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Beats loudspeaker silenced by Apple after $3bn buyout, report claims


Gee how difficult is it for Apple to make a compelling platform for streaming music in the home?

Surely it must be easy to beat Sonos who are good but expensive, just make a cheaper version?

Oh wait, Apple and cheaper...

Faster, more private, easier to read: My 2014 browser wishlist



What I would also like out of the box, besides Ghostery, Noscript and Do not track, is a plugin than randomly changes a small property /feature of your browser to make it look like a different browser is at the same IP address. This to avoid identification based on your browsers footprint.

See https://panopticlick.eff.org/ for what I mean

If the browser omits for instance a random non-essential font, even if the IP address is the same it would look as if the IP could be a proxy for many different users

Acer C720 Chromebook with Haswell battery boosting goodness


Does Google know all URLs that you visit?

Just a question: when you logon to Google (mandatory at startup for Chrome), what does Google know of the user?

Does it for instance know all the URLs visited?

I do have an older Acer C7 and put Xubuntu on, it's brilliant. It easily outperforms my 4 year old laptop and for 200 USD can't fault it. I gave my tablet away..

I'm fine with this?


Stuck between a rock and a hard place?

I am not sure if this a humorous attempt by The Reg to show how silly the law can be.

Anyway, I bite: where is the option to NOT accept cookies and still continue the site?

Mind you I laud your extensive listing of what and how cookies are used. Let me reply in detail too, and I think most privacy minded people will make similar choice as me:

1 id Doubleclick ID ALWAYS BLOCK

2 sc Session Count ALWAYS BLOCK

3 c Visited Channels ALWAYS BLOCK

4 s Account Login OK but WHY a year? why not a session cookie?

5 eucookie EU Cookie Consent Useless if you can't say no

6 voted polls Voted Polls No fan but understand its use

7 v Version ALWAYS BLOCK

7 td Traffic Driver ALWAYS BLOCK

9 cid Campaign ID OK

10 forum_sort Per topic user sort order preference OK

11 sl Lite Account login OK

basically: session cookies ok, any other cookie: RUBBISH

I have changed my cookie settings for this site now.

Mint Linux freshens up web searches


Extremely pleasant search engine

DDG is my default search engine for a year now. It is not as good on serch results as Google but the features, interface and privacy policy are excellent.

A breathe of fresh air, hopefully this will lift them even more

How I built a zero energy cost, zero carbon home server


Same here

You are not alone, my Sheevaplug burnt out as well and I had nothing hanging off the USB port.

Replacement AC/DC cost me 15 pounds including shipping :(


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