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OpenAI CEO wants UAE into his plan for a global AI cabal

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business model

I don't understand how all this invested money would repay itself. I do understand Nvidia's business model - they're selling the shovels of this gold rush - but how is OpenAI ever going to earn truckloads of money ? I did try some of these generative things (images and texts), and while sometimes funny the results were invariably useless. Like 100% useless.

And don't come with Google : their service was useful at the very first day. They drifted away from it but at the beginning it was good, even though I didn't understand their free business model either.

Arm CEO warns AI's power appetite could devour 25% of US electricity by 2030

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peak humanity

Consume 25% of available electricity resources to make fake cat images ? I fear that God will declare shortly that the Humanity experiment has failed and he needs to come up with something better

What can be done to protect open source devs from next xz backdoor drama?

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Re: if systemd is so bad why is everyone using it?

For the same reason "everyone " uses Windows :

1) it's not true

2) because a monopoly could forcefully impose it

X's Grok AI is great – if you want to know how to hot wire a car, make drugs, or worse

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Re: What is so bad about knowing how to hotwire a car?

... the child preditation instruction material ...

1) when I was a kid – a long long time ago in a country far far away – my parents told me to never accept gifts, especially candy, from strangers, as one never knows what can be behind such apparently benevolent behaviour. This actually makes me suspicious of free Internet "services" : what's the purpose of this gift ? who pays the bills ? Therefore, no "instruction" would have been effective on me as a kid. And that was way before Internet, don't current parents not teach basic precaution to their children ?

2) How does one, in practice, give advice on how to "seduce" children ? Where did the chatbot find the relevant information ? LLMs can't "invent" new stuff, only re-purpose existing material. Were those "real" predatory instructions, or some made-up fantasy stories that one could find in typical children books ?

All-in-all, the remedy seems far worse than the problem, to me.

Malicious xz backdoor reveals fragility of open source

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Re: show how hard this is

What I mean is: "the fact that was 2 years in the planning... " Do you think that people who plan such a vast operation only target ONE (1) package ? 2 years in the planning and they would take chances with a single library ? You can bet that there are dozens (if not hundreds) of packages variably affected.

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Re: show how hard this is

THIS one was found, by sheer luck (a suspicious sshd activity found during some unrelated debugging), but how many of such vulnerability injections are still out there ?

Easy-to-use make-me-root exploit lands for recent Linux kernels. Get patching

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Re: Bleeping Computer

Easter – despite having been hijack by Christianity

you mean like: "This Jesus bloke chose to be crucified during Easter, how rude of him " ?

AI hallucinates software packages and devs download them – even if potentially poisoned with malware

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*generative* AI !

I don't understand the surprise here: the very purpose of "generative AI" is to hallucinate nonexistence stuff – poems, images of cats ... – out of thin air. Why would this be any different for legal cases or software packages ?

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Re: Darwin In Action

you forgot the obligatory XKCD reference

US sanctions spree continues with 15 more for Russian entities

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Didn't Einstein say something about always doing the same thing and expecting some other result ?

Woz calls out US lawmakers for TikTok ban: 'I don’t like the hypocrisy'

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Re: buys all the data

That's called propaganda. Governments all over the world do that, and as long as it's peaceful there is no problem with it.

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Re: It's a strawman tangent to the real isssues

China has the ability to quietly make ByteDance do whatever they want to TikTok

like what ? Do you really believe what you write, and don't you recognize that this is only a tentative move by the US to stay the gatekeeper to Internet ?

First release candidate of Linux kernel 6.9 looks 'fairly normal,' says Torvalds

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a clean kernel shouldn't have any device drivers in it

speaking of which: what is the status of user-space device drivers in Linux ?

SWIFT embraces central bank digital currencies after sandbox success

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to simplify and speed up trade flows, unlock growth in tokenized securities markets, and enable efficient FX settlement

in short: to make life for the high frequency trading parasites ever easier

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are there legal invasions ?

I often read in newspapers about Russia's "illegal invasion of Ukraine " ... but does that mean that it "could " in theory be legal under some circumstances ? Why is there such en emphasis on it being illegal ?

Apple's had it with Epic's app store shenanigans, terminates dev account

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I also heard that Jobs was arrogant, but at least he was competent, he had novel ideas and had the courage to bring them through. Cook is only a boring accountant

US wants ASML to stop servicing China-owned chip equipment

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Re: Sell

We need to be on the lookout for the Chinese trying to work around these sanctions

that's actually easy: buy ALL machines that AMSL is able to produce and set up semiconductor fabs ourselves. Here. Why don't we do that instead of preventing other people from manufacturing stuff that we manufactured before ? I'm really fed-up with such lazy pussycats

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Re: The United States Of America are going too far...

That may push US to step in

it may, but what would be the success scenario ? If we consider the past 1/2 century of US warfare, I don't think that the Chinese will be particularly impressed. Big mouth but nothing in the pants.

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Re: The United States Of America are going too far...

Or we can accept the 1/2 century old international policy of recognizing that Taiwan is part of China and let them sort it out. You (*) already buy your iPhone made-in-PRC, why would you be worried that the CPU also comes from PRC ?

(*) my phone comes from Korea

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Re: The United States Of America are going too far...

face-it : China will not back down from Taiwan anymore than Russia didn't back down from Ukraine. Actually, Ukraine is a demonstration to the Taiwanese of what awaits them if they don't go voluntarily with China : "see, do you think the USA will be better able to protect you from us than they were able to protect Ukraine from Russia ? We might have a hard time invading you but your country will be destroyed "

Trump supporters forge AI deepfakes to woo Black voters

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IT Angle

and explicitly states that it's a parody account

no, it doesn't, please stop this lie. It falsely states that it was shared on X by a parody account , whereas it was created by that parody account (I hope you get the joke about Trump inventing the wheel). This is cheap political propaganda and ElReg should laugh about such pictures – may-be even participating in the joke noting the obvious factual error of Trump not wearing the black turtle-neck – rather than being snowflakes about such trivialities. This doesn't look like "biting the hand that feeds IT " but more like "barking with the dogs "

CERN seeks €20B to build a bigger, faster, particle accelerator

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Re: Collide at insane speeds

the BBC : Bloody Big Collider

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Re: Collide at insane speeds

despite or because ? One could argue that they – the best boffins on the planet – want a new toy and are inventing problems to justify those new toys.

US and Europe try to tame surveillance capitalism

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Re: Just ban tracking/targeting

I think that's the crux of the matter : marketing droids of a company buy adverts from other marketing droids in an ad-broker company. And they rake in billions doing that, which increases the price of the products of said company by as much, that every-body *ELSE* has to pay somehow. That's the very definition of parasites: they suck the blood of the host. The entire advertising business is a parasitic behavior, quite identical to the former Soviet propaganda : if the products were indeed as good as advertised, advertisement wouldn't be necessary in the first place

Judge orders NSO to cough up Pegasus super-spyware source code

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Re: Does Pegasus still work on current Apple phones

Considering how suspicious the latest iOS "vulnerability" was, you can add a 3) :

3) Apple gave NSO new backdoor entries into iOS devices and they – NSO – are busy updating their Pegasus offering

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its internationally recognised borders

where said internationally recognized borders is also an interesting matter when considering Israel. May-be NSO should re-locate to Gaza so they're in a no-man's-land that doesn't belong to any country and thus can be exempted from any international jurisdiction ?

KDE Plasma 6.0 brings the same old charm and confusion

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Re: I think it looks good

why the downvotes ?

1) no mention of Kwin which is probably currently the best Linux window manager.

2) no mention of Dolphin, which is currently the best file manager on the planet, including ANY other OS

3) no mention of Kmail which is currently the best Linux mail app

4) as for the looks, KDE (or Plasma) can be made to look and behave like any modern or oldtimer DE (including CDE ! try that on Windows) ... if you spend enough time to optimise your desktop

in short, you look at the defaults but most users either make their own configs or use themes found online.

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Re: KDE Plasma 6.0 brings the same old charm "and confusion"

@Liam : I agree somehow that you seem to miss some of the killer features of KDE each time, and you concentrate on the default aesthetic look-and-feel (which is important I agree, but not solely) :

1) Kmail, Korganiser, Kontact: this is the ONLY usable Linux mail and calendar app that is professionally capable. From what I see, it's on par with what MacOS can propose (dunno about MS Outook). What other Linux offering do you know of that can sync with a Zimbra server online and on your Android phone ? (use DavX) Thunderbird used to sort-of do some of it but it's mostly unmaintained.

2) Kio-slaves: this is even better, because you can use your local desktop (the Dolphin file manager) for remote accesses to FTP, SFTP ... servers as if you were local. I've not seen anything approaching this in usability, surpassing anything that Windows or MacOS can provide.

3) Dolphin can also be made to be used as the legendary MidnightExplorer file manager, including remote server access: what other modern DE do you know that offers natively such a workflow ?

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I understand, and I suggest you try QtCurve style, I've been using it since ... ever (since I discovered it) and never looked back. My widgets look like ~MacOS X Leopard, the best ever MacOS : 3D but not the preposterous Aqua style

FAA gives SpaceX a bunch of homework to do before Starship flies again

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Re: Moon landing

The Apollo Lunar landers didn't "launch from a bare surface of the moon " but from the platform that they brought down with them : only a small part of the lander launched the 2 astronauts back into Monn orbit. And they were not reusable.

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Re: In the Reg forum?

highly paid and trained engineers

1) they might not be those deciding

2) I'd be interested in the "highly paid" figures

3) didn't all other failed aeronautical and space projects have those highly paid engineers ?

All-in-all, mistakes happen. I think there was a recent aircraft carrier that was designed and built too short for the aircraft that it was designed to carry, they had to "extend" the ship. And think of the 737 Max fiasco, or the Piaggion Avanti with its noise due to the propellers on the trailing edge. The world of (aerospace) engineering is full of "oh sh***t didn't think of that " moments.

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Re: payload ?

the engines were throttled down well below maximum thrust

you mean that the rocket exploded despite not being at full power ? So when they decide that the rocket is "ready" then they'll launch it with full payload and full throttle, something they will never have tested before ? You can't be serious

As for 100T payload, a 5x5x5m water ballast would do the job, no security or other dangers on re-entry.

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payload ?

If it had had a payload, it would have made it to orbit ... Starship was approximately 150 km up and traveling at around 24,000 kph at the time

but if it indeed did have a 100T payload, then it would have been that much heavier and thus it wouldn't have made it to orbit either. Also, Oxygen doesn't burn by itself, it needs some fuel: where was that supposed to come from ?

All-in-all, I persist in saying that this will never make it to orbit, let alone to the Moon.

Underwater cables in Red Sea damaged months after Houthis 'threatened' to do just that

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Re: conflicting accounts

The oft-repeated claim that they're "Iran-backed"

the problem with this claim is not only that it's unproven, but that the same label is not used for other "forces" in play : when did you ever hear about "NATO backed Ukraine" ? Or "USA backed Israel" ? As for Iraq, is it USA-backed or Iran-backed now ?

Such "Iran-backed" (or Russia-backed) narrative is only here to build hatred towards the target country by association : nothing concrete is said, but the repeated subtle propaganda settles in. The same could be seen with Julian Assange: he was depicted as an ars****le for years, even here, so there was no sympathy left for him once the extradition to the USA – which he fought against from the beginning – was announced. It's straight from the Nazi propaganda book: repeat a lie often enough and people will start believing it. I find it somehow uncomfortable that ElReg plays that game

EU wants to make undersea internet cables more resilient

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glass-house + stone

The US apparatchiks are beginning to discover that blowing up North-Stream was, may-be, a bad idea after-all, for a society entirely dependent on such large-scale infrastructures, and exposed to logical retaliation.

KDE 6 misses boat to make it into Kubuntu 24.04

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KDE 5.27 stable EOL

which, then shouldn't shock any LTS release. I'd be more surprised to see a KDE6 release candidate for a Kubuntu long-term support version

iFixit tears Apple's Vision Pro to pieces

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Re: A question

Because Apple have too much money in the bank and needed something new – anything – to show. And the iCar-thing didn't quite work out. They also thought about an iToilet-wiper ... but then, you'd have asked the same question.

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Re: Worth mentioning

I've been a 3D CAD user for twenty years [...] which I appreciate is niche

millions of people do 3D CAD, so no it's not "niche". And the difficult bit about CAD is not the CA part – Computer Assisted – but the D one – Design. You need to know and understand (both !) the mechanics and physics behind the design choices, and the computer will only assist you in the drawing part, which is admittedly easier than with a pen and paper. Actually, it's not easier but more forgiving : you don't have to redraw everything if you make a small mistake. BUT: if you're not able to do a good design on paper, you won't be able to do a good design in 3D CAD. These glasses will not help the tiniest bit in doing 3D CAD.

It took Taylor Swift deepfake nudes to focus Uncle Sam, Microsoft on AI safety

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Re: There is no undoing the AI

Even worse: you can't buy nitro anymore because some "terrorists" made bombs with it. You can't even buy the gasoline for those RC cars with more than 16% nitro where I live. Used to be 25% some time ago.

But aaaahhhhh .... the noise ! And the smell !!!! Electric cars might be faster - dunno - but hell are they boring

Windows 11 24H2 is coming so we can all shut up about Windows 12 for another year

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Re: Meh

Yes they did. But predictions are difficult, especially if they are about the future

Wikileaks source and former CIA worker Joshua Schulte sentenced to 40 years jail

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the threats we face from truly oppressive regimes

Like what "threats" ? And who is "we" ?

Zolko Silver badge

the list is growing

Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea/Bradley Manning, and now Joshua Schulte. For the land of the free, isn't this list of political enemies a little too long ?

Apple redecorates its iPhone prison to appease Europe

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Re: I think I disagree, but I’m not sure…

1) I don't drink Nespresso, I drink proper Italian expresso, so I don't really know the issue, it was only something I read. You might be right, thank-you for clarifying

2) for cars on the other hand you're wrong: it is mandatory that you can replace replaceable parts with compatible gear from any manufacturer, there can be no "vendor lock-in". This goes for tires, filters, brakes, clutches .... While it's true that you can't replace the engine of a Fiat 500 with that of a Lamborghini, you can replace the engine of your Fiat 500 with an engine that you buy from someone else as Fiat, for example a refurbished one from your local workshop, without paying a cent to Fiat. Which means that if Apple itself has provided a mechanism to install external programs on the iPhone, then it's in the same ball-park as tires or wind-shield wipers : it cannot restrict from where you get those external programs.

Zolko Silver badge

Re: I think I disagree, but I’m not sure…

how exactly is your consumer choice impacted by the iPhone being closed ?

because it's forbidden ! The same way that a car manufacturer cannot restrict your choice of tires, even though he could argue – like you – that you can buy some other car where you can buy the tires of your choice. And it's forbidden for a good reason: to allow interoperability. That's why Nestlé had to allow compatible capsules for their Nespresso machines. Now, some company can come up with an AppStore that would be compatible with both iOS and Android, like Epic or Steam. That's what Apple wants to prevent.

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Re: I think I disagree, but I’m not sure…

What task do people need to perform on the iPhone that they can’t using the standard tools ?

making a secure call and be sure that nobody can intercept and decrypt de message ? Look up "Tienanmen " in a search engine ? Read rt.com ?

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Nice story, quite similar to mine ... except that I switched to Linux, not Windows. I tried BeOS in-between (was great !) but unfortunately that one didn't go very far. So I invite you to try some sort of Linux. My current favorite is the Debian-based MX-Linux. If you're even more adventurous you can try a BSD, but that's beyond my grade.

What I found surprising was that at the beginning MacOS could open any type of hard-disk with any format you could plug-in, but today it refuses to mount Linux Ext4 filesystems and only accepts its own and Microsoft's various FATs.

The Land Before Linux: Let's talk about the Unix desktops

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Re: Standards

Flatpacks, Snaps, AppImages, DMGs, VMs ... all need a POSIX compliant environment ? Are you sure ?

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Re: Standards

POSIX is important if you compile the software yourself, not so much if you download binaries.

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Re: Title / article mismatch?

And not even written by Liam

We put salt in our tea so you don't have to

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Re: Milk?

I prefer with some lemon. Also at the end when the tea is removed, of course (or else it does get bitter ... but I won't try to put salt in there to avoid the bitterness)