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Apple iCloud: Same old cage, new height


"Take it to the cloud!"

"Take it to the cloud!" That's what Microsoft's been saying in their TV commercials!


30 days and 5 GB?

Back up on purchased music is free.

5 GB is for "Whatever else".

30 days is auto backup. At that point, you decide if you keep, edit, or delete the auto back up.

We will have to see when we can buy more and at what cost, but to get iCloud for the $30 Lion OS upgrade for free, why not?


A dark cloud behind every silver lining.

Interesting take on the "walled garden" taken to the "clouds", but you turn a blind eye to the fact that iPad and IPhone users are not all Apple-faithful. "iCloud" is open to Windows 7 and Vista (XP is not mentioned, but that may change). Mac desktops and laptops run "Windows" now and probably in the future; and Apple does not monitor or dictate what data you backup to "iCloud". The Apple "silo" has several doors and windows (pun intended).

Man matches machine in Jeopardy! showdown


Hal from the movie "2001" is alive a well.

It got real scarry when Watson got the Daily Double and confidently bid $1,000 in the first few minutes. From then on, the half-hour show buzzed by at light speed as Watson zinged in answer after answer, jumping from category to category.

What amused me was that between plays, the IBM infomercials about the Watson project showed one of his handler/programmer using an Apple Macbook. I guess a Lenovo Thinkpad would have been out of the question.

HAL is alive and well.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

Google sees printing in the cloud


Why I dumped my fax machine

I thought it was such a great thing to have a fax machine at home—until I got junk faxes in the middle of the night and during dinner—preceeded with the phone ringing off the hook. Last thing I want is a free copy of War and Peace eating up my paper supply.


could be good/could be bad

I guess you could some day print your pictures/documents to multiple printers at multiple locations—publish a newsletter or book—all by yourself—or create super spam to people you hate, but the elimination of commercial printers is certainly on the horizon. The printing unions should be up in arms about this already.

Major Facebook redesign, smoothed-off Zuckerberg unveiled


Owning the whole Internet

Also in the 60 Minutes interview, under the "owning the whole Internet" (or controlling it), the "social" aspect of asking friends for their thoughts on a product, say a Prius, had better standing than searching on Google (Facebook vs. Google) (Facebook recruiting from Google, including the chef)— should put manufacturers and advertisers on notice. You make a lousy product, all the PR and all the media blitz you produce will mean nothing.

I think we will buy with, agree with, and possibly vote with our Facebook "friends"—a critical mass to contend with.

Oh, and you should have counted all those Macbooks those Nerds were using!

Dell tablet-netbook combo PC out next week



Hang the frame on a nail or clothes hook and you can wall-mount this laptab!

The frame also functions as a handle—use your thumb to grasp the base.

You might want to buy a lid if you don't want the screen to get scratched since it will always be facing outward—otherwise a t-shirt will suffice.

I suspect there's a digital keyboard on the screen, otherwise it'd look pretty silly opening and closing the lid to type emails and blogs. If there is a digital keyboard on the screen, why bother even opening the lid to get at the keyboard?