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Orange boasts: We made Google PAY US for traffic

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Somes paquets are more equal than others


But now, I'm waiting to see the Newspeak showing in google translate.

Facebook friends bash servers, storage, and racks into bits


Re: Dreamy?

IMHO it'll definitely work. Somehow, it's just history repeating itself. We moved from mainframes computer, to commodity hardware (then companies started to move back to some professional level hardware). And why did they do that? Simply because it was way to expensive to change the mainframe, or loosing to much time+money when it would break down and you need some super experts to find the problem.

Here, assuming it works, you can just remove some layer of complexity: we need to upgrade the hardware, let's buy some new blades and its associated NAS storage. You just replace that by: we need to upgrade the hardware, let's find the bottleneck and change only that piece. We'll save time on migration and everything else.

Things which seem impossible will just be common in a few years. Guys inventing HDD of 1 metre radius probably didn't think at that time that eventually we would use 512GB SSD for nothing.

Microsoft says Google trying to undermine Windows Phone


Are you sure?

If you don't provide the same service to everyone inside your bar, this is a bit unfair no?

Some people might have a dream that one day ...

Microsoft scrambles to thwart new Internet Explorer 0-day attack


Re: IE zero day exploit

As I say to my friends, stick to automatic updates and the latest version, and no I can't repair your microwave.

Secrets of an ad broker: NoSQL, millisecond auctions and FLASH ARRAYS


Surprised ?

Actually most of the articles related to storage are like this, advertisement hidden in plain-view. And it really is, I saw it when I was working with some storage company and could see the article at el reg was more or less the public announcement.

That being said, how could they do differently ? I mean, everything related to storage is really expensive in terms of money, time to install, time to see the real benefits. Obviously they can't give a try to everything as easily as to the new laptop measure the battery life and compare the .

But I'm pretty sure if anybody knows of better ways to talk about storage, the writers of the register would take good notice. :)

Paris, cauz she knew how to make her own publicity.

Schmidt preaches 'deep integration' desire with Facebook, Twitter


Know what you are talking about

Apart from the fact that I don't care about knitting, I think the cross stitch is great, but not as cool the stitched knit.

Try to use facebook one time, you might learn a few things.

1/ You can download all of your data in account parameters, download your data.

2/ Whatever I put on facebook is not accessible to anybody, if you do not use lists of friends or confidentiality parameters it is your own problem.

Schmidt is more than scary, and ou are praising to give more information. Read 1984, please do.

Mozilla to ship Firefox 4 on 22 March


Memry usage

What would be very annoying, would be you having paid 6GB of memory and using only 1GB or so of it. This would be incredibly stupid, unless you love to throw money out if windows?

If your computer needs memory to run something else, the available memory to your browser will be reduced. If it's not needed by anything else, it's just normal to give all the memory available to whoever needs it.

Have a look at the ressource monitor, the goal is to reduce at maximum the free memory available. You paid for it, it should be used, and not let free. As it is said by T.K. 'you can't put it in the vault, so you'd better use it'

So did Windows Phone 7 'bomb in US'?


Darwin was true ?

And then what?

Comm'on, you want to start from scratch, regardless of evolution? Let's remove SMS then.

I really hope you won't produce anything yourself.

"Hold on, it's the first bicycle I'm building, yes it has no break, no pedals and then what? Did the first one have some?"

Facebook engineer bashes Google for Gmail block

Big Brother

No evil inside

Bad move from google, again. Look's like it's not enough to spy on chrome users, geo-localize users, save eveysite google-accounts are looking for.

Little zucky has some balls refusing to deal with them, he knows he has the power , from ad serving in US, launching reduction when going to Mc Donald with facebook switched on and so on.

Anyway, google shouldn't be able to retrieve informations from facebook, it's another website. AC, do you really think that everything you do on the internet, from this forum, to all the creepy one you go should be related together and anyone being able to see it? Huhu


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