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Nintendo readies iTunes-like app store for 3DS


I am a big fan of Nintendo

I currently have a Wii and a DSi, and I still have some older consoles too.

The 3DS doesn't appeal though, I'm afraid. It does nothing that makes my DSi look obsolete to me.

3d is no good to me, I'm blind in one eye anyway.

The lineup of games announced so far isn't exactly exciting.

I am interested in playing some of the old gameboy games again, but I suspect I'd be much better off buying an old Gameboy Colour or Advance and hunting down the games I want to play, if I could be bothered.

Maybe when the DSi actually breaks... but it looks pretty healthy at the moment, so I expect we'll be on atleast the third revision of the 3DS by then, if not onto the next handheld.

Kinect connect rate outstrips Sony PS3 Move


@Citizen Kaned

"but be clear that nintendo took from sony - not the other way round"

You have no reason to stick up for Sony based on my post, I haven't attacked them. I never said Sony ripped off Nintendo. I said it looks like it. I'm aware of Eye Toy.

I don't care who did it first, and I doubt most of the casual gamers that have bought the Wii, and who Sony hope will buy the Move care either.

Nintendo made it popular, and it looks like Sony are late to the party. They might not be late, and a simple Google search might prove it, if anyone cares to look into it. But I don't think most people do.



I can't be bothered with motion gaming anymore. Did that when the Wii first came out. Now my Wii still gets well used, but mostly with games that allow you to use a more conventional control scheme (Wii remote sideways, classic or GameCube controller). Sometimes we break the motion games out when friends are round, but not too often.

For that reason, I won't be buying the Kinect (I have an Xbox 360), and probably would not be buying Move if I had a PS3 (but I don't have one anyway).

I think the Kinect looks innovative and everyone I know who has it has said it is fun. Move does look like a rip off of the Wii remote to me, although I know a couple of people who have it and they say it is more responsive (although having been released later, it should be).

Generally, I would expect the Kinect to sell better as I have always been under the impression there are more 360s floating about than PS3s, although I'm not suggesting that equates to fact.

Patent row gets Playstation 3s banned from Europe



No sympathy for Sony here. They deserve as difficult a time as possible for their recent behavior.

However, all that aside, if this is based on patents granted in the US, then we really have something to worry about.

ECJ gender ruling 'could throw insurance into turmoil'


Torn on this one

Thinking logically, I think the idea of forcing the insurance companies to treat everyone the same is not a good thing. As someone further up the thread posted: there are differences between men and women, live with it.

On the other hand, I can't stand insurance companies (or, I have yet to encounter one that I can stand, for those that don't like sweeping statements), they're a necessary evil, and I would like to see things as difficult for them as possible. (stoppng at the point where premiums have to go up, of course. Although, they don't need much of an excuse for that).

Park the Mario Kart, and throw your keys in the bowl


re:re. WHAT!!!???

"It's my sex box... and her name is Sony!"

Nintendo celebrates Legend of Zelda silver anniversary

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I downloaded Ocarina

from the Wii shop, because I could find my N64 but not the Ocarina cartridge (it turned up about a week after I downloaded the game. D'oh!)

I wasn't keen on using the Gamecube controller at first, but I got used to it by the time I reached the forest temple. :)

Oh well.

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Happy birthday to the series (one of my favourites), let's hope it generates more excellent games for a long time to come.

Sony threatens to ban PS3 jailbreakers from network


Fair enough

I don't agree with the way Sony have dealt with the whole episode, far too heavy handed, but this is fair enough.

As others have said, they are not bricking the consoles, PSN is a service whoch you don't own, and there is nothing worse (as far as online gaming goes) than running into cheaters who proceed to ruin the game.

Sony: Drop the legal action, consult with the hackers on how to improve security, restore OtherOS (and promise not to remove other advertised features again) work with the homebrew community allow them to do what they want (while removing the pirate's excuses for hacking the consoles in the first place), and otherwise carry on.

HTML5 kicked into 2014


The TV screen is not redundant for me...

... that's the one my XBox is connected to.

Firefox 4 now one beta away from Release Candidate status



rather than making Firefox 4 work with Hotmail, Mozilla could just use the fact it doesn't work in their marketing to promote Firefox 4 as the most secure version yet? :D

(I use Hotmail, but not as my main account. It's the one I use to sign up to things if I think I'm going to get spam in return)

Disabled dude demands EA improves gaming access


I agree

I play games (Wii and Xbox 360) and I have no fingers on my right hand. I run into difficulties every so often, especially with shoulder buttons on the right hand side of a controller.

I have managed to play certain Wii games (Twilight Princess, GoldenEye) by tying the nunchuck and the Wii remote together using the wrist strap.

I play Black Ops on the Xbox using the Lefty button layout, Southpaw stick layout. (I ADS with my right knee). This arrangement is usable, but I could be faster if I could remap the buttons any way I want.

On the subject of EA, I was very impressed to see that the button layout on Need For Speed Hot Pursuit can be customised, but in general, I do find there are too many games that don't give this option.

As a Zelda fan, I'm concerned I'm going to struggle with Skyward Sword when it comes out. I'll have to see what options it has and then see what I can think of. If I can't think of anything, I won't buy it.

Big stink over Malawi farting ban


Thumb down

Who gave me a thumb down over Asda Smartprice beans?! They're cheap and harmless (as far as beans can be harmless, noxious gases not taken into consideration)!

A fan of Tesco Value beans, maybe?

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Asda Smartprice

beans are the way forward.

Mexican woman gets litigious on Top Gear's ass


This is getting ridiculous

If the Belgians reacted this badly every time they were the butt of a joke in entertainment/comedy program, all the Belgians would be bloody rich.

I feel the British and other nations take their fair share too from various sources, as others have already said.

I enjoyed the entire episode of Top Gear and hope this over the top reaction to the section of the programme in question does not result in the changing of the programme or the pushing back of boundaries.

Clarkson and Co: Keep up the good work.

Mexican Ambassador and lady taking the legal action (especially the lady taking legal action): You have succeded in giving us a view of your country and yourselves much more negative than any television show could hope to achieve. Well done.

Poll confirms Reg Hardware readers' verdict


Virgin are crap.

I see this as proof that there is a lack of decent providers out there, rather than a pat on the back for Virgin.

CoD: Black Ops 'not fit for purpose', fans claim


Other platforms

I have Black Ops for the Wii and the XBox, and online works well on both of them, despite my slow and rather unreliable Internet connection. It has frozen up a couple of times on both systems, and on the Wii I encountered enemies dying standing up after I shot them, which was weird.

However, I was unimpressed that I had to download a patch for the Wii. I've never come across a patch for a Wii game before, and storage on the Wii is limited which makes it more annoying. .

Patches on the XBox seem more common, and although I expect bugs to appear in games and prefer to haved them patched than not, I am concerned about what looks like a growing trend toward releasing buggy software and patching it later.

Mines the one with the SD Card filled with Virtual Console games in the pocket.

Single complaint sparks police raid and total ban on rental movie


Movie Rental

"A spokeswoman for that force said: "We have a duty to investigate such claims and in agreement with the manager of the shop took a copy away to view and check that it was the edition that has been approved by the British Board of Film Classification for distribution."

Did they have to pay to rent the copy from the shop, and did they return it on time?

UK tech retailers are rubbish



I bought a laptop from Curry's last year, and they tried to sell me Antivirus. I declined on the Antivirus, and told them I wouldn't ned it because I would be installing Linux on the machine.

She looked at me like I had two heads, then went into some rant about how the Antivirus she was selling was better than AVG, and then tried to sell me Microsoft Office...

Apple seeks touchscreen display mouse patent


Stupid idea?

I may have missed the point, but surely that would be uncomfortable to use (for a long period of time anyway) and would suffer the same smudge related problems as other touch screens, but worse because you probably have your hand on it more often and for longer?

Microsoft invents touch-sensitive mouse


Re: Touchpad

So this mouse was your idea?

I'll get my coat.

Bummed-out users give anti-virus bloatware the boot

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I have been using Avira for years now and have always been happy with it, except for the nag screen that comes up when updating, but thats just a minor annoyance.

I got rid of Norton 5 years ago because it annoyed me and I resented paying for it, but MacAfee is the absolute worst. The computer I have now came with it pre installed, and while uninstalling it it cried fowl. If I continued with the unistallation, my computer would be *AT RISK* from all the nasty people that are out to harm it!

My main concern here is that computer users who don't know what they are doing might be scared out of uninstalling by this type of message. I understand MacAfee don't want you to uninstall, they need you to use their product, but I feel if the product were any good, they could sell it to you on its strengths, rather than trying to scare you out of ditching it. Fowl tactic, I have no time for them.

Facebook trains self to recognize your face

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Re: no

This appearance of control (and the fact Facebook does help me stay in touch with some family who live abroad and has helped me get back in touch with some old friends) is the main reason I stay on.

I generally don't like this idea of automatically tagging photos, there are some nice photos on there that I don't mind my friends and family seeing, but there are other photos that I would rather not share, that others have posted (fortunately nothing too dodgy, but thats not the point. :D )

I will certainly be trying to tag other things as me to try and confuse the system, as some others have suggested in this thread.

Windows 7 really was some girl's idea, rules ASA



I recently bought a TV card for my PC (as it came with Windows 7 but no card) and had to fill out the form for TV licensing.

I assume you would have to do the same if the PC came with the TV card installed aswell?

BT accidentally chokes bandwidth to 'superfast' customers


Talk Talk

I'm with TalkTalk now and they aren't the best, but I have found them to be a hell of a lot better than Virgin Media (REALLY bad experience with Virgin Media).

The only issue I have really had with TalkTalk was that I was being charged for some calls I didn't believe I should be charged for, and when trying to explain my issue to customer services, some staff agreed I shouldn't be charged, some argued I should, but none of them could really seem to grasp why it was a problem, although one member of staff in particular tried exceptionally hard to understand and resolve the problem for me.

Basically, they all seem to be as bad as each other. I do believe if a provider really focused (and marketed) on customer service to keep customers rather than on contracts and the fact there is nowhere better to go (which is how I believe most of them stay in business atm), they could clean up.

Microsoft wades into interwebulator chat about Hotmail

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I have a hotmail account

which I use for signing up to things, and I have a gmail account that I use for personal/important email.

I prefer gmail to hotmail, but I wouldn't give Microsoft too much of a grilling over hotmail: it doesn't cost me anything and it helps keep my main (gmail) inbox clean.

It's not a *bad* service, it's just that there are better services out there.

Google ends 'do be evil, if you want a top ranking' policy



Did I correctly read that this woman picked a company purely because they were at the top of Google, without doing any further research?

Maybe I'm too paranoid, but I always go by previous experience, word of mouth, or if I'm really pushed, I read as many reviews as I can from different sites before commiting.

Google is just a starting point, it isn't particularly trustworthy beyond that...

US iPad to get BBC pay app - with 'handcrafted British feel'


Other devices

iPlayer is already on other devices in the UK. (I frequently use it on my Wii, and occasionally on my G1, although I don't believe the Android app I have is developed by the BBC), so I don't see why they can't extend this to other devices too.

Of course, not sure how similar this is going to be to iPlayer or how these other platforms stand with regards to handling payments. But it's certainly possible, anyway.

Russia wins World Cup bid in parrot-sickening travesty


There are positives and negatives here

It is good that we don't have to pay to host the thing, don't have to put up with the disruption of it happening here, but it is also a shame that our businesses don't get the money in from the tourists, and that the money spent on the bid so far has been for nothing.

I also find it slightly funny that Cameron, "Wills", and Beckham bothered to show up and this is the outcome (I'm not a fan of any of them, especially the first two, so maybe I'm just being an arse on that point).

I also think the BBC have done the right thing. Even *if* it was their report that cost us the bid, turning a blind eye for the sake of not hurting the bid would have been the wrong thing to do. May they come out of the shit storm unscathed.

Fanboi primer: How to move your iTunes from PC to Mac

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99% of the music played in my house is through Spotify these days.

I spent about 10 years trying to maintain a large library of MP3's, moving them from computer to computer every time I upgraded, and I can't be arsed anymore. That library now lives on a hard drive in a drawer somewhere around here.

None of this was on iTunes. I did briefly try iTunes once or twice, I didn't like it.

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010

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Another vote for


Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010



I just finished playing the new GoldenEye and I enjoyed it very much.

Angry Birds struggle to take on Androids


T-Mobile G1

I have a G1 and was neither surprised nor disappointed to see it in the list. It is an old phone now. Oh well.

Brits say 'no, no, no' to 3D TV

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A 3D TV is no use to me...

I'm blind in one eye.

Oh well. I only know of one person who plans to buy a 3D TV, and this is the guy that said to me "I know I'm terrible and I probably won't use it, but I'm getting one anyway" when the iPad came out.

Virgin demands ISPs end broadband speed 'con'

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Virgin Media

are terrible for marketing.

My old landlord (I moved out 18 months ago) recently bought round some marketing letters Virgin had sent there, despite the fact we had the service moved to the new place and were receiving mail there too.

Also, some friends of mine frequently get mail from Virgin advertising cable, and they aren't even in a cabled street! You would think they know where they have the cables.

Awful company. Left them 6 months ago and I don't regret it one bit, as I hjad a string of other problems with them in the end.

I went to talktalk, who advertised upto 24mb. However, while signing up, they advised me over the telephone to expect no better than 2mb, which is pretty much what I average, so they could not have been any more honest with me. So far, they are better at keeping promises than I found Virgin to be.

Royal Wedding: Prince Charles is a ZX81, Wills is an iPad

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Thanks for posting the link, Tony. That's great!

I'd forgotten about the illustrations. :D



I vaguely remember the user manual of my Amstrad CPC 464 having a Q&A in it, including a question about why animations that could be shown on the computer were not to the same standard of a cartoon, even only moderately well animated.

The manual predicted that costs would come down and we would get computers that could handle better animation in future. I think there were other predictions in there that are now reality as well, but I paraphrased all of that, I don't have the manual to hand.


I'm really impressed

by the ability to get the IT angle in and enjoyed this article, but I'm sick of this wedding already.

Oh well, atleast El Reg hasn't gone over the top like the BBC News website has. I'm going to stop visiting if they don't calm down soon. I half expect their next article to be something on the reaction of the family dogs: "As it happened, in pictures".

Steve Jobs no longer Eggman as Beatles hits iTunes


I don't expect to have any problems forgetting today.

I already have a fair chunk of the Beatle's albums on CD, and I don't use iTunes anyway, so this does not affect me.

Facebook unveils 'next-gen' messaging system


It sounds like Google Wave

but the strength of sending messages on Facebook as things stand is the ease of picking names from the address book, combined with the fact that nearly everyone you know is there (that is the case for me anyway).

I think it stands a better chance gthan Wave, but I suppose we'll see.



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