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RIM Vodafone BlackBerry Storm



I run 600 BB's through a BES, I had big hopes of the incresed screen real estate for accessing corp web apps. I'm glad it doesn't have wifi, we have enough probs managing security., and I don't want to gove employees mp3 players, taxable benefit in kind ?

I'll hang off until we get our eval unit to see if it makes it as a business tool as opposed to a personal toy

Ten of the Best... Pocket Camcorders


I can vouch for the FS100

C'mon guys, this ain't no review, Ten of the Best ?, List of the latest more like,

I bought the Canon FS100 in April,

I wanted a simple Camcorder that recorded to memory card, no moving parts etc.

Its SD, not HD, but it outshines some of the cheap HD cams I've used,

after all it's got real Canon optics.

Battery life is great,

software isn't too bad,

beyond 20x optical zoom hello, mr pixelface, below 20x, clear and sharp, good colour balance

I get hours on an 8Gb SD card.

Top requirement for me, an external microphone socket, this makes ALL the difference.

Overall a fantastic camera, I probably wouldn't have bought it if I simply looked at the spec sheets, I'm glad I applied more thought

Blu-ray to rule by 2011

Thumb Down

ferrite ringers

Jeesus, Does anyone actually watch the movie anymore or does everyone just pixel peep the DVD encoding with a box of kleenex...

Recently moved to a 37" LCD, normal dvd player via scart, not impressed, transformed my vast £3.99 tesco DVD collection.

bought a £30 sumvision upscaling player with HDMI, bloody hell, now there's a difference worth £30,

funny though, a shit film is still shit, but.... Coyote Ugly looks a whole lot better, oi' pixel geeks, pass the kleenex :-) .

nearly forgot, ferrite rings, way back in the eighties I worked in an upmarket high end hifi shop, I bought ferrite rings for pennies and sold them for pounds, (attach them to your speaker cable) the hi fi audiophile mags of the day told everyone that it would make their listening experience sooo much better....... but these folk listened to the hifi not to the music

my point, well, if the moles in my garden are too lazy to put the scaffolding clips on securely then.........................

Chinese user sues Symantec over dodgy updates


You mean.....

you actually BUY stuff from PC World !!!!!

I'd like to be rich enough not to care I was paying top dollar too ....


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