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Report: Apple seeking to raise iPhone 6 price by a HUNDRED BUCKS

Markus Wallett

lol@gamechanger. What's it do? Teleport you back and forth to Mars while providing you a bubble-suit of o2 at the same time?

Mystery martian object is relic of (our) civilisation

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Imagine seeing ruins on mars -- that you would infer as being from the past, but which haven't even been built yet (by our hands.) Get your heads around that.

USAF declassifies ‘flying saucer’ design

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Re: Reverse engineered from Roswell

Er....the Roswell craft was actually the inspiration behind the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird - - that futuristic looking plane from the 1960s that still looks futuristic today. In other words, it wasn't a flying saucer.

Intel's Windows 8 tablet Atom chip yields up its secrets

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I'd have to be bribed quite a bit to buy a computer with an Atom processor inside.

UK's loyalty set for £1.2bn Huawei reward

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Bross for a Knighthood

A person like Matt Bross would have starved to death in the Tower of London centuries ago, for treason. Nowadays, sellouts like him are given millions and heartily endorsed by the PM. Is it any wonder that the UK is in such a sorry state?

Hard-up fondlers rejoice: Tablet PC prices plummet

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never mind the bollix

Like smart phones, all these tablet products have similar chipsets, operating systems and looks. When is there going to be some diversity? Of course the answer is never. We're just under the illusion that the market is awash with choice.

Educating Rory: Are BBC reporters unteachable?

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LOL@html. I bet that taxed Mr Rory's 68 brain cells

Try Cobol, Pascal, C and all that, Rory McGory. Then write an article about it. And no cutting and pasting. That's only allowed for Reuters stories.

Suspected freetloaders to face piracy letters in 2014

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ASDA for jobsworths

Whoever come up with that organisation chart DCMS thingy deserves to have their knackers roasted on hot coals and then freeze-dried in the Artic. These people need to be made to work at Asda for 10 years to make them human again.

Windows 8: Sugar coating on Microsoft's hard-to-swallow tablet

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A Ford Focus in disguise

Firefox works on Win8 running flash video, and all in a VirtualBox too. I get the impression that I'm just running a modified version of Windows 7 under Metro, which will only be suited to tablets.

US.gov: We aren't hiding any space aliens

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MAJIC eyes only

LOl, this story is hilarious and may offer reassurance and comfort to those with IQS of 70. The US government isn't even in control of the information,so why bother to contact them in the first place? Any sensitive information will be part of compartmentalized special access programs. The reason for this: to keep secrets and allow for plausible deniability amongst those in government, as well as maintaining domestic tranquility. Most folks think that secret projects end with black projects entitled TOP SECRET, but there are many compartmentalised grey projects beneath that,labelled CRYPTO, MAJIC, etc.


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alphabet soups and keeping people in the dark

For gawd's sake, NASA and SETI are part of the consensus reality that makes people "collectively" a bunch of morons .The irony is that there's a lot of evidence to suggest that the Earth and humanity have been effectively "quarantined" for decades, but most of the population aren't aware of it. Our galactic quadrant is probably teeming with life, but we're like ants in a hill, and oblivious to most things around it. Non-terrestrials must really be having a good laugh at our collective stupidity.

HTC forgets Norwegian alphabet

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runes for rooneys

English used to have two extra runic letters in its alphabet -- thorn for "th" and wyn for "double-u".

Jobs savages 7-inch tablet competition

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Who's Steve Jobs?

I've had the pleasure (and displeasure) of using and trying out virtually every tablet ever been made -- plus some of which are only two or three months away -- and I have to say that personally the 7 inch hi-res (not 800x480) 16:9 form factor has the most going for it, not only from a practical standpoint, but in terms of usability as well. Yes, the ipad is a great device and deserves all the plaudits, but I think Samsung have a machine in the Tab that could easily outsell the ipad, as long as the price is right, that is £399.

Ridley Scott talks up 'nasty' Alien prequel

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don't pee on the memory of Alien

The only new spin on the franchise will be the 3-D factor, as far as I can tell, plus we might finally be told that the biomechanical aliens are in fact the biological weapons of some advanced alien civilisation gone wrong. The big question is: what else can Scott & Co bring to the series? Not a lot, I don't think, apart from filming it in 3D. Alien has never been beaten when it comes to sweat-inducing tension and atmosphere, although John Carpenter's The Thing almost did in 1982. Setting the film on Zeta Reticuli is surprising, considering it's supposedly one of the homes of the Greys.

Johnson: ID cards will pay for themselves

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Johnson+position on QinetiQ board

One thing politicians are excellent at is wasting billions by starting projects as "capital investments," which are essentially gravy trains dreamed up by multinationals and their lobbyist footsoldiers to suck up a once bottomless pit of taxpayer's money. If Johnson wants the ID card scheme to continue, then he can always finance it personally.

Acer T230H multi-touch monitor

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desktop+ touchscreen = not as gr8 as you'd think

No, it's not just you, Tom. Touchscreens for desktop machines just don't work, for the reasons that you've mentioned. A mouse is far more comfortable. Touchscreens will only come into their own on portable devices -- i.e, tablets.

Dan O’Bannon dies at 63

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A man with one or two great ideas

I think you'll find that Walter Hill and David Giler were the true brains behind Alien. They totally reworked and rewrote O'Bannon's screenplay, which had an all-male crew, a ship called the Snark and alien eggs in a pyramid.

No more UFO reports please, says MoD

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If some1 says I wanna believe one more time I'll zap 'em with my remote control

If something's a reality it doesn't matter what you believe. Only highly specialized compartments within the MOD are in the know when it comes to the "visitors". The vast majority of the MOD are in the dark. The MOD's official ufo desk was only there for public consumption -- it was a waste of time in the first place, although I'm sure it gave those in the know a greater purview of what was taking place across the UK.

'Alien spies live among us' says Bulgarian gov space boffin

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Aliens in the room, and no-one sees them for the mustard

The world basically operates like this: We're in one big consensus reality, with loads of emperors new clothes and elephants in the room with us. Essentially, the majority of the population like their comfort zones and their own little worlds, and the non-terrestrials appreciate that fact, which is nice of them. Personally I think they should appear in the open and go boo, and give a lot of people a psychological collapse. Now, that would be funny.

BTW, does anyone remember that story that made the mainstream media of that copper in Wiltshire who disturbed three "Tall Blondes" in that crop formation in July of this year, and they scarpered from the field like Usain Bolt, only 10 times faster?

BBC shows Olympic logo the door

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The odd thing is that the London 2012 logo spells Zion...Most curious.

Melting glaciers race for Antarctic shores

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the writing's on the wall

Put your heads collectively in the ice long enough and a bevy of seals might surprise you all by biting you on your rumps. Wake up...stop dreaming, to quote Wang Chung. ;)