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Daily Mail loses employee info

Andrew Smith


I have to ask why the details were even on a laptop and needed to be moved around in the first place?

David Davis tells El Reg that Labour is 'mesmerised' by tech

Andrew Smith
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This is stupid!

While I agree with his stance on this issue I disagree with most other things he believes in. So why should I vote for him to represent me on just one issue, which by the way is going to be law no matter what he says or how we vote?

We elect MPs to represent the people of the local constituency, we do not elect them on one issue, and a majority of the public actually support 42 days. Which just shows how stupid the public seem to be. They don't care what he stands for, just that he made this pointless publicity stunt.

There is no Lib Dem candidate and no Labour candidate, so the choice isn't fair anyway. The whole thing is a farce and a waste of money and time. MPs should not be allowed to act like this, especially when it makes no difference either locally, nationally or to any laws. There should be a rule that MPs cannot resign and then re-stand in the same seat for a minimum of 3 years or so.

Government orders data retention by ISPs

Andrew Smith
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Kontiki, used by the BBC for iPlayer, as well as Sky and channel 4 for their on demand TV, is about to create some huge P2P logs.

Perhaps this wasn't the most well thought out plan.......

Bournemouth floats UK's first 100Mbps sewer broadband network

Andrew Smith


So everyone has a superfast connection and decides to use it each evening when they get home from work. What kind of connection do they have coming into Bournemouth?

Dubya archives White House email by hand

Andrew Smith

thinking of Nixon

It was accepted that his secretary accidentally wiped 15 mins of incriminating evidence from a tape. So with that as a precedence forgetting to rescan the documents after printing them should be ok and keep you out of jail!

Virgin Media mops up CEO's 'boll*cks' outburst

Andrew Smith
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The point of an ISP!

ISPs are there to provide us with internet access.

We pay them for this service.

That money is then used to invest in fibre so we can all get decent access speeds.

But not anymore, ISPs are all about providing more services for less money.

Get back to your core business!!!

HSBC pops thousands of customer details in the post

Andrew Smith

I can't wait for the day

when the Govt. asks for the data to fill the National ID database. Do you think they will ask for multiple copies of the CDs to be sent in, to take into account how many CDs go missing in the post.

Seriously, who the hell is advising these companies that sending data on CD by the post is the best solution to the problem of transferring data? How hard would it be to electronically transfer the data securely.

US 700Mhz auction raises $19.6bn

Andrew Smith

silly me for suggesting....

... but maybe instead of auctioning it off it could have just been opened up.

The main reason we have such huge companies who have so much power over us is due to the massive entry costs into these businesses, only a large company which can dominate us can ever afford the amounts required!

Brown: Jack Bauer spook horde to tackle terrorism

Andrew Smith
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CTU style computers

I want the power and access they have at CTU. The ability to see any bank account, almost instant spy satellite coverage, amazing link up and compatability between PDAs phones and computers, instant access to anyones computer, cool graphics and interface and not to mention never using a mouse.

MPs get £2k home cinema on taxpayers

Andrew Smith

scrap it!

MPs earn a decent wage (they are afterall public servants and not there for the money) get loads of money for an office and secretary, money for a second house, money to furnish that second house, £10k (each) to create a website about them plus travel expenses paid.

Enough is enough. They should get far far less than that. They are just greedy bastards, I mean how do you justify getting £25k a year to furnish your second house? That's shit!

Bill Gates goes to Washington, again

Andrew Smith

Good plan!

Asking Microsoft for eductaion help is likely to receive only one response, you need Vista on all computers in all schools.

Maybe if governments start looking at open source (not to mention free) software we might learn more at school about the workings of a computer, instead of the shitty M$ way.

Jodrell Bank offloaded on eBay

Andrew Smith

I want to be ignored....

So i signed the petition.

Perhaps I buy the dish and run SETI from my garden. Cut out the middle man.

BT preps 2000 per cent evening call price hike

Andrew Smith

They are a joke

I just moved house and needed a new BT line. The woman on the phone was very nice, went through everything with me, then finally announced it would be £18 per month. I asked why line rental was suddenly so expensive (had been with Cable & wireless before) and she told me it was cos i got free calls included. I no, I don't use the phone hardly I'm out all day.

"Ok she says, that'll be £15 a month." Again i had to ask why line rental was so expensive. This option had free evening and weekend calls included. So again i had to tell her no, I just want the line.

I can only imagine how many people don't question it and just pay the £18 a month, even if they are out all day and never make a peak rate phone call from home. What a joke!

UK gov scraps '£1bn' prisoner tracking system

Andrew Smith

Pay the agreed price

Why can't the Govt. just pay the price they agreed on? Any over spend is picked up by the contractor.

The bidding process looks flawed to me. Seems they put in silly low bid, then increase it later and the Govt. generally pays. The Govt. needs to get strict and stop giving in!

McDonald's goes McWireless

Andrew Smith
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Free WiFi

Just sit near McDonalds and use the net anyway, for free, without buying anything.

Man sues God

Andrew Smith

they really will sue anyone!

I hope they give him the death penalty for this. For too long God has messed around in our affairs.

On the other hand if you don't believe in God and are asked to swear on bible to tell the truth can you legally lie?

MIT student walks into airport wearing circuit board and wires

Andrew Smith

deadly deviation

"Thankfully, because she followed instructions as required, she ended up in a cell as opposed to the morgue," Pare said. "Had she not followed the instructions, deadly force may have been used."

Now even a stop at a toilet can get you killed in the US!

BT rubbishes BBC bandwidth throttling reports

Andrew Smith


With such serious bandwidth limits from most ISPs isn't it a bit much to ask us to share each of the files? Why can't we just download it from the BBC and watch it, instead of slowing down out net access and eating away at such small bandwidth limits.

Brian May going for astronomy PhD

Andrew Smith

hard work

At least he's working hard for it and not just been given it.

I hate ceremonies where they give away a PhD to someone famous. The work needed for a PhD is huge, whereas been famous on TV seems quite easy nowadays.

Good on him for the hard work.

BBC Trust backs calls for Linux iPlayer

Andrew Smith

platform independant

Instead of making it work on each operating system why not just make it platform independent. ATM this can be easily achieved using Java.

BBC shows Olympic logo the door

Andrew Smith


I don't understand why they are trying to make the London Olympics into a brand. Why does everything have to be a brand? Why not just the taking part and the sense of uniting the world?

This just proves the Olympics are just money making schemes now, there for profit and no longer for the joy of representing your nation.


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