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iPhone 3.0 to nix app redownloading?



This already happens with Songs. My daughter bought a song but it did not download properly, so she pressed it again and got the message "You have already bought this song, do you want to buy it again?".

No I fucking do not. I want to download it as I've already paid for it. I went to the computer and tried it there as well. It won't download the song as part of the purchased ones, and insists I buy it again.

I fucking hate Itunes.

Boffins: Ordinary lightbulbs can be made efficient, cheaply


CFL - No use to me

I have precisely one fitting in my house that could take a CFL. The rest are either halogens, on dimmer switches, or are fittings that fit flush with the ceilings and would look ridiculous with a stupid CFL twizzle stick sticking out of it.

Actually just thought of another in a chandelier that uses the mini golf-ball-fittings - don't know if they make them for that or not. I suppose they probably do. And at a few quid each replacing all 6 bulbs in there would be stupidly expensive.

Cobol hits fifty


Fifty years in...

And I hear that some of the applications that started development at that time are now nearly ready!

Summer debut for Judge Dredd computer smart-rifle



Nuff said.

Oz man fined for drink-drive rumpy-pumpy



If he'd crashed and killed himself whilst being that stupid they should've given him an award... what to call it though?

Ah, he's from Darwin, so my suggestion would be a "Darwin Award".

Take-Two sues over death of Duke Nukem Forever


I was looking forward to this....

... in 1997, when I was 19 and had the time and inclination to play computer games. Now I'm 30 with wife and kids, I really couldn't give a flying damn. And therein lies the problem - those who remember the original game now won't give a shit (a few saddos non-withstanding), and those who are of gaming age won't have even heard of the original.

So the fact it's died should be no suprise and nobody should care either.

Now a new Llamasoft game on the other hand....

Apple prepping 32GB iPhone 3.0?


So when is this out?

My current contract is up next month and I actually want one (after months of thinking I'd never own one I had a play with my daughter's iPod Touch and think it's great). 32GB would be great, if the price is realistic.

BTW, AC: "Choontard" - Nice!

2060: Humvee-sized, bulletproof meat-eating spiders attack


Wrong metric?

Surely the annual growth is not the point? The point is actually the increase in warmth to get it that 10% bigger. So by the time they'd all reached that size we'd pretty much have all died from being roasted to death anyway.

Still made me laugh though!

Aussie censors implement six degrees of separation policy


What happened to...

... Ozzie common sense? I really thought Ozland might be a good place to run to on the offchance that Labour win another election here (cos then we're all fucked).

What's next? Taking books out of libraries if they're not on approved reading lists?

Agree with AC above - exactly where can we move to that has a non-opressive government and some common sense? Sealand?

Ron Howard accuses Pope of scuppering Dan Brown movie


@Chris C

I pretty much agree with everything you said. I enjoyed the books and it took me 2 attempts at Neuromancer, too.

It's fiction, people. It doesn't have to be realistic. If anything, I don't WANT it to be realistic. Even Digital Fortress (definately the worst of the books).... I don't want accurate, boring descriptions of a geek using Unix: "Mark cursed as he accidentally typed the wrong arguments into Vi.". Give me exploding super-computers any day!

Sir Alan Sugar hails £30m 'equitable' Viglen win



They're still about? I thought they disappeared years ago.

LoTR fan film set for net premiere


Their website

Appears to be down - not doubt it's been ElReged.

Looks bloody good though!

Swiss woman rolled over Facebook



So changing my status to "Neil has a migrane" is a sackable offense? It's easier to do that with a migrane than it is to phone the bloody doctor to make an appointment!

Start-up Bee pledges 'affordable' British e-car


Too Ugly

Plus, buying a second car, purely for local use, will have an overall impact far higher than simply using my existing car.

Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines


I expect

That a swarm of gun-toting officers will soon be raiding my local library and dragging away the old dear that works there, as she provides DVDs for rent (she even CHARGES for the ability to take it away and copy it! Talk about proceeds of crime!), and even has a photocopier to make copies of printed copyrighted works ON-SITE!

Surely an appeal will get this overturned as the biggest pile of horseshit ever to come out of a trial-room.

Google money machine records Q1 choking sound


What hope is there?

When a company makes about $1.5bn profit in 3 months and is still laying off staff because it's not making enough.

Pizza-polluting YouTube plonkers soil Domino's


I had a Domino's pizza last night

Now I wish I hadn't.

<Need a "Running-for-the-toilet" icon>

Nortel staff sacked without redundancy payout



Nuff said.

Women's lust for shopping linked to periods


Ten Days??

That's a third of the bloody (hehe) month!

God help us all.

Although it might explain why I was allowed to buy a Roomba at the weekend.

London to get EV charging post network


20 minutes

So it still takes 10 times longer than filling my tank with petrol then.

Ok it's cheaper, but take away the tax from fuel and it'd be about the same. If in 20 years everyone is driving leccy cars do you really think the Government is going to be happy about having no fuel tax income and no road tax income?

No. They'll just tax the shit out of you in some other way, so you might as well enjoy driving a proper car whilst you can.

Sky calls for access to cable network


Hello Pot?

This is Kettle. You're Black.

Give us on Virgin all the HD channels, then we'll talk.

Google Street View hits UK streets



I live many miles outside Central London - basically on the surrey border, on a small insignificant little road. And found myself staring at my front door.

World's first proper flying car makes debut flight


No good

Until it looks like a DeLorean I'm not interested.

Great Aussie firewall claims first victim


Effing stupid

So, you don't know what's on the list, but if you - or one of your users in the case of a forum - links to something that is on it you get fined.

How is this different to making up new laws with big fines for breaking them but then refusing to tell anybody what they are?

"Excuse me, sir, you've just violated the new law we didn't tell anybody about on not looking 56 times before crossing the street between the hours of 3pm and 4pm on a Monday. That'll be $5000 please".

FOAD indeed.

'Sunshade' global-cooling plan would ruin solar power


The Simpsons

Didn't Mr Burns already come up with this plan? Albeit to make money. And then he got shot. By a baby. What was my point again?

Superfast-charging batteries? Whoa there, MIT


Fast Discharging?

My current mobile is great at that. One minute the battery is showing almost full, the next it won't even turn on. Nothing new here.

Royal Mail disses runaway post van man



I will hencefortch boycott the Royal Mail.

Except when I need to post something. I'm kind of stuck there.

Metallica's Lars Ulrich illegally downloads own album


Question is...

Did he listen to it once and then delete it like most other people did?

Snacker discovers Nokia phone in crisp packet


Why remove all other bags from the shelves?

Like it's going to be in another one as well???

And did she actually try charging it before turning it on?

Child porn suspect ordered to decrypt own hard drive


I'm sorry

I've completely forgotten my password! How silly of me!

iPhoney nano found, tested in Asia


The chick in the photo

Looks like a ladyboy version of Myleene Klass.

Woolies Pic'n'Mix bows out with eBay auction


Only £360

So it was actually a bit cheaper than the normal retail cost of a bag of Wollies pick n' mix then?

Hydrogen motoring too heavy for pundit


Further missing the point

Screw all this electric/hydrogen crap - where the hell is my flying car?


Missing the big point

It takes friggin hours to charge a leccy car. It takes minutes to fill it with hydrogen. For that reason, leccy cars are crap and are not the way of the future.

Paris Hilton celebrates 28

Paris Hilton

Oh, age!

I thought you meant IQ!

Pirate Bay prosecutor tosses infringement charges overboard


I know it's been said already but...


Red Dwarf touches down in Coronation Street


Thank you Rob Beard!

StoryMakers!! For ages I'd been bothered by the fact that I couldn't figure out who that was on Storymakers... and I'm huge RD fan. Must be the lack of teeth or something completely throwing me off the scent.

Virgin Media trials longer bandwidth throttling



If they don't have enough bandwidth to provide the service then they should invest in some more.

Or, just limit everyone to 10MB per day, and cut them off then they reach it. Then the network won't be under strain.

Rogue sysadmin sues SF for $3m


Wrongful arrest?

As he's still awaiting trial, surely sueing for wrongful arrest and imprisonment is a little premature?

Sky hints at 3D TV launch



I remember watching 3D videos with red/green specs back in the very early 80's when I was a wee nipper.

5,000-year-old 'ice man' was shot to death


Poor Guy

There he was, innocently popping into the local Kentucky Fried Mammoth and he gets beat to death by some ice-age chavs.

Red Dwarf finally returns to Earth

Paris Hilton

Is it true

That Paris Hilton is being lined up to play Kochanski?

Otherwise I fail to see the Paris angle.

Boffin: Lost Stradivarius violin tech reverse-engineered


Waste of time

ALL violins - without exception - sound f*****g awful.

Gov stumps £4.3m bee health funding


Dr Who

Didn't he already solve this one?

DSGi announces new chairman in eye of retail storm


Too expensive

That's the problem. I was thinking of popping into Currys later to get a Belkin TuneCast thing. On Amazon it's about £37. At dabs it's £35. Currys price? £69.99.

Steve Jobs takes medical leave from Apple to focus on health

Jobs Halo

Obligatory XKCD link


How you pay for tomorrow's scares, today


He's right, you know

The BBC article quoted expert Torsten Jeworrek, who claimed: “Climate change has already started and is very probably contributing to increasingly frequent weather extremes and ensuing natural catastrophes.”

Spot on. He just missed out a couple of words: "Climate change has already started - approximately 6 billion years ago - and is very probably...."

In action: the Powermat wireless gadget charger


You need to buy an adaptor for each device?

Really? So tell me how this is actually any better than me going out and buying a 4-way socket adaptor from Woolies, er, I mean Maplins, for five quid?

First Windows 7 beta puts fresh face on Vista


New Version

Of course they are going to make it a new version. The reason being that Vista has such a bad rep (although personally I like it) that calling it Vista SE or whatever would be a disaster. Marketing it as a brand new version of Windows that fixes all of Vistas "issues" is far more likely to sell copies.

Safari enjoys 'unusually residential' December boost



Plenty of people got Ipods for Christmas so installed Itunes and didn't untick the Safari box. Then they tried it out. Nothing to do with OSX.