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Kinda goes without saying, but shore up your admin passwords or be borged by this brute-forcing botnet


Re: My sympathies

I'd love to discover where that surname came from. Perhaps an anglicisation (?) of a European or Russian name.


I recognise my site is too small and not a target for this, but the distributed attack surely would punch a hole in our "five shots and you are out" defence against brute force login attempts.


Moore's Law is deader than corduroy bell bottoms. But with a bit of smart coding it's not the end of the road


Re: They shoot themselves in the foot

I had a rather different take on the article to you. I thought it was well laid out and covered the progress of the optimisation, with great clarity. I'd say the results from optimising on a multi threaded CPU were impressive. The overall message of optiising your software was well carried.

Threading is beyond many programmers, and running on a GPU is surely a specialised art - and I am not sure how many servers, either inhouse or cloud, would have GPUs. Perhaps they do. I just have not heard of that being a thing.


Re: C rocks.

Yes it does, until the wrong subscript variable is used for an array index and you can't figure why you occasionally get memory corruption in a large program, causing disaster.

Not that this ever happened to us.


Re: DEC Fortran

512KB? We used to dream of having that much memory around 1980. The Unisys mainframe was as big as several cupboards, and had 192KB of memory. Each memory card was 16KB but was the size of what would be a large motherboard today.

Sure taught us how to make sure our programs were optimised.

JavaScript survey: Devs love a bit of React, but Angular and Cordova declining. And you're not alone... a chunk of pros also feel JS is 'overly complex'


Re: JavaScript is "overly complex".

Re "but I've always written all the JS I use myself, with the exception of the odd tool such as CKEditor" - do you use jQuery? I find it doesn't impact the performance of my sites at all. Plus, the user's browser almost certainly has a cached copy already.


Re: Frameworks

Web pages with all the framework overhead run like dogs. No one ever wants to optimise or cull. We devs only to add more stuff into the page. Performance dies as a result.

Clean CSS, just enough JS to do the job (and no more) - otherwise your pages suck. And you aren't a real programmer if you can't do it that way.

Australia on the cusp of showing the world how to break encryption


This is not intended to break end-to-end encryption.

It is just so they can ask Google/Microsoft/Apple to hand over gmails, hotmails, or whatever is held in the cloud.

Why Firefox? Because not everybody is a web designer, silly


While Chrome is better for web designers (like me), for using the web, Firefox is massively better.

Firefox has features that make using it a pleasure. Whenever I use Chrome to surf the web, as opposed to debugging a DOM/CSS problem, I am reminded of how little attention Google pays to real world users.

Browser history searching and the URL bar are just one example.

Ombudsman slams Centrelink debt recovery system


Will the head of this project be lopped? If not, why not?

Human memory, or the lack of it, is the biggest security bug on the 'net


Re: But users ARE the problem!

Indeed. For example my wife has KeePass with AutoType at her fingertips, and uses Firefox to remember her passwords for sites. Despite this she uses the same two passwords everywhere. Until I notice, anyway.

Was it Gary Clail who sang, "There's something wrong with human nature" ?

Top 10 SSDs: Price, performance and capacity


Re: 4K Writes much faster than Read?

Sequential reads are faster than writes, sorry.


4K Writes much faster than Read?

In the last chart the small file throughput figures, shows the 4K writes as being faster than reads. Around three to four times faster than reads.

Is that right ? Am I missing something here ? Pretty sure there's no head movement latency in these critters. Sequential reads are all slower than writes, as I'd expect.

Apple Pay is a tidy payday for Apple with 0.15% cut, sources say


NFC already here in Oz

I am puzzled by these comments that the banks in UK or wherever need to get into the NFC game.

Because here in Australia, pay-by-bonk is quite widespread. Most of the retailers that do a lot of transactions via card, already have touch technology readers.

We just touch the card on to the reader for payments up to $100 and no PIN required.

These terminals take the traditional swipe, plus the chip-n-pin, and now PayWave as it is called here.

Is this really not widespread elsewhere?

Password manager LastPass goes titsup: Users locked out


Re: Lastpass

Keepass software is not closed - the source code is freely available. I had a look through it recently, when I was musing about running up a copy on my own website as an emergency thing when travelling. More to it than I had expected.

Broadband slow and expensive? Blame Telstra says CloudFlare



That's one reason why the share dividends are so good. Inequality in action, see it right here.

Mozilla's 'Tiles' ads debut in new Firefox nightlies


Tiles? What tiles?

New Tab Homepage

- by Ben Basson

Been using it for yonks. Even paid the guy a donation. Might be time to do so again.

"A very simple tabbed browsing extension that loads your homepage when you open a new tab. If you have multiple homepages, the first is chosen."

Aussie telcos to sell user location data to marketers


Yeah, so how are they planning to push those ads? By feeding the ip back to doubleclick so the ad appears in your tiny browser screen in your phone.? Good model ...

Telstra 'issue' hid ADSL availability from rival carriers


Yes, it has been well known for years that Telstra would deny a connection from a competitor, and then magically the line would be suitable when you apply through them. This has been going on forever. The only surprise it that is has taken this long for it to official. Combat Wombat's advice was regularly doled out in the Whirlpool forum.

I cannot express my opinion of Telstra in a family forum such as this.

Charity: Ta for the free Win 8.1, Microsoft – we'll use it to install Win 7


Re: Things are hidden :-(

WTF? WPA2 is trivially crackable? Reference, please.

Oh look, he hasn't got one.


Re: Things are hidden :-(

That's right - MAC address filtering is a pointless waste of time. Use WPA2 and turn off WPS. That is all.

FTTN cabinet survives Kiwi car crash


4WD and drink driving

Hey Matto, you've come here for the cold hard facts. Well, here are some.

My summary: 4WD drivers are pissheads compared to the rest of the population.

The facts:

Where known/tested, 29 per cent of 4WD drivers involved in fatal crashes had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) greater than 0.05g/100ml. This proportion was higher than for all other types of vehicle operators:

- Twenty-six per cent of motorcycle riders

- Twenty-one per cent passenger car drivers

- Nineteen per cent of light truck drivers, and

- Two per cent of heavy truck drivers

From http://www.infrastructure.gov.au/roads/safety/publications/2002/FWD_Crash.aspx

Hurricane Sandy blows US pirate-pestering plan into 2013


I'm amazed that youngsters find all these new movies actually worth pirating. Still, until there is a reasonable alternative, and outside Netflix in the US, there doesn't seem to be one - not in Aus, not in the UK far as I can tell - the movie industry shouldn't be surprised if people continue to download movies.

Where I live, the local DVD rental store has closed. How on earth people are supposed to watch movies, I'm not sure.

NZ government network leaking data like a sieve

Big Brother

Ministry of Social Development

Is it just me, or does Ministry of Social Development sound like just the sort of name that George Orwell might have come up with?

The perfect CRIME? New HTTPS web hijack attack explained

Thumb Down

Theoretical ?

Relies on the attacker sniffing the packets - for example by being in the same coffe shop wi-fi - AND forcing you to visit a site hosting the malware. Proabably restricted to dodgy coffee shops.

Malaysian websites go dark to protest Evidence Act


A real shame

Very surprising news. While in Malaysia in June one big news item was a change to the protest laws from a position where gathering and demonstrations were forbidden unless specifically approved, to a new law allowing them all. The police could require a change of time (& venue? not sure), but not prohibit them. Specific requirements were placed on the police re timescales for this too.

There many other signs of a new and exciting vibe in Malaysia; it has a real feel of going somewhere.

This proposed new law surely is a huge step backwards.

Beer icon, because they have (with Norway) the most expensive ber in the world.

Higgs boson chasers: Now only 1-in-300 MILLION chance we're wrong


One Christmas I posed this question to my pals: what is the chance of picking yourself (or someone picking themselves) in a Secret Santa draw? Our jape was that we would then plant a fancy prize e.g. an Xbox instead of the usual gift.

One friend worked it out that night, on the train home. She was, and is, very bright. Gorgeous too. It's something like 1 over e.

Firefox 14 tabs no longer sneak a peek at users' privates


Tried to use Chrome, but ...

I use the New Tab Homepage add-on for Firefox to show my home page on open of a new tab. My home page is a local file with my favourite links etc.

Tried to emulate this with Chrome, no joy.

With Firefox it takes almost no time to get to a specific site. Chrome is supposed to be fast but the lack of this ability kills it for me. And don't get me started about the lack of decent add-ons.

West Australian WiFi mesh sniffs out bushfires


Bloody brilliant work, lads!

New Euro IP law promises artists torpedoes to sink pirates


Fence sitting

If I were a musician I'd be really cheesed off about having my creation handed around without any benefit back to me.

On the other hand, record labels have done themselves no favours, paying, what percentage of the sale price is it to the musician? 7% from memory?


> Like megaupload?

Good point. Hard to see how Kim Megamoneypants deserves all that cash.

Intel issues dividend, Apple sits on $97.6bn


Capital gains in the US

Again another example of how screwed up is the US tax system. Why are capital gains taxed at a different rate to income? There's no good reason.


They could use the Aussie system

Austrlaia has a working system to avoid the double taxation of dividends. Companies still have a choice of whether their dividends are pre- or post- taxatiion (or any mix thereof). The post-taxation component carries that tax paid to the dividend recipient. It's not that hard.

HP, Microsoft dumped from Dow Jones 'green' list


Sustainability is NOT a crock. It has never meant staying a rut. Where did you pick up that idea?!?

Did you read the criteria that the DJSI uses to assess?

If you think it was the Green movement that got Ethanol usage to the position it is in the USA today - and on the point that diverting all that primary production to vehicle fuel is a bad idea, we are in total agreement - well, it was actually self-serving politicians. Particularly those with base in the corn growing belt, who saw it as an opportunity to lock in extra demand for the corn farmers in their area. Can't blame the Greens for this one.

Higgs Boson hiding place narrows


Higgs Boson found

I have discovered the Higgs Boson particle, but the margins of this web blog are too small to contain the location.

Nokia ‘giving away phones at cost’


Nokia did it to themselves

@ All going to plan then - Nokia's downfall owes nothing to Microsoft. This is entirely their own work. A change of top level management saw some incredibly bad decisions - it's all well documented - and they also got bogged down in bureaucracy.

Such a shame, as their actual phone technology was and is way ahead of the competition. The call quality on all the HTC, Samsung and Apple smartphones I've come across is poor.

Australia online ad spend reaches A$2.65bn

Black Helicopters

Not surprising

> Australians are watching nearly 1 billion videos online each month

Just a natural upgrade path from our existing propensity to sit watching flies crawl up the wall

MS hits back in Security Essentials row


Between the devil and the deep blue sea

In providing their own antivirus offering, MS are really caught in a no-win situation, at the risk of stating the obvious.

Offer one, and they are anti-competitive / killing the income of the AV companies. Don't offer one, and expose the world to virus-laden PCs. They must have been wrestling with the politics of this for a long time prior to putting out MSE.

Now as for their insecure code:-

- their code is apparently primitive and they lack decent coding standards, I saw a buggy method which was new code in the networking area published on the web a little while back, and they were still writing new code with "goto" statements. epic fail.

- Apple code has more vulnerabilities unpatched for longer than MS, so Apple is certainly no better.


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