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Twitter gives up fight against COVID-19 misinformation

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Re: On Covid Misinformation

Covid is a novel virus

no it's not, it's called SARS-2 for a reason : 2 because there was a 1. Actually, it should even be 3 because MERS was also a SARS.

And also the claim that governments were caught off-guard by surprise is also provably wrong since there was an exercise about pandemic prevention on 18. october 2019, called event 201, organised by ... the WEF.

I'll need new complotist theories, all those I've believed-in have become true.

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Re: Cherry picking by the ignorant

to make infection less lethal

less lethal than harmless ? How could that be ? Yes, it was harmless from day 1 for most of the population. The "vaccine" was hammered as protection for the others, that even those for whom it was accepted as harmless must get vaccinated to not infect the endangered (who were also vaccinated, therefore protected ... wait, where is the logic ?)

The whole covid thing was a scam from the beginning and the concerted censoring is proof of that. I never liked Musk but I might change my mind after this.

Yandex plans to break up with its Russian motherland

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what technology ?

Yandex (...) started as a search company, then moved into advertising, maps, e-commerce, cloud, and software for self-driving cars

in what sense is an ad-broker a technology company ? All this – and the same is true for Google, Apple, Facebook or Amazon – are in no way "technology" stuff, all this is old technology dating back 30 years. Modern search engines (with crawler bots and indexing) were invented by DEC's AltaVista in the 90-ies. E-commerce where you could order from a catalog and be delivered by mail has been around since a century. And self-driving cars are a phantasm from the science fiction 1/2 a century ago.

Real new technology is rockets, laser-measuring devices, solar energy generators, ultra-light aircraft ... and the such, not advertisement companies.

Linus Torvalds to be 'more hard-nosed' as Linux 6.2 merge window meets Christmas

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Re: A New Dawn

yes, I'm wondering though if Linus didn't lose the plot: he has become an accountant with fixed schedules and milestones.

Too soon? Amazon commissions FTX mini-series

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Re: I still don't get...

bitcoin has no intrinsic benefit

I assume you meant "value". Well, what DOES have value ? some paper printed with a 100 on it, does it have any value ? What is the intrinsic value of 100g of gold ? Do some bits in some computer have an intrinsic value ? Money as a such has no intrinsic value, and its benefit is that it allows to not do barter (exchange of some real goods for some other real goods).

Anything that has value because people say it does

well, that's pretty much the exact definition of "money" : it is a token of exchange accepted as such by many merchants. Its value lies only and exclusively in the fact that people say it does have some value.

Elon Musk to abused Twitter users: Your tormentors are coming back

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Re: twitters dead

How do I know which ones are the good ones ?

easy: none. I mostly read the readers comments sections, because statistically you will get all possible opinions. And often useful links. On the other side, mainstream media and alternative sites will publish only biased articles, so if there are no comments you'll only get propaganda.

Foxconn workers protest over pay and lockdowns at iPhone factory in China

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Re: Apple and Tim Apple

There is a logical fallacy here : since they don't give a damn shit about human rights, why should they be ashamed about their slave worker's living conditions ? For Apple, everything is going along the plan.

France says non to Office 365 and Google Workspace in school

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Re: IQ Test

the first answer is on the first line, nothing prevents you from looking at the second line.

I shouldn't have changed the subject from "Re: IQ Test" , it was well chosen after-all, putting it back

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sovereign search

If the EU *wants* a sovereign search engine,

then there is Qwant. French I think. Better than any search engine out there : the first answer is nearly always a Wikipedia entry, and not some random company in some random place on Earth that happens to sell something vaguely related to my search. Try-it, and you'll never look back.

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Re: Gateway drugs

... to children.

Aviation regulators push for more automation so flights can be run by a single pilot

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No, the safest option is to not fly at all. Which also improves the CO2 emissions. There, problem solved.

And while we're at it, we could go living in caves.

Liquid and immersion is the new cool at Supercomputing '22

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Re: What's New Folks?

I tend to say that since 1991 and the invention of the WWW, computing industry has stopped innovation. Since 30 years I can't think of a single new "technology ". Mouse, open-source, windows, Internet, databases, 2D pixel-based screens, RAM, processors ... really, what has changed fundamentally from the Macintosh or Windows 3.1 or HPUX CDE ?

Why are Facebook and Twitter and Amazon called "tech industry " ? What's so much high-tech about an ad-broker or postal retail store with catalogue ?

FTX disarray declared 'unprecedented' by exec who cleaned up after Enron

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First of all, like 99%+ of conspiracy debunkers, you are assuming that a conspiracy is a unique evil scheme drawn up by wannabee dictators. No, a conspiracy is only a plan amongst many others made by people who have heavy interest in some event. In this case, the event is the failure of crypto-money, and I bet that the banskters have many plans to try to prevent that success. Let's call it "not putting all your eggs in the same basket ". No sane person, and certainly not Wall-Street banksters, would bet their future on a moron like this SBF (or whatever he is called), they certainly have many other conspiracies in their portfolio.

Secondly, you haven't learned your lessons from 2008 :

There are plenty of investment banks, insurance companies, and such. They wouldn't all fail even in an extreme event

this is false as could be seen in 2008, but also in 2012 in Chyprus (I think). Every bank and payment scheme becomes unavailable putting ALL the economy at risk, even those that have nothing to do with it. If an alternative payment system exists, banks can be let to fail without the healthy part of the society being affected, all the while "investors " loosing their money. But if Visa and MasterCard are unavailable, people won't have any food in 1 week and begin rioting and finally overthrow the bankster government.

THIS is what "Too Big To Fail " means. Not debt.

Zolko Silver badge

I believe that's the main lesson to be learned, right there

I'm not sure. If we summerize this whole affair, we get:

- a new Internet scheme coming from nowhere – at least not identifiable – allows exchange of tokens that resembles payment schemes

- this scheme bypasses and is completely out of control of the big banks and Wall-Street financial milieu

- those Wall-Street financial milieu is actually bankrupt as could be witnessed in 2008

- if that particular Internet payment scheme succeeded, all the Wall-Street banking sector would be useless and would stop being "Too Big To Fail", since a replacement would exist

- an unknown teenager gang sets-up a fraudulent "investment" broker valued at 32 billion by those very Wall-Street banks and financial sector under the very nose of all supervisors who don't see anything wrong with it

- said broker goes bust as would be expected by anyone with half a brain

- said Internet payment scheme gets bed publicity

So .... a thing that the government and Wall-Street bankers – who are for all intents and purposes the same people – can't technically control gets "unexpectedly" bad propaganda which will lead to FUD about said Internet payment scheme that said bankers cannot otherwise control and/or destroy.

Hum ... stinks of a con-job by Wall-Street to me.

Hey, GitHub, can you create an array compare function without breaking the GPL?

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Working to get fired

Do I understand it correctly that some programmers are writing code so that programmers become largely irrelevant ? Apart from the prospect that it will never work, why do people commit such community suicide ? Do they think that, by making other programmers irrelevant, somehow they will escape that fate ?

And I'd be very curious to see a bot writing software that I do.

Europe calls for joint cyber defense to ward off Russia

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Re: I hope this doesn’t affect my online relationship with Svetlana

I bet she's not as rich as my next girlfriend from Nigeria, the daughter of former defense minister N'Golo, who will send me 23 millions anytime soon.

Parody Elon Musk Twitter accounts will be suspended immediately, says Elon Musk

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Billionaires don't by media for profit

What I don't understand is that people here at ElReg don't understand that Musk didn't buy Twitter for profit, but for political influence and power. And some lulz probably. He spent 40 billion of his virtual 250 billions ... even is he looses 100% of that ... what the bl*****dy f****ck will it matter to him ? How on Earth could he spend all his amount of money in his lifetime ? Twitter is only an amusement for him with some spare change !!!

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He got very lucky ONE TIME

PayPal I guess

Tesla early on, but none of the major car makers would bite and he got stuck with it, which ultimately seems to have worked out pretty well for him

lucky a second time then

SpaceX is based on someone else's designs, which only came about after the Russians wouldn't sell to him

ah, a third time. that's quite a lot of luck for a looser. Let's see what excuse you'll find for the fourth time (Twitter)

China's third and final module docks with Tiangong space station

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Re: Blah blah blah

Wait until you get a chinese rocket on your head

has it ever happened that someone got a part of a rocket in re-entry on his head ? What size of probability are we talking about ? Because if it's less than the probability of a heart-attack, then I suspect propaganda to talk badly from Chinese space successes.

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Ariane 6

And in the same news, SLS launch was delayed by months and the Ariane 6 rocket is delayed to end 2023.

China reminds world shock and ore can hurt tech supply chains

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Re: The problem is

If Apple can't ship as many iPhones due to China ... because there isn't a phone to put them in

wait ... what if China decides to put those rare stuff into other phones than iPhones ? This is the very logical fallacy that many "western" people have create to themselves: only "we" can make "good" stuff. I have bad news for you: China can make them too, and considering space exploration for example, they can do it even better. So, all China has to do is to limit the rare things for iPhone productions, and you will be buying non-iPhone phones, without even looking back.

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Divers could plant explosives that would detonate days, weeks, months, or simply on demand, later.

in water ... salt-water that is ... detonated with a loooooong cable attached to it ? Or WiFi, may-be 4G ? Or 5G ?

Unless... the pipes were blown from the inside

Unless ... you are clueless : out of curiosity, how do you think do such pipelines, 1000km long, look on the inside ? They are perfectly smooth, with a glossy finish of some special surface to reduce fluid flow resistance. Crawlers are shot through upon completion – moved by the input pressure – with exit at the other (German) end to inspect for any defaults. There is technically no way to hide anything inside such a pipeline.

Microsoft gives away '$400m in cloud support' to Ukraine

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NATO -vs- Russia

With the entire western world behind Ukraine, they still didn't win this war against North Korea and Iran ?

Version 252 of systemd, as expected, locks down the Linux boot process

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Ah no !

Aaaaahhhhhrrrrrgggggh !!! Another systemD crap .... wait, I don't have SystemD ... well, never mind then. But really, WHO in their right mind would inflict this cancer onto themselves ? Honestly, WHY ?

Biden cuts off China's Yangtze, 30 others from US chipmaking gear

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Re: Sad

Very true. The same can be said about the "petro-dollar " and the "dollar-as-world-currency ", where the US has actively banned one of the biggest oil-porducer from the dollar system, thus forcing that producer and its clients to create a new international monetary system which will, by design, weaken the very petro-dollar system.

Or confiscating the assets of a national bank, signaling every other nation that their money is not safe in US hands and they could be next. So they had better flee the US monetary system and look for alternatives.

It looks as if the Biden regime was willingly shooting itself into the foot : are they really that stupid or is there a greater hidden plan somewhere ?

Russia says Starlink satellites could become military targets

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Re: Russia is bluffing

nearby ground stations as uplinks

fortunately, nothing that the Russians could blow-up. Instead of going after a couple of static ground stations, those stupid Russians will try to knock out thousands of small satellites flying 30 000km/h at 400km height.

Zolko Silver badge

Shoot down just 1 US satellite and see what happens...

I can tell you exactly what would happen. The US and UN will condemn the action...

you're wrong, NOTHING will happen because NOBODY will know why suddenly some satellites begin to malfunction. Also, that would be such an admission of Russian military success that the US empire cannot admit that: they'd rather swallow their pride and send DOUBLE satellites up then admitting that Russia has the technical expertise to blow them out of space.

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Re: If an asset is used to support either side of a war effort, …

as we publicly told Russia we would do before they invaded Ukraine

and Russia said publicly they wouldn't tolerate that Ukraine be part of NATO. So why are YOU whining ?

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Re: If an asset is used to support either side of a war effort, …

If a country engages in war, proxy or otherwise, everything it owns is a legitimate target

"target " for whom ? For example, is a gaz pipeline built, owned and operated by Russia towards Germany a legitimate target for US mailitary blow-ups when the US is pretending not to be part of the war between Russia and Ukraine ? Or is that state-terrorism then ? Or is that an admission that the US is indeed at war with Russia ?

Apple exec confirms iPhones will switch to USB-C because 'we have no choice'

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Re: The rationale is "[fewer] chargers

The EU has been pushing for common chargers since 2009

do you understand the difference between a "charger " and a "cable that plugs into the USB-A port of a charger ". Whle it is a good idea to standardize on "chargers " with a standard USB-A plug, why impose also the other end ? Each device comes with a cable anyway, so whether it's a USB-A/USB-C or USB-A/Lightning or a USB-A/WhatEver cable, it doesn't reduce electronic waste a single bit.

As Russia wages disinfo war, Ukraine's cyber chief calls for global anti-fake news fight

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Re: this is the game in which Russia won on their territory

... and lost (almost) everywhere else

yes, this is rarely said, that in most of the world this war hardly registers on the radar, and where it does the people are quite happy the self-righteous "West " gets a bleeding nose. And they also make fun of the self-inflicted damage to cut us off from cheap Russian gaz while buying expensive fracking gaz from the US, which is obviously pulling the strings from behind

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Re: Why is it...

as if everyone approves of what America has done - newsflash - we do not.

any proof of that ? Thought not. Until the UK drags Tony Blair to a court for crimes against humanity, the entire UK is complicit with those war crimes, and cannot now accuse another country of the same felony.

So: FIRST bring Tony Blair to the international court in La Haage, and THEN can you make statements about illegal invasions. Until then, Russia's invasion of Ukraine is LEGAL according to UK law.

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Re: Why is it...

if the USA has made bad things Putin is fully free to do so too

yes, that's what "rule of law" means. Or "jurisprudence". If someone is allowed to do something, then everyone is allowed the same things. So it's actually the US and UK that destroyed the legal world order with their attack on Irak in 2003.

Biden wants SpaceX to beam internet to Iran amid uprising

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The US has huge bases and many ships and aircraft close to Iran

yes, these pesky Iranians, how dare they put their country in the middle of a US military zone ?

Team Interpol: Metaverse Police

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Does this mean criminals, law enforcement, marketing campaigns and politicians will all bugger off in the metaverse

was exactly my analysis too. I'm not sure about criminals, but for the rest may-be should we encourage them, and even scare them with some giant cyber-goat that's going to eat the Metaverse and they have to save it ? (yes I know it was the other way round)

World Economic Forum, Microsoft, Meta, and others to govern the Metaverse.

yes yes, please do. You see, it's the future of humanity, so please take some advance and start ruling us there. We'll come right after you

UK government in talks with datacenter operators over blackouts

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infrastructure operating during possible power shortages this winter

so ... the sanctions are working, then ? Did the government also explain how these power shortages in the UK are helping Ukrainians passing winter in Ukraine ? I didn't find the info.

I remember when I was young that my parents told me to finish my plate because children in Africa were hungry : I never understood how the one could help the other.

The only reason we have these problems is because "western" politicians thought they can force Russia into submission, that didn't work, and now they don't want to loose face and are ready to drive our societies into the ground by imposing even more sanctions. This will only end when they are thrown out of office and replaced by people committed to the countries they are part-of, and not to some countries far-away. That's the whole principle of "democracy" FFS !

US Dept of Energy injects more particles of cash into tokamak fusion reactors

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Re: Suspenseful silence


didn't know about those, thank-you

Musk says Starlink will keep providing free service to Ukraine

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If I'm not mistaken StarLink needs ground-based terminals. Which might not having existed in Ukraine before, and Musk might have counted those also in his budget. Terminals that might have short life-expectations, and must be re-built regularly.

Laugh all you want. There will be a year of the Linux desktop

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Re: MS Office

not compatible with the latest MS Office .DOX formats

well, MS-Office isn't compatible with MS-Office either. Try to exchange a Word file in different versions across different languages and you'll have lots of fun

.DOCX ... it's their format

hold-on: isn't it an ISO standard ? Wasn't this the entire reason they managed to cancel governmental obligations to use the ISO standard ODF format, because their format was also an ISO standard ?

SpaceX reportedly fed up with providing free Starlink to Ukraine

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Re: He's simply lying, alright

Did Putin offer to bankroll Musk ?

if he did, that would have been a very smart move.

You see, that is your problem: you don't recognize a loosing position. Ukraine has nothing to offer to anyone. It's a lost cause. The Biden regime is using Ukrainians as cannon fodder to ruin Germany and Europe as a whole. They probably don't even care about Russia so much, it's Europe their target: why else would they have sabotaged the North Stream pipeline ? Now Germany has to buy US LNG for 10 times the price of Russian gas ! Ukraine was a poor corrupt country in january 2022, it turned into a lovely princess beaten by the hateful ork only by the Hollywood propaganda.

Zolko Silver badge

@Neil Barnes

turning round and rolling the Russian forces back into Russia where they belong

you and what army ? Go on Neil, pack your gear and push back those slime ruskies. I'm really fed-up with this type of armchair warriors.

Ukraine lost 20% of it's territory : so what ? Big deal, happens all the time, read history books you ignorant warmonger.

The US was thrown out of Afghanistan after 20 years of occupation by a rag-tag band of religious nutters, and you want to take on the Russian army ? France was unceremoniously thrown out of Mali and is now accused of war crimes, and you think NATO has a chance against the Tchechen Kadhirov ? The purpose of NATO is not to win wars, it's to spend money, YOUR money ! President Eisenhower warned of the militaro-industrial-complex, FFS, why do you support this corrupt band of mafiosis ?

Musky scent? Billionaire launches fragrance: Burnt Hair

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Re: What a visionary

keep threatening border countries ?

ah yes, that's why the invasion and destruction of Irak by the UK isn't any problem for you: because they're not neighbors ! Killing hundreds of thousands of innocents people based of grossly fabricated lies is acceptable as long as they're far away. Brilliant, why didn't the UN think of that before ?

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Re: What a visionary

I doubt that the Chinese government is stupid enough ...

May-be that your "doubts" are not enough for the Taiwanese government ? May-be they want to go for something more substantial : like "talks" for example ? Could be a change in Ukraine, actually.

Zolko Silver badge

Re: What a visionary

The jury is still out on the Ukraine subject, but concerning China/Taiwan it seems that the Taiwanese government has learned the Ukrainian lesson: better negotiate before being destroyed than after :

Taiwan’s president has ruled out armed confrontation with China, saying that her government is willing to engage with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to reach a “mutually agreeable arrangement.”


Scientists model turbulence to boost space propulsion

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Re: Ah, thermodynamics

you forgot magnetic forces in plasma. So it's rather:

quantum particulate fluid magneto-thermodynamics

Delta Air Lines throws $60m at flying taxi startup Joby Aviation

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$60 million investment [...] The sum will give Delta a 2 percent stake in Joby ...

Holy cow ! That would make Joby's valuation at 3 billion !!! For a firm not having ANY product or service, only pipe dreams.

... which counts Uber Technologies among its investors

Well, that explains a lot. How do these crooks raise so much money on so evidently unworkable projects ? Where does all this money come from, and where does it go ?

South Korea relieved US China chip ban won't bite, as Beijing fumes

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Re: There is no such thing as an illegal invasion.

But I suppose its only OK if we're doing it

when Azerbaijan does it to Armenia it's OK too. Or Turkey to Greece. Well, anything where the Biden family doesn't have personal investment, actually.

He's only gone and done it. Ex-Register vulture elected to board of .uk registry

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There are quite a few bottles on the walls in the place they chose to make the presentations. Good omen for a good career opportunity.

French court slashes Apple's €1.1b fine to pocket change

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2012 ?

Why does it take 10 years to judge such a case ? The problem here is also time: if a big company can make such litigation last for years, small companies can be out of business even if they DO win at the end.

India's Mars Orbiter Mission loses contact, burns all fuel, deemed 'non-recoverable'

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Re: we're loosers

there is nowhere on God's good earth ...

reading helps: the article is about Mars, or to a larger extent space, not Earth. Please come back when you have something useful to say about the subject at hand