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Apple builds flagship store on top of PLAGUE HOSPITAL


Re: World War Z

You've got (RED)™ on you.

Fraudster gets ten years after selling fake 'ionic charge' bomb detectors


Not just Jim

What about Global Technical (Kent based company) selling their equally bullshit GT200 (http://www.globaltechnical.co.uk/gt200-remote-substance-detection.html) or the European unival group still selling the SNIFFEXPLUS/HEDD1 (http://www.hedd1.com/)?

Schlockmeister Troma's back catalog hits YouTube


Re: as someone said

Yeah but some of them aren't too bad. Troma's War is alright and I was at the UK premiere of Poultrygeist and sat next to Lloyd Kaufman in the theatre. Very nice chap.

Euro banks slam dot-bank plan


Re: Riiight and what about...

Exactly. People can't tell phishing sites apart as it is. A unique .bank will not change things.

<a href="secure.barclays.bank.session-log.in/enteryourpin.html">secure.barclays.bank/session-login/enteryourpin.html</a>

Wales calls on ICANN to unleash .cymru

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Its far too long a TLD

Google punts free in-flight Wi-Fi for holiday travelers


@AC Flash might actually be a good idea here

If a flash based captcha is required for in-flight wifi then doesnt that pretty much guarantee that a toner cartridge couldnt ever connect to it for a signal? As far as i'm aware noone is making a flash plugin for ink cartridges. For iDevices that can't get flash perhaps they could make an app for that?