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nbn™ says nobody needs gigabit internet, trumpets XG-Fast at 8Gbps anyway


Yeah Right

They clearly haven't tried to watch the EPL streamed via Optus then have they

SURPRISE: Telstra STILL wants all its promised NBN booty


The answer to that is simple...

Threaten the wankers at telstra with breakup if they dont comply

Telstra - worst telco in the world


Re: Paying to cut the copper

Hold on - all the KRudd/Juliar fanbois have said that ADSL is too slow and noone wants it...

All you had to do was build it and everyone would sign up to it...

So more bullshit from Labour and the FTTH smelly greasy spotty virgin nerds who dont have a fecking clue about what they wibble on about...

The gift of Grace: COBOL's odyssey from Vietnam to the Square Mile


Re: Real Programmers *and* Mythical Man Month?

100% Agreed

Read this - now I sneer at any door with a sign on it that tells you if you have to push or pull it...

Star Wars movie to start shooting in UK this summer


Abrams - Pah!

Its all irrelevant - with Abrams directing it he'll fuck it up the same way he fucked up Star Trek...

This moron hasnt done a single thing worth watching - unless youre a greasy smelly spotty virgin nerd



Re: Mr Mainwaring

Was not the character that uttered that catch phrase - it was the old sergent that said they didnt like it up em

Star Trek saviour JJ Abrams joins the dark side: Star Wars VII


Re: Ughhh

Yes - but you prob. think lost is good and revolution is great (just because a plane loses power does not cause it to fall vertically)


Re: Ughhh

Only to those tiny brained morons who lack imagination...

Windows 8: Microsoft's tablet-desktop still painful to swallow


Re: a whole hour?

Actually loser, unlike you stupid smelly spotty greasy virgin nerd fanboys who cream their pants over everything their favorite vendor does, instead of actually critically analyzing anything, we have used the win 8 metro ui on a desktop and it sucks arse big time. Maybe because all you do is play wow with all your other loser virgin friends you don't realize just how shit it is...but for those of us that actually do REAL work it's complete and utter shite and makes our daily tasks a considerable deal more difficult!

No one no where, who actually works in the real world, is ever going to only use a touch device! Anyone who doesn't understand the desktop is here to stay, along with the mouse and keyboard is beyond retarded!

Falklands hero Marine: Save the Harrier, scrap the Tornado


Not very good at reading comprehension are we!

1. The poster did not say the Tornados are sexier - he said the Harriers were!

2. Whether or not an Apache can be shot down by a Bow and Arrow is irrelevent - this has absolutely no bearing on whether than can be launched from HMS Illustrious or not!

I am guessing you are only 15 and thus typical Gen Y - stupid, lazy, greedy, arrogant and a complete and utter total waste of space!


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