

The joy at activating stuff by accident!

Zuckerberg submits privacy mea culpa after FTC ruling


Anybody else get the feeling that if this had been Microsoft or Google hosting a similar 'sheeple/cult' style site and had lied about the mentioned security/privacy, there would have been a public outcry and said site would have been shutdown?

Gotta love the sheep and their fears about not being able to tell everyone what they are doing every second of everyday. I bet if Facebook asked for Bank details, the dumb****s would post it. Facebook and Twatter are a bane on life and WEB 2.0 need to f*** off.

Steve Woz: From wooden Apples to iPhone love


Oh Dear...

Just like to ask, are Iphones users really that excited because a white version is going to be released??

Researchers bypass Internet Explorer Protected Mode



Well, I have to say, having dual-booted Ubuntu 10.10 on a Windows box, its not the easiest OS in the world. I still have'nt figured out how to install the wireless adaptor. The site, (getnet), even had Linux drivers, but after downloading them I have not got a clue how to install them.

If Linux or the driver vendor had clear concise instructions on how to build and install the supplied driver I would be using it alot more. Instead the supplied instructions just mean nothing to me, hence Ubuntu was just a toy to play with for a day or 2.

Top Ten Arcade Classics

Thumb Up

Anybody remember?

Hows about Prehistoric Isle?

Also a game with where you controled a monkey who could spit fireballls, think it was called Loki.

New Zealand Story was cool and I spent a fortune playing 'World Cup', think it was by Namco and you controlled the players with a roller ball, (blisters ahoy!).