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Darkness to fall over North America from a total solar eclipse


It's going to be beautiful

"We are going to have a Total Solar Eclipse, it's going to be beautiful, the most beautiful eclipse ever. I went to see the people of the total Solar, they are good people, they love America, we love America, so I told them we could strike a deal, to have the perfect total solar eclipse, and we agreed. I promise you this his going to be the covfefest total solar eclipse over our beautiful America". Make America eclipse again!

Ailing Brit chip designer Imagination Technologies up for sale


Help me understand

So Imagination lost some 60 millions last year when Apple during the same period was making money selling millions of shiny toys, each of them using a gpu based on Imagination's technology... Aren't they paid per unit produced, or is it that they get paid peanuts.

Someone help me understand pls.

Ofcom wants automatic compensation for the people when ISPs fail


Go, charge 'em high

I switched to Sky broadband about a couple of months ago, really I should have stuck with BT (for once!). It all started well, I had the advertised mb/s for normal use (I didn't go for the extra fast option as I live on my own), but a fortnight ago I noticed that connecting to the internet was becoming slower, pages will load slower I could literally see images being loaded, reminiscent of the Hayes modem age, the router would drop connection now and then, downloading a mere 50MB takes now about 4-5 minutes, I don't live in rural area ffs! At some occasion it's so bad I can't rely on my connection and have to resort to using my 4g connection on my smartphone. I am contemplating cancelling my contract with them and have been gathering evidences of their poor services as I don't want to pay extra charge for terminating the contract early, the suckers have not fulfilled their part of the contract. So yes I have no sympathy for such ISPs, charge them thru the nose if you must, whether they rely on BT or not, someone down the chain must be financially punished!

Android 5 lock-screens can be bypassed by typing in a reeeeally long password. In 2015


Re: And nobody considered...

It seems the lock screen is just like any other apps, prolly not even running at root level, so when it fails (crashes) control is [naturally] handed back to OS in it default state (home screen), just like any android apps. What a fail!

United Nations pledges to get everyone online… by 2030


Re: Not quite right

Merci de contacter le support en ligne des Nations Unies, pressez 1 pour continuer en francais,

pwess twoo fore englishe, etc..

China's TCL strokes Android with its 17.3" fondleslab WHOPPER


Could be interesting

599$ is about 400 quid, this could be a good alternative to Wacom cintiq et al... provided it has:

- a REAL digitizer

- a stylus with 1024 pressure level

- screen resolution @1920x1080

then I'll definitively buy one

Slippery, slimy find: LEGGY, WRIGGLY fossil shows SNAKES weren't legless. Or ARMLESS


It was the devil

Sure, a snake that walked, it's in the bible, book of Genesis to be more precise and it was the devil aka Satan. Unfortunately he was punished - for revealing the truth to the nudist pair- to lose its limbs ans crawl on its belly for the rest of its life, much to the amusement of Ricky Gervais.

Apple Watch is such a flop it's the world's top-selling wearable



true to that. Basically with the godlike status of Apple, as we were talking here at the office, they could enter the denim jeans market for example and easily outsell all current denim suppliers (Levi Strauss, Diesel, etc...) put together. The product doesn't matter any more it's all about fanboyism now.

World of the strange: There will be NINE KINDS of Windows 10


Not for me

It doesn't matter how many versions of Win10 will be out there as I'll stick with my Win7 pro 64bit for many years to come (possibly adding Chrome and Linux) until some OS company comes out with a OS like in the 'Her' film .

Nvidia flops out teraflop X1 for self-aware cars


A bank robber's dream

A self driving car, self aware... the perfect get away car!!!

Renault Captur: Nobody who knows about cars will buy this


@ voice recognition

"This has voice recognition but, like the engine, the processor is so underpowered it spends an age decoding what you have asked it."

It's because you asked in Englishe mon ami, some pre-processing translation job kicked in:

var voiceCommand = getVoiceCommand();

if (!NativevoiceAkaSuperiorFrench())

voiceCommand = translateFromOtherInferiorLanguage(DefaultLocalLanguage); // delaying bit


DefaultLocalLanguage variable is set to "English" in the UK

Bonne journée mon ami!

iWatch watch: Apple tags sales bod from luxury Swiss watch firm


A luxury iwatch

Hiring of a head honcho from Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer? The iwacth is going to be sooooo expensive! Still the contingent of sheeps will follow!

Fee fie Firefox: Mozilla's lawyers probe Dell over browser install charge

IT Angle

The problem is...

Dell is not the one to blame, we all know how ethical are all these IT companies. the problem is that there is way to many technophobic people out there, they can't do anything computer-related by themselves, with more money then common sense they are a real manna for after sales departments and buy iThings to have a sense of security and therefore drive the price of everything up!

Samsung's new Galaxy S 4: iPhone assassin or Android also-ran?


I will get one

I'm going to adopt that silly behaviour (like Iphone fanboys) and buy the new s4 even if it doesn't offer more user experience, because it's the new thing and I gotta have it.

In truth my contract will expire in few months, I have an android phone with gingerbread so I might as well go for the S4;I am mentally prepared for i , so is my wallet, Samsung have my money, have it, it's yours!!!

Mega French operator SFR prepares to slash another €500m in costs


It just makes sense, things have being going not so well for the french operator. That said, pass over du Pain, du Vin, and du boursin please!

Top Ten Arcade Classics


Shoryureppa, Shinryuken not that early

About Street Fighter, Shoryureppa and Shinryuken came later, after SF2 , I believe with the Alpha series, about a decade later from realese of SF (1986)


Shoryureppa and Shinryuken, not that early

About Street Fighter, Shoryureppa and Shinryuken came later, after SF2 , I believe with the Alpha series, about a decade later from realese of SF (1986)


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