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Everything Everywhere prices up UK 4G


I have no intention of getting a 4G contract when I upgrade in a couple of months - 3G is fast enough for the browsing I do on my phone right now and I'd rather not pay the costs of having 4G - both in terms of money and the hit on battery life.

As long as I can still get a decent contract from them without being forced into LTE, I'll be happy. If not, I'll move.

Sony posts, pulls PlayStation Store update


I say developers, I really mean all the staff involved in the development of the service in any capacity, not just the coders.


Really don't understand this.

Firstly, I assume a company with the resources of Sony hire competent developers that can manage the roll out of a project of this type. Either they haven't, or the hands of those developers are tied by poor management. Either situation would be equally baffling.

Secondly, with the recent issues they have suffered with their online services, you would think they would take extra care to ensure everything works before they roll it out.

On-demand streamed music services compared



I'm also a Spotify user and regarding your comments on the benefits of keeping your own music collection, I can say that I have been they and done that and it was pure ballache. Waiting for the CDs to rip, copying them to each new computer and new mp3 player I got. Making sure the tags were correct., and so on.

And the best part, when I was in my late teens, early 20s I bought a lot of CDs thinking I would love the music forever and that owning it was important. I now have a box with hundreds of CDs which is in the way in my house, gathering dust, and waiting for me to get round to sorting them out and put them on ebay/music magpie or take them to a car boot sale or something...

I do keep a small CD collection made up of my favourite artists and albums, but for everything else, Spotify is a godsend.

Also, the quality is fine on my devices. No, I don't think the X Factor is the high point of music.

Each to their own.

Virgin Media's blighted SuperHub NOW comes with extra squeal (oink)


Haven't heard anything from my Superhub, and I'm well acquainted with the power supply on my Superhub as I have to unplug the bloody thing every other day to get anything that resembles a usable connection.

Definitely the most frustrating bit of kit I have ever encountered.

Natwest's Get Cash app pulled, but NOTHING to do with frauds


If this was planned, then surely we would have a date for the return of the service sooner and more specific than "next week at the earliest". I have seen this advertised so I would be surprised if they were planning to just pull it and leave it unavailable for any significant length of time.

I don't really care about this service as i have never used it, but after the recent mess made by the last disaster they suffered, you would think they would have learnt to be honest with their customers and that, for me, is the issue here - I don't think they are being honest.

HTC profits lobbed off a cliff by rivals Samsung and Apple


Shame to see this. My last two phones have been HTC and they have been great phones. I look at the One series and they look good too, but, for some reason I can't put my finger on, not as exciting as the Galaxy S3, the Lumias or the iPhone... I'm not sure if I'm alone in thinking this because I have stuck with the HTCs for a while and gotten a bit bored, or if everyone feels like this, in which case it would probably be more of a marketing issue than anything.

Either way, I hope they pull out of it because they were a great provider of cheap but high quality and full featured phones for those of us that wanted them.

The tips stop here: Starbucks to take Square Wallet payments


I don't like the whole tipping thing - different traditions to get to grips with (such as whether to tip, how much to give etc) depending on which establishment and country you are in, the fact that you have no guarantee the server that you found helpful is going to get the tip in the end, feeling like a tightarse even when the service was crap and you don't feel justified in giving them a tip, trying to make sure the tray with the change on it goes to a/the right member of staff when they are now busy dealing with another customer...

I too, would rather they paid them a decent wage and cut all the tipping out - tipping is the most awkward part of eating out and there is no need for that. You're the customer, you shouldn't be put in a position where you can end up feeling awkward or unsure of yourself.

Apple: Blue-shirts can fix iOS Maps in their spare time


Re: Wasn't it Tomtom data?

"Minor mapping errors will always occur, and the driver should be compensating appropriately anyway. Just because it says turn right doesn't mean you a) can, b) should, c) will be safe doing so."

That didn't really need stating, Lee. My point isn't that the maps should be perfect or that there should be no errors, I was just responding to the OP that the Tom tom data isn't perfect, with an example that I think is quite funny.


Re: Wasn't it Tomtom data?

To be fair, there is a bridge over the A1 where my father's TomTom tells you to turn right... it's atleast a 30 foot drop (if you make it over the barrier, of course).

Ubuntu 12.10: More to Um Bongo Linux than Amazon ads


Re: I agree

Another advantage of doing this in the browser - you know where it's going and, of course, have control over it. If it gets the results from anywhere other than amazon.co.uk then I'm definitely not interested.


On the one hand, I don't think the Amazon results are necessary - I have a perfectly good web browser and would not like to see resources wasted on duplicating it's functionality in the dash.

On the other hand, I don't mind Canonical getting some money back somehow.

Generally, I'm not outraged by the Amazon thing but I give it a cold welcome. Canonical have made several decisions with regards to the direction of Ubuntu that did not make sense at the time, but have come to make sense in later releases - e.g. the Global menu bar didn't make sense until HUD. So, I look forward to seeing where they go with this in the end.

Happy birthday, Compact Disc


Re: Track information

My partner recently put a new Sony stereo in her car and I have found that Zoom by ELO and The Best of The Move both support CD text.

I believe the ELO album was released on Epic which I think is owned by Sony, while The Move album carries the Fly Records mark, and I believe they are independent.

Xbox Live gamers blown offline by 'Virgin Media routing balls-up'


Re: And in other news....

Says the A/C posting on the reg forums.....

HTC hawks fresh WinPho smartphones


I'm also tempted by the bright yellow phones but would probably chicken out because I'll realize it isn't suitable for all situations on a device that I tend to have with me in all situations... Oh well.


If Nokia price the Lumia 920 too high and HTC undercut them with this (I can see that happening but time will tell), then I can see HTC doing moderately well with this. They seem to be in the same vein but lacking the fancy camera and Nokia apps.

I think pricing and marketing are the two things that are really going to make or break these HTC phones and the Lumias.

Apple iOS 6 review


Looking at the screen shots in the article, much of IOS, especially the grid of icons and the buttons for call handling look really dated to me. I don't think it is a particularly nice looking bit of design.

However, I'm a happy Android user and I'll defend Apples decision not to have widgets - I only have a few icons for things I launch often on my home screen because the widgets don't have a uniformed look and I feel my home screen looks cluttered with them on. The only exception is the power options widget which I have on the second screen to the left, so I can just swipe left and change the screen brightness, etc.

Even slimmer PS3 out next week


Re: My main gripe

Unfortunately, my discs went with my PS2 a few years back, when I decided my house was too cluttered and I needed to be ruthless.

I could look for second hand discs on the internet, but I'm willing to pay for the downloads as long as I know I'm going to play the games and get my money's worth, and I know I would with FFVII and VIII.

Thumb Up

I have an XBox 360 and that takes care of most of my gaming and media streaming needs quite nicely, but would like a PS3 for Blu rays - and I wouldn't mind revisiting Final Fantasy VII and VIII and a few others again.

However, I might see if any of the current slim models go cheap in the run up to the release of these new models.

Windows 8: Never mind Office, it's for GAMING


Where is the highly technical content requiring degree-level education or above??

Not needing an XBox is a sensible reason to decline one, but that's not what your original post said. It said you saw the dash and said "no thanks".

I generally like the current version of the dash, although liking it depends on your tastes, as with any other UI (I also like Unity). The old UI was fine too.

Regarding the ads, yes, some people don't like being advertised to and that's fine. In fact, I do think MS should include the option to turn them off, since you've already paid for the console and probably the subscription to XBox Live.

However, the tile to launch the game on the disc is always the first highlighted, so there isn't really stuff to skip through before you get to the game bit. You just put the disc in the tray and hit the A button. :P


Re: The Xbox

"I got offered a free Xbox a while ago, saw the new dash, said "no thanks".

You do realize the dash is a means to an end, i.e. launching the many forms of content the XBox can display, and that once you have launched your game/film you don't have to look at it again until you want to launch something else, don't you?

I ask because by declaring you turned away a free XBox just because you don't like the dash makes you look a little silly. And ungrateful to whoever was offering the thing to you.

Siri, will Apple's App Store lock out blind people on iOS 6?


This close to the release date, you could argue they have either overlooked the issue and are not going to fix it in time, or that they are cutting it very fine to get it fixed. Whichever it is, the fuss may prompt them to get it fixed.

If it turns out the issue does not get fixed before the release date, it is better that users who may be affected are warned so they can choose not to dive head first into updating the OS / upgrading to the iPhone 5 and then getting the unpleasant surprise that they can not use the service.

For many users, this is basic functionality and there is no reason it should not be working. If a bug caused the screen to go black during normal use preventing those with sight from using the device, that would delay the release.

Everything Everywhere's 4G: Why I'm sitting this one out


Re: Been using 4G on work trips to Asia

"Battery lasted half a day or more permanently connected."

That really supports the authors argument IMO. Half a day isn't long enough. My current phone gets a day and a half of moderate usage and will see me till after I have left work with heavy usage (i.e. playing spotify all day at work, browsing the internet at lunch and maybe a phone call or two during the day).

I'll stick with 3G for now.


Re: "the communications equivalent of the change the jet engine made over steam".

Upvote from me as well, sir.

However, the thought occurs that if you did fit a train with a jet engine, it would probably come flying off the tracks at the first bend. Perhaps this is a suitable analogy for all the problems pointed out by the author.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Thumb Up

Got a warm fuzzy feeling just from the screenshots there. I spent far too much of my time playing this over and over when it came out. The world it created was huge, vivid and dying to be explored - a trait shared by all the best games in this genre IMHO). The amazing (at the time) graphics and the puzzles which, as the author states, were never too hard, but were always fun didn't hurt.

Happy times.

@A/C 07:39 The author did say the game was *debatably* the best, but I happen to agree with her. Link to the past certainly laid the groundwork and is a great game, but it didn't have anywhere near the atmosphere of Ocarina of Time.

Nokia flagellates self further to quell fake cam ad Twitterstorm


I'm also seriously thinking about getting one and the advert hasn't changed that.

I don't condone misleading ads and think the marketing departments in many companies need to be reeled in a bit (a lot in some cases), but there are much more important things with Nokia and business in general that we need to focus on than whether they should have put a disclaimer on the ad - like jobs getting cut left right and centre, how the workers that aren't being let go are treated, how successful companies use their market position, patents and spurious legal challenges .

this is really just a side show and not important in the great scheme of things. However, I suspect that very few people are really concerned about whether Nokia have been dishonest and many just like the chance to jump on a mistake when they see it, and possibly to kick someone (individuals and entities like Nokia) when they are down.

New broadband minister snubs 'ugly' fibre cabinet gripes


I see it like this. There are some parts of the country that don't want the upgrades because they think the boxes are an eyesore. There are plenty of other parts that will want the upgrade and won't mind the boxes. So, the simple, short term, solution would be to get on with installing it in the places that want it.

While i don't think the cabinets are that bad from the pictures I have seen, if the locals don't want them, I don't think they should be forced. Give them the chance again in a few years after they have been left behind, or work with them to position them better or make them look better/blend in.

But that;s this (and previous) governments all over - you'll get it whether you want it or not and we'll call it "cutting out bureaucracy" to make the whole thing sound less evil.

Edgy penguins test-fly Ubuntu's Quantal Quetzal


Re: am I a luddite ?

No, it doesn't make you as luddite. Don't get me wrong, I use it and I think it's great for both consuming staff and getting real work done. I have my most used applications locked to the launcher, like I have done in other DEs, the dash makes finding other apps quick in the same way as Windows 7, Gnome shell, Mint Menu and KDE 4 have done for ages, and HUD is cumbersome for some applications like Nautilus, but genuinely useful for things like Gimp where there are lots of options tucked away in the menus.

However, each to their own. That's the point of Linux and the reason we have so many DEs and distributions.


Re: @djack

I'm not saying the problem is not there - the proof is in the screenshot in the article even without looking elsewhere, and i am sure the issue is well documented elsewhere - but Unity and Compiz have been perfectly stable on my computer in 12.04. Slightly sluggish at times, but my Ubuntu box has a P4 and a graphics card from the same era, so I can forgive that.

Third of iPad owners want smaller slabs


I don't agree with you and I reject your Pot/Kettle statement. I'm commenting on a web forum on El Reg based on what I have read in the attached article. I don't believe i need to read the report to comment. I have also stated I have not read the report as a disclaimer. In the content of these forums, I would say I have been more than fair.

If i were writing an article of my own, or a report of my own in response, or otherwise stating my opinions as fact, then you're quite right, I would need to read the report and possibly do further research myself, and your statement would be justified.

Thumb Down

The timing of this is suspect. It looks to me like, because of the rumours of aa 7in device, they have gone out and asked "Would you like a 7 or 10 in device?". If you ask that, then of course somepeople are going to say 7in.

Now, if they asked "What size tablet would you like: 5in, 6in, 7in, 8in, 9in, 10in or 11in" without leading the participants, that might be worth something. Better yet, make mock ups of the tablets scaled to each size and get them to hold them and state their preference, as that might also be worth something.

Without looking at the report I don't know if they did any of this, but from the article it looks like yet another bit of useless "research" from an analyst, trying to get publicity by getting their name into an article that has the words "Apple" and "iPad" in the headline, because we all know folk click the link and read when they see that.

One last bit in my post that is turning into a rant: Accusations of Apple fans buying whatever Apple sells aside: I am sure that Apple have done their own research and, if they do release a 7in pad, they have already ascertained themselves that there is some demand for it.

Torvalds bellows: 'The GNOME PEOPLE are in TOTAL DENIAL'


Re: A bit off topic but...

"Do you know what you are doing?"

Does that option not exist in the form of a choice of distribution/desktop environment? Even better, if you leave it down to choice of distro/desktop, you aren't getting people blindly clicking yes.

However, I disagree that things are getting dumbed down. I'm using Ubuntu with Unity at the moment and, while there are less configuration options than there have been in the past (it narks me that I can't choose a different window manager or move the launcher - I don't want to change the window manager or move the launcher from the left but it's the principle), you can still get at any part of the system you like and do anything with it - command line, config files - and there is absolutely no effort to stop you.


I think there are many reasons Linux is not going mainstream on the desktop. Fragmentation between the different distributions will not help (although this is one of the strengths of Linux, oddly enough). Then there is the fact none of the distributions are well marketed. Infighting in the community, at all levels, doesn't help, especially when many newcomers you might attract are used to professional support centres and "genius" bars where they can ask stupid questions without fear of getting shouted at.

The biggest thing as far as I can see though, is that for Linux to get anywhere on the desktop, users have to care about the OS they run and be willing to go through the install/set up and the learning curve required to change it,. Most users don't care, and why should they? They just want the computer to work and they got Windows or OSX preinstalled.

Whatever anyone thinks of Ubuntu and Unity, I think Ubuntu has the best chance at becoming mainstream, especially with things like Ubuntu for Android and Ubuntu TV, if they can get them off the ground.. With the developer support they seem to be getting at the moment and all the games appearing in the software centre, Ubuntu is actually looking quite healthy to me at the moment.

I don't think the attitude or philosophy of either the Gnome team on the kernel developers matters, as long as they stop fighting and put out usable software that is taken on packaged by the distributions. I think people are going to care more about their distributions and, as much as I hate the word, it's "brand" than what Torvalds or the Gnome team have to say.

HTC hawks fresh Desire for market boost


I have a wildfire S and I have no issues with the processor, but the lack of memory is a problem: and even that would have been alright if I could have uninstalled all the crapware. It has limitations but for the four main tasks I throw at my phone: light web browsing, playing music via Spotify, phone calls and texts, it is more than adequate and definitely worth what I paid for it.

That said, when I'm ready for upgrade in a few months I plan on not being such a tight arse and going for something higher end. Probably another Android, possibly WP8 if that pans out well. We'll see whats about at the time.

Regarding this new phone: Was the original Desire not the flagship model at the time? If so, I would have thought that relegating it to the budget model is more confusing than just refreshing the whole product line and giving it a new name and yet another letter...

Samsung whips out Galaxy Note II, cam-phone with proper zoom lens


Good to see the Note 2 and the camera being released with Jellybean. That's how it should be. Hope all those that have released devices with Gingerbread and ICS (especially Gingerbread) recently are watching closely.

Customers dumping Samsung phones in wake of Apple suit


I can't imagine many people dumping the phone immediately. I suppose there are some that would, partly because of fear of lack of upgrades and support, as the article mentioned, and I suppose there will be a few individuals that now think Samsung have done something immoral and so don't want to own their device anymore.

More than anything though, (unless other resellers come out and give information that supports this) the most likely explanation as far as I can see is that this Gazelle outfit is trolling for publicity.

Until a few others come out and say the same thing, I'll take this with a pinch of salt.


Thumb Up

Had this on the CPC464. Played in on a green screen though.

This article made me smile. Cheers.

Everything Everywhere to be Nothing Nowhere in rebrand


The Phone Company Formerly Known as Everything Everywhere.

And if that's not catchy enough, then they should call themselves ~

Microsoft retracts staffer's 'new Xbox' comment


Re: investment ?

"It is _NOT_ an 'investment', it is merely the cost of a complete waste of time."

Absolutely not. Gaming is no more a waste of time than any other hobby. Incidentally, I wonder what you do with your time that you consider so worthwhile? I would also be interested to see you elaborate on why you feel it is a waste of time.

What *IS* a waste of time, is reading an article about something you feel is a waste of time, and then wasting even more time denouncing it on the message boards.

I stand by the use of the word "investment": I have spent money on the system expecting a return in the form of entertainment in the years following the purchase. However, I will humour you and rephrase my original comment in the hope that you can happily go back under your bridge: I want the most use and support of my purchase, which I am still happy with, before it gets replaced by the newer model.


Happy with mine and happy to not have it replaced for another year or so, thus getting another year or so out of the investment I made in it.

We are near the end, yes, but there's a little bit of life left in it yet.

Scrunched Street View spymobile spied in India


I read that headline as "Google Street View skymobile crashes spectacularly". Only twigged when I realized it was an Astra in the picture and not some kind of light aircraft which is what I was expecting.

I'm a little disappointed, if I'm honest, but oh well.

Wonder how fast they were going? If they were taking pictures, I would expect them to be going slowly, unless they were fleeing an anti-Google mob...

God-botherers burst onto IPTV Freeview: The End is Nigh

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I seem to remember a television channel on analogue cable some time ago called whereits.at. It was off air most of the time, but I remember putting it on once and there was a woman with a cheap keyboard singing "Everybody's good at cooking something... and I'm good at cooking CRUMBLE!!!!" or something like that.

I have no idea what is was or whether it was intentionally bad, but it was hilarious...

Perhaps we might see a return to that kind of thing*. Not sure if that's a good thing or not*

*Also, not sure if Sky and Virgin have had that kind of channel on all the time since then, as I haven't subscribed to either for quite a few years.

RBS: June's tech enormo-cock-up cost us £125m


"meaningful amount"

Here lies the problem. They don't understand the value of money. Any money spent on something avoidable is meaningful.

Also, I have no doubts that this amount of money that is "not meaningful" is more than my annual income by a factor of many, and would more than cover the cost of wages of many staff they could employ and/or not make redundant to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen.

Microsoft dumps Metro from Windows 8


I can help them rename this. They want something that summarizes the Design Language Formerly Known as Metro.... The BBC article on this says the previous name was picked because it is "modern and clean"... We can work with that.

It's also tied to their operating systems, we want people to know that.

So, I say the new name should be....



Valve: Games run FASTER on Linux than Windows


Hmm. I'm a Linux user, I'd like to see Linux succeed and I'd like to see games (and Steam) succeed on Linux. But the suspicious part of me can't help but think there is an agenda here... as if they are pandering to the Linux fanbois to ease their launch onto the platform. Perhaps a warning shot to MS that Steam don't like the MS strategy or something.

I hope they're serious about all this and I wish them success with it.

Ice Cream Sandwich still a no-show for most Android users


Fragmentation Everywhere

Yes, it's fragmented and Apple may not have the same problem, but this is not a new issue or restricted to Android phones. Microsoft are currently having the same problem in spades trying to get a large portion of their users off XP and onto Windows 7, and soon Windows 8. I'm sure other OSes (whose maker does not rule the ecosystem with an iron fist) all have the same issue too, to some degree.

The fact is that, like all those XP users, the majority of Gingerbread users probably don't care as long as their phones are working and doing everything they want them to, same as they won't care what OS their PC is running if it does the job.

The situation with manufacturers and carriers installing their own builds doesn't help, but those that do care about the OS/version they are running have several options, including buying devices that get the updates, and things like Cyanogenmod. In the case on Android, the fragmentation comes with the territory and is a small price to pay for the freedom we have with the software.

That said, it is interesting to see the figures.

Booth babes banned by Chinese gaming expo


I cautiously agree with the move made by the organizers. Sort of.

Yes, sex sells and it's a little prudish to stop them from using it. Also, I don't doubt there are a lot of people at these conventions who like this and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, I don't think it helps the image of the gaming or technology industries and, as much as some people attending the conference might like having the "booth babes" there, there will be plenty of people who are, at best, uncomfortable with it or, at worst, alienated by it.

As with most things, I would say moderation is the key. Let those companies that have booths there have their booth babes if they must but encourage/force them to keep it to a sensible level and to keep it relevant to what they are selling/showing.

Obviously there would be some lines that need to be drawn there and debates on where to draw them.

If all else fails, make them employ an equal number of "booth blokes" dressed in the equivalent male attire and keep it equal. I wonder what that would do to the attendance figures...

Murdoch's fondleslab epaper axes 50 staff

Thumb Down

As ever, I'm not fan of this particular empire but am sorry for those losing their jobs. Hope something better comes up for them quickly.



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