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Windows 11 update blocking some users from logging in

Montreal Sean

They have a flagship OS?

I thought Windows 11 was a trash barge drifting aimlessly down a canal.

California to phase out internal combustion vehicles by 2035

Montreal Sean

Re: America without V8's just isn't America


While you may be right about old V8s, I like them for the feeling you get when you press on the accelerator pedal and the noises that come from both the engine and exhaust.

My current 2.0L 4 pot out accelerates the 1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88's 350c.i. V8 I had when I was younger, but it feels harsher doing it.

That said, I would hate to be fueling that beast at today's prices!

Mouse hiding in cable tray cheesed off its bemused user

Montreal Sean

Re: We used to do this...

"Well, after a certain amount, it becomes hard to measure..."

On the contrary, I've always found the more porn was watched the easier it became to measure...

BOFH: Who us? Sysadmins? Spend time with other departments?

Montreal Sean

Re: Management style fads! - Something Different

The company might want to look into a solution for the water dropping on workers below.

Maybe a grated floor is not the best idea.

Montreal Sean

Re: No fenestration?

Fenestration is what you get when you rewind the defenestration video to watch it again.

'I wonder what this cable does': How to tell thicknet from a thickhead

Montreal Sean

Re: colour me sceptical

I've plugged a USB A connector into RJ45 ethernet sockets on the backs of printers way more often than I'd care to admit.

In my defense, I was blindly reaching behind the printers to plug the USB cable in...

Amazon buys US healthcare chain One Medical for $3.9bn

Montreal Sean

Prime delivery

Does this mean I'll be able to order a doctor for a next day delivery to my home?

Will they ring my doorbell or just drop the doc and run like they do with my packages?

Watch a RAID rebuild or go to a Christmas party? Tough choice

Montreal Sean

Never utter the words

"What could possibly go wrong?"

Or for that matter, even think them.

The moment they are thought or spoken, all hell will break loose.

Everyone back to the office! Why? Because the decision has been made

Montreal Sean

Re: I think maybe some of the readers here don’t understand irony.

I've never understood you.

You need to RTFM, but feel free to use your brain too

Montreal Sean

Re: Based upon personal experience....

I'm not even sure I'm an expert when it comes to my own personal "knowledge domain".

Big Tech silent on data privacy in post-Roe America

Montreal Sean

Re: Theocracy

"Let the boys go free, I say."

Do your balls hang low,

Do they wobble to and fro...

BOFH: Where do you think you are going with that toner cartridge?

Montreal Sean

Re: Too Often...

Here in Canada it seems that Xerox printers default to A4. We don't use the stuff, it's all either US Letter or US Legal.

Keeping your head as an entire database goes pear-shaped

Montreal Sean

Powering off a switch was always a good one.

Thinnet cables are no match for director's morning workout

Montreal Sean

Re: Full names please.......

I know a man named Richard Painter...who prefers to be called Dick...

If you fire someone, don't let them hang around a month to finish code

Montreal Sean

Re: Extra credit


For those knobheads it is safe, and advisable, to have them pour boiling water down their y-fronts.

You don't want them procreating.

Hackers remotely start, unlock Honda Civics with $300 tech

Montreal Sean

Static codes? Stupid.

I had an after market alarm/remote door lock system I installed back in 2000 that used rolling codes

We take Asahi Linux alpha for a spin on an M1 Mac Mini

Montreal Sean

Re: Nothing new...


I got MX Linux to run natively on my 2017 MacBook Air, except for the webcam.

BOFH: Gaming rig for your home office? Yeah right

Montreal Sean

Re: It's time to kill the dragon!

I'm still waiting for login credentials for one of the clients I'm theoretically supporting.

It's been almost 2 years. Good thing I'm just the backup support guy.

Hope the primary doesn't go on sick leave...

Proprietary neural tech you had surgically implanted? Parts shortage

Montreal Sean

Re: "unnecessary computer sounds"

Windows 10 completely ignores the fact I have plugged headphones in during setup (trying to stop Cortana from yelling at me) and instead blasts sounds out the speakers.

I hate Microsoft.

Food for thought on the return to the office

Montreal Sean

Re: Working from home is great...

Won't someone think of the reindeer?

All those spikes will make it painful to land on Dec 25!

Real-time software? How about real-time patching?

Montreal Sean

Re: Site Acceptance Test

My company wanted to send me to Quaqtaq to replace a combination pinpad/signature tablet used by clients at the post office.

Total work time, 30 minutes including calling the payment company to activate the pinpad.

Total time on planes and snowmobiles would be 18 hours for the round trip.

And 3 or 4 days waiting for the next return plane.

During the pandemic so confined to the hotel room.

Did I mention that Quaqtaq has only a few hundred residents and is possibly the northernmost town in Quebec?

Thankfully they found someone up there that was able to use a Philips screwdriver to remove the 2 screws holding the pinpad to its stand.

'Boombox' function sparks Tesla recall

Montreal Sean

Re: Could be good uses for this.....

"Ballroom Blitz" could be good when you pull up at the dance hall.

BOFH: On Wednesdays, we wear gloves

Montreal Sean

The BOFH doesn't own an axe.

He provides storage for other people's axes, and has the paperwork to prove it. And the signout records, and fingerprints on the axes.

In fact, it can never be proven he has ever held an axe.

Worst of CES Awards: The least private, least secure, least repairable, and least sustainable

Montreal Sean

Re: unintelligible random sound from person in bed

@Chris G

"I wonder what Alexa's response to 'talk dirty to me' would be?"

"You have 3 loads of laundry to do, and you haven't vacuumed in 3 weeks. Dirty boy!"

France loves open source so much, even its cinema borks have Linux behind the scenes

Montreal Sean

Re: Francais?

@John Sager

Here in Quebec most stop signs still say "Arret" at the top and "Stop" below it.

This is slowly changing though.

Dutch nuclear authority bans anti-5G pendants that could hurt their owners via – you guessed it – radiation

Montreal Sean

Re: WTF?

If a brain control implant is going to be inserted, I'd rather it not take the long (anal) way.

Shove it up my nose, much shorter trip.

What came first? The chicken, the egg, or the bodge to make everything work?

Montreal Sean

I thought those were turds.

What a bunch of bricks: Crooks knock hole in toyshop wall, flee with €35k Lego haul

Montreal Sean

Re: The subtitle

The police are scouring Bricklink for the missing pieces.

A smarter alternative to password recognition could be right in front of us: Unique, invisible, maybe even deadly

Montreal Sean

Re: I breathe in your general direction...

Is it bad that I can hear those quotes and their inflections in my head as I read them? :)

Swooping in to claim the glory while the On Call engineer stands baffled

Montreal Sean

Re: At Gene Cash, re: wrong error message.

Don't you need to remove part of the right front wheel well liner?

Or am I thinking of a different car...

The ideal sat-nav is one that stops the car, winds down the window, and asks directions

Montreal Sean

Re: Saab

Definitely don't want a chauffeur entering my body during a crash!

Sounds painful.

Do not try this at home: Man spends $5,000 on a 48TB Raspberry Pi storage server

Montreal Sean

Re: The engineering gospel

Don't forget to put a "Built, not bought" sticker on the trebuchet.

One click, one goal, one mission: To get a one-touch flush solution

Montreal Sean

Re: Almost needed a new keyboard there

I do my best to not picture Dabbsy poking at his crotch, illuminated or not!

Tight squeeze: Dell shrinks PowerEdge tower server from 117 grapefruit to 74 grapefruit

Montreal Sean

Re: Shoddy journalism


I find that to be a painful condition. :)

Montreal Sean

Re: Shoddy journalism

I'm Canadian, I need to know how many hockey pucks it is.

BOFH: You. Wouldn't. Put. A. Test. Machine. Into. Production. Without. Telling. Us.

Montreal Sean

Re: Testing 1 2 3

Pure luxury! We had lean-tos made from the sticks we could gather up at start of term!

Computer shuts down when foreman leaves the room: Ghost in the machine? Or an all-too-human bit of silliness?

Montreal Sean

Motion sensor lights in toilets


That's what cell phone flashlights are for.

Speaking from experience. :(

BOFH: You'll find there's a company asset tag right here, underneath the monstrously heavy arcade machine

Montreal Sean

Re: A little power

Bginfo is a great little program, but totallly useless if the machine no longer boots to the OS.

You walk in with a plan. You leave with GPS-tracking Nordic hiking poles. The same old story, eh?

Montreal Sean

Re: Bargle nawdle zouss

Damn! The plate compactor is sold out!

I needed one of those to help me close my tool kit.

When everyone else is on vacation, it's time to whip out the tiny screwdrivers

Montreal Sean

Re: Haynes Manuals

I stopped buying Haynes manuals once the internet came along and I could find the shop manuals for my cars.

When you couldn't find them for free they were usually about the same price as the Haynes manual.

Montreal Sean

Re: Haynes Manuals

Nah, impact wrench before blowtorch. :)

Fix five days of server failure with this one weird trick

Montreal Sean

Re: always in the last place we look

You keep looking in order to be thorough of course!

Montreal Sean

I remember going into the Burroughs office in Montreal with my dad, and being shown the BTOS machine he had.

I thought it was pretty cool.

I also learned how to fix PCs on a Unisys 286 he brought home when I was much younger.

I eventually followed in his footsteps and became a break-fix tech at Unisys in Montreal back in '99.

Fun times.

BOFH: But soft! What light through yonder filing cabinet breaks?

Montreal Sean

Re: Why, of course...

Our Fouriers are transforming too slowly, we need more powerful computers.

Suck on this: El Reg forces dog hair, biscuit crumbs, and disconcertingly sticky stains down two mini vacuums

Montreal Sean

Re: Mop and bucket

Nothing beats HOT water, Mr. Clean, and washing with a rag on your hands and knees.

You youngsters and your new fangled mops!

Go to L: A man of the cloth faces keyboard conundrum

Montreal Sean

"In latex they are identical"


I wouldn't know, my kink doesn't include latex covered letters.

BOFH: Oh for Pete’s sake. Don’t make a spectacle of yourself

Montreal Sean

The non-idiot colleagues won't need gas masks because they are smart enough to vacate the area until the idiot is gone.

Montreal Sean

Re: Brilliant


"All you'd be left with is the girl, the clown and the chalkboard."

And that would be a problem, why?

What job title would YOU want carved on your gravestone? 'Beloved father, Slayer of Dragons, Register of Domains'

Montreal Sean


Dabbsy, your schlong-lengthening audio will only work of accompanied by schlong-lengthening video.

It's a package deal.

Whatever you've been doing during lockdown, you better stop it right now

Montreal Sean

Re: At Doctor Syntax, re: fun smells.

ShadowSystems, there is nothing comical about cat barfing noises.

One of my cats just finished barfing up his dinner.

Then one of the other cats was heard licking it up.

Happy Friday everyone.



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