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Dixons whacked by profit warning


Dixons are bad!

I went into Dixons in Southampton last weekend while the missus was clothes shopping. not to buy anything just to have a play with an iPad 2.

However I got distracted by the biggest tech lie I've ever seen in my life. They were trying to flog Norton 360 and had a sign saying Top 5 reasons why you need Norton 360. The first item on the list said:

"A computer is attacked within 12 minutes of being turned on - you need protection for your new PC"

I laughed and tried to find a sales assistant to ask how they had arrived at that conclusion. Couldn't find any so I snapped a pic of it using my phone, feel like I should submit it to Digg or Reddit. I'm tempted to get a marker pen, go back there and scribble this out and put the URL for MS Security essentials and write the word free!

Hacker sinks Royal Navy website


Accessibility 101

Actually a human would create a blank alt tag if the image was purely presentational and conveyed no information.

A blank alt tags tells a screen reader or other similiar user agent that there is an image here but the user doesn't need to know about it because it's just presentation. If you don't put an alt tag on a presentational image then depending on the user agent it will 'interpret' (read guess) what to do.

Having a user agent guess at what to do is always bad for accessibility. It could be programmed to read out the file name, which could be confusing for the user or embarasing, if your HTML guy likes to name the images with stupid names.

Remember always put an alt tag on an image even if it is blank. The blankness has information...