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Samsung under fire over copy-paste bricking


its a reboot issue for me

just copy and paste 20 times and it reboots

I have an siii and I can confirm a reboot occurs if you use copy and paste too often. I just tried this on chrome and after 20 copies the phone just rebooted.

Samsung have known of this bug since july last year so support isnt that good.

If you follow the links in the article you can see how long they have known about the issue

Looks like I will have to go back to an Iphone

Samsung mobes pwned by ANY APP, thanks to chip code hole


Vodafone's UK response

They told me I had nothing to worry about. yo can read the transcript here.


I have also asked Samsung to comment

Dixons drops exclusive Toshiba Android tablet


I sent mine back

I had lots of problems with mine and took it back within hours of purchasing it. I thought the one in the store had just been messed around with in terms of the lack of response, but after purchasing one I found out how wrong I was.

Problem 1.

Unit just stopped responding. You would press, press, press the icon and sometimes it work. Its supposed to have a decent processor but it just ignored my key presses at times.

The Samsung did not suffer the same problem.

Problem 2.

No diary. The unit would sync to gmail or to my corporate calendar but there wasn't an application to get access to this either included or downloadable from the Tosh store. Given this is a fairly standard feature on a smart phone and all other Android devices why leave it out?

Problem 3

Despite toshiba claiming it has flash. The sticker on the box stated it would be available at somepoint in the future. In other words no flash. I appreciate the ipad does not have flash but at least it works with respect to the other problems i experienced with the Toshiba.

From having one, its clear Toshiba wanted to rush this out and have the customer beta test the unit. This is unacceptable and I would love to know the reason for Dixons effectively pulling the product.


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