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Apple's new Final Cut Pro X 'not actually for pros'


do your research

3rd party software and hardware manufactures are not all going to roll over and die, SDI capture is always done with 3rd party hardware and software. Broadcast monitoring is done the same way.

I've had some good chats with Blackmagic and AJA they are working on this stuff and releasing betas for Tape capture and monitoring.

we have well over 100TB of rushes and programmes- they do not need to be copied to your local hard drive- best read the manual and check your preferences.

no one should be under the impression that they can start up a production house with FCP X or move their production house to FCP X this week. wait until the software / hardware infrastructure around and within FCP X matures to your needs.

we always choose the best tool for the job, be that FCP, Avid or Smoke it's only a tool- choose the best one for you, but you should get to grips with what feature sets are in actually place and when you use supporting hardware.

It's going to be at least 6 months before anyone can make a serious dissuasion over FCP X and it's scalability and compatibility for large scale/long term implementations.

Until then we still have FCP (7), Avid, Smoke After Effects

If someone wants to make key decisions for a production house based on not actually knowing the feature set of an app, how it works or how 3rd party Hardware will integrate with it , with one days experience/trial- then i'm not sure they would be classed as a 'Pro' or a 'Realist'.


constructive corrections


-You can use Dual Screens.

-Output to a monitor will be supported with 3rd party hardware (as usual)

-Basic capture over firewire, for dv/hdv sources. is supported (more of a 'capture now')

-you can choose where your media is stored on a project by project bases (good new feature)

-you can choose where your project is stored on on a project by project bases

-other tape formats Analogue and Digital formats that used SDI will be supported with 3rd party hardware, this has always been the case e.g. AJA, Blackmagic & Matrox.

- yes you can use other software, plug ins are already available (not sure what he is getting at here)

- use external hardware um of course you can! but you can't plug your fridge into it

this software will over a short amount of time be as scalable as FCP 7 - but it doesn't replace FCP7 yet



try this



QT X never going to get QT 7 features

QT X was never intended to get the feature set of QT 7

QT was the heart of AV on the mac a big 'AV event engine' driving iMovie, FCP, iTunes .... but has been replaced by Core Audio, Core Video & Core Image and now AV Foundation for these applications.

FCP 7 needed QT 7 (not QTX) to run, but FCP X doesn't use QT at all for it's processing.

So QT X as far as the OS and Apple is concerned is missing nothing.

not to say that i don't love 'Classic QT' still a great tool

but your right FCP X will gain features over the next couple of years, some of these will be created by the vast array of 3rd party hardware/software developers that already produce kit for FCP and be with us within a few weeks/months.


best tool for the job- is the one you know how to use

I have never used iMove on a mac, but i have on an iPad quite a good experience-

ive heard some great things about the current imovie too, from some experienced FCP users, the commercially released film 'Tarnation' was made with imovie 3 as i remember.

I started editing with film , then tape based analogue linear editing, then used a few dodgy but hugely expensive NLE before moving to FCP around 1999/2000 even with sticking to the same app there was always things to learn and get to grips with technically but it's just a tool.

11 years down the line with FCP i'm still learning new things- depending on what type of project i'm working on. Hardware, Codecs and delivery formats change a lot too

Creatively editing is the same on any platform-they transfer over from app to app fine, the only difference is the technical skills you need to keep your kit running.

There are so many great online training courses around these days like the ones on Lynda or Ripple- it often pays to give them a watch even if you think you know the application.



this is very good- and a good price too- comes with sample files etc.


it certainly gets your head into the FCPX gear.

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Using it to day for paid 'Pro' work

well i'm a 'pro' and i'm using FCP X today, for paid production work.

It's defiantly early days for it, and you defiantly need some structured training and patience if your coming from a Final Cut Pro background.

I've been using FCP for over 10 years commercially (since version 1.5).

FCP has always depended on 3rd party hardware and software venders for it's scalability and it's early day form them too.

FCP X seemed like a nightmare when i first opened it yesterday- but I'm beginning to love it.

Final Cut Studio 3 will still be used for most of my work for the time-being, but i don't know of anyone who was expecting like for like with FCP7, not for the first version of FCPX.

Apple ships Mac OS X 10.6.5 update


finally some sleep and power saving

had given up on the hope that my mac would ever get any sleep- great to hear thats been sorted for the raid card...finally


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