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Has Microsoft finally killed off Windows 8 Start button?

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Thumb Down

M$ has definitely gone downhill since Bill left and I'm not entirely sure it was uphill before that.

Steve Jobs' last words: 'OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.'

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Has anybody tried the oh wow thing with siri to see what happens? Just morbidly curious as it were.

Would you go to Facebook for mobile tech support?

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Farcebook? I wouldn't sign up for that crap if it wasn't crap and if I called tech support for something and they pointed me to facebook, I'd yell and scream until they gave me another option after which I'd look to replace whatever product it was that I had a problem with in the first place. When will this crap end?

Facebook 'personal' news feed gets algorithm rejig

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Sounds like ...

This sounds a bit like netflix - if they piss enough people off they won't have a business to worry about. Mind you, it is amusing to watch a business with so many alleged members trying to make money out of it without running afoul of privacy laws.

Keep up the good work lads.

Jesus appears, acquires vast following, bitchslaps Justin Bieber

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Because ....

He gets very cross when you don't "like" him -

New Apple move against Galaxy Tab on Euro front

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There's a thought

I often mistake a Ford F150 for a Ferrari F150 with them looking so similar and all - in my next life I want to be a lawyer and make money of frivolous nonsense - I take that back - I don't want to be a lawyer.

Serial Web2.0 investor pumps Twitter valuation to $8bn

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Maybe I'm old but ...

I created a twitter account once just to see what it was about and it amounted to (in my opinion at least) nothing more than the verbal diarrhea that I try to avoid in real life. Other than inserting advertising into the streams, how do they expect to make money? Then again, why as why - no point hurting my brain thinking about it unnecessarily.

Facebook quietly switches on facial recognition tech by default

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Let me guess ....

"The option is to allow the automatic tagging of YOU in YOUR FRIENDS' pics. It's not like you can upload a photo of a crowd of people and it will search the WHOLE of Facebook to tag it with a bunch of people you don't already know. So, If you tagged a randomer as Rick Astley in a pic you uploaded, it wouldn't make any difference, because the feature only identifies faces tagged as YOU for YOUR FRIENDS in pics THEY upload.

Jeez! Why do people panic about this stuff before they take the time to understand what the feature ACTUALLY does..."

I suspect not many people here are silly enough to actually have an account ... just a guess.

White iPhone 4 spotted, 'shipped to Apple stores'

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So ....

I have to say that this really doesn't pass the "who gives a damn" test. Why enev bore us with the details?

Death threats against 'worst song ever' YouTube teen

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Not quite but ...

It's better than a lot of rap songs I've heard for what that's worth and they not only threaten to kill each other but actually go through with it.

US gov mulls issuing terrorist warnings on Twitter, Facebook

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I thought ...

it went something like this - In days of old when Knights were bold and women weren't invented, the Knights drilled hole in telephone poles and went around contented.

I'm sure there's a knotty problem joke here somewhere.

Microsoft: 'No one cares about Google's dev cloud'

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Jobs Horns

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

We've been looking long and hard at cloud offerings and the M$ offering is close to being the worst of what we've seen. Q: what tools do you use for virtualisation? M$: Hyper-V Q: We use that as well and we have all sorts of problems with it. M$: We run a special version. Q: One with all the bugs removed? M$: I'm not sure I'd put it like that but basically ... yes.

It's laughable to say the least - but it does provide entertainment and pay the mortgage.

Kentucky man denies drunk driving, blames blow job

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It was ....

It was a 68 actually - blow me now and I'll owe you one.

iPad 2 spawns updated iOS and apps

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The iOS bit anyhow

I know I'm getting ripped off but being able to project the MotoGP onto the tele without having to plugin the HDMI enabled laptop on Sundays and being able to sit in the chair and play my favorite music from the iTouch through the surround sound while having a beer on Friday night makes it worthwhile. I'm sure there's an android solution but after working all week with Unix, it's nice to have some "just plug it in and it works" technology to play with almost makes it worth it - it's still a ripoff though.

Researcher warns of iPhone phishing peril

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That's Bizarre

Your energy company emails you (or calls you in this case) to read the meter for them? Lazy bastards - tell them to come and look for themselves (or lie).

Wikileaks urges Time death-list spot for Assange

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Not sure about that

So ... startling revelation - the government lies ... and that makes him man of the year contender?

The bar must be pretty low these days (making it easier for me to reach thankfully)