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METRE-LONG DINOSAUR POO going under the hammer



Some people will buy any old shit.

Tech titan Bill Gates: Polio-free India one of the 'most impressive accomplishments' ever


Re: Malaria

You're still a complete bell-end. /joke.


Re: Malaria

Even if youre joking - youre still a massive twat.

So, who ought to be the next Doctor Who? It's up to YOU...


Sean Bean


Multi-billion pound gov tech contracts could end up in toilet - MPA

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Re: Heads should roll

Of course thats the reason... nothing to do with self-serving greed. Its to teach the gov't a lesson. Obviously.

Torygraph and Currant Bun stand by to repel freeloaders


Re: Filth

Quality journalism is expensive.

Knee jerk reactions and copy and paste from the news wires is cheap?

Schmidt 'very proud' of Google's tiny tax bill: 'It's called capitalism'



Out of interest can anyone suggest some other decent search engines? UK based ones perhaps?

US petitions Obama for better policing of its mega-cities

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Re: Do the math.

Math- s, Maths... it has an 'S' on the end.

Medical scan record that the NHS says will cost £2k to retrieve: Detail


Re: Hplasm

I'm gonna assume thats a dig at me (certainly looks like one).

I would hardly compare two (now three) posts fairly anonymously on a story with demanding an ECG from 8 years ago, then threatening legal action and ringing the papers when they wont give it me.


Re: Just a thought

From the article "In the event that any patient requires future treatment all clinical decisions and treatment are based on diagnostic tests undertaken at the time of admittance and as required rather than from historical records"

Having just read the BBC article - its a shame theyre not allowed to just tell him to piss off or to recreate the image himself. He's just looking for attention.


Just a thought

Because old scans aren't medically important and thus it would be a waste of public money?

Guardian's Robin Hood plan: Steal from everyone to give to us


Race to the Bottom

I dont know what the solution is, but if thorough journalism dies out then we will all be the worse off. Left to pick over blogs about what someone thinks about something someone else said.

Germany reveals secret techie soldier unit, new cyberweapons


Re: AI Fields in which IntelAIgents do not suffer Fools and their Blunt Tools

Odd how some people find it harder to grasp that reality is a chaotic mess of forces vying for attention/power, than one massive conspiracy where every element of life is controlled by a mysterious yet all powerful force.

Gov IT contractors hire staff in India to work on benefits system


Re: False Economy

Exactly the same logic as the 'cut jobs / austerity drive to boost the economy'.

With this ring, I thee frag


@ AC

That says a lot more about you than it does them.

6,000 sign e-petition to put Turing on £10 note


Re: Errm...

Proof of this can be found by reading the reviews of 'Origin of Species' in the Android Marketplace.

Public borrowing hike overshadows Osborne's tax breaks


Re: Tax

If you think you can make money without a functioning society (that requires things like healthcare, roads, schools, police etc) why not go and make your millions in Somalia?

Aussie fatties tell fewer porkies


Re: @Timmy B (Was: Why is it ok to be insulting to people at all?)

Its not really that insulting tho is it.

And no theyre not insulting youre family member personally. Calling someone a dick is an insult tho. But dont worry im not bothered.


re: dan 63

Im actually on your side, though i think your reasoning is slightly off.

Else some of those lovely terms to describe race would be ok.

LIke I say, I'm on your side though, people shouldnt be so sensitive.


Re: Re: What the hell does this have to do with the bloody useless BMI?

Presumably your down voters were suffering from a case of chubby fingers?

iPlayer repeat fees threaten BBC earthquake


Re: Because of the unique way the BBC is funded.....

Spot on,

Its not a business trying to leverage the max profit out of everything.

For the £10-15 we chip in a month they provide us with a huge amount of content. Simple as that.


Re: One flaw

Is 'being stingy scrounging bastard' one of the reasons on your list?

Tory minister: Let's exploit our rich resource of mud, er, wind


Give it a rest

Suggest you start your articles with 'foldee-roll' in future.

Facebook litters Timeline with apps


Fair enough

Though, I'm not the original AC.


Actually being as it is a contraction of the word 'applications' it does warrant an apostrophe.

As per; don't, won't etc.

2011's Best... Cars


re: no soul

Its a bit of a cop out isnt it - Entirely intangible excuse for why they dont like something - despite it being second fastest round the track (fastest being a jumped up go-kart).

They might as well say, "its not a ferrari we dont like it".

Fuel taxes don't hurt the world's poor - they don't have cars


Theres a whole world of different scenarios between people living in mud huts farming the immediate area and huge western cities importing goods from the other side of the planet.

Fuel taxes will keep more people in the former category than moving them to the latter.



This man is a Professor and thinks cars are the only things that use petrol.

Of course goods magically fly onto shelves.

NHS minister's bombshell: I get emails from dead people


Yes you're right; zombies are undead people.

Russian diplomat caught driving while 15 TIMES over booze limit


Agree, reg is slightly out of whack here.

However, I thought the UK limit was 2 units which is equivalent to one pint of moderate lager? So 3.75x over the limit would be 3.75 pints or are you factoring in time to drink them?

Not arguing, genuinely curious.

Computers are so middle class – Mark E Smith



Try rearranging these words...

Kettle Pot Black Calling The The

Greens threaten to sue over solar power cash slash


Is energy from the sun ridiculous?

You'd be surprised how many things are initially expensive but then get cheaper through proliferation & development.

We like zombies… because we are zombies


re: sheeple

I take it your a sheeple also then?

Holden Caulfield suffered from the same thing. Its much easier to thrust the image of brainless automata onto everyone else than actually comprehend that other people exist with their own thoughts and motivations.

NHS claws back £170m refund on duff IT system


better analogy...

You commission a painting (self portrait for instance) spend hours with the artist, agreeing changes here and there, end up unhappy with the half finished product and agree to go your seperate ways.

Computer sim explains why hippies became extinct


Fortunately for you...

... genetics has eff all to do with claiming benefits.

Chinese bloke gets eel lodged up todger


Eels crawling up inside ya,

Didnt the Might Boosh write a little song about this?

(and then pretend they invented the idea of writing little songs)

Christ appears in phone advert, secular authorities act



Kevin Smith ought to have a word in their shell like.

French letter shock: Tax us more, demand rich people


self flagellation

You dont think you could do anything better with the extra pounds that you would (theoretically) save in tax if everyone contributed their fair share?


re vfm

Whilst i dont disagree that there are definite efficiency savings to be made in govt. I would be more careful with my words. What your opinion of waste is may differe from the majority. For example I can bet there are those out there which think spending money on universal healthcare is a waste (obviously cos they can afford their own team of specialists).

Scottish gov moans over broadband cash handout


Re: Scottish Banks

They're international companies you div.


Re: paying for

Its subsidised & regulated. If (for instance) water was treated as a free market, you can bet those counties with huge resources would charge a lot more than 0.001p per litre for it.

as it is, we are a country not a selection of little regions and that means sharing stuff about for best effect.


Re: People in remote ares

People in the city shouldnt expect an inexhaustible supply of fresh water as clearly theres no space to store it all. That and fresh fruit n veg, why the hell should they get all that when clearly its the folks in the countryside who grow it (well a small percentage of it)

Oh and electricity... why the hell should city folk use so much when dont host the power stations.


Re: DavCrav

I believe the independence argument is based more on self determination than economics? (though im not scottish so dont know (or care) about this). I also dont know what Alex Neil thinks about independence.

As it is though, theyre not independent and so its down to the MPs to fight for more cash for their regions.

Though I would have thought Welsh MPs would be kicking up more of a fuss, didnt someone figure out that they were getting squat?


Re: Scotland gets more...

This might be because Scotland is on the whole poorer than average. Taxes help to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor.

If you disagree with this then thats a different matter.... and youre a git.

Just 0.2% of Facebook flogged for $133m


Crazy valuation

That is all.

Traumatic scenes for car geeks as forum falls over


re: tvr

So you're basically agreeing, albeit begrudgingly?

Will the looters 'loose' their benefits?


re: How about

You were onto something until you started having a pop at the human rights act.... you shouldnt believe everything you read in the Daily Mail.

There is nothing controversial in the act and before you start railing against it you probably ought to understand the act in detail... given they are rights that apply to you also.



'You wouldnt steal a car...' - Thats a bit of a presumption.

LinkedIn pulls Facebook-style stunt


Re: Old News

Well thats great that you learnt about it from Greg Ferro, but that doesnt necessarily mean everyone knows it.

BlackBerry blog hacked with riot-related threats


Re: idiots

Best admission of guilt I've ever seen. Hopefully the fuzz will be paying them a visit this morning,

"Thats a nice new selection of trainers and xbox games you have there, oh and the security tags are still on"