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4 in 5 surfers open to browser exploits from fixed flaws

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Just Use It

Qualys is a quite old name (end of last century), and in my memory reputable and well connected including IBM. Doesn't mean it's safe to use their checker but it's not the same as adding an add-on from an unknown scammer.

Unfortunately many websites fail miserably if you don't allow JavaScript and unless you want to limit your sources of business supplies (and therefore pay extra or get worse) you have to allow it to run. I even use some little JavaScript on my business sites to "enhance" the use with complete failback.

My advice - run the tool. If you don't have enough experience to trust it, you don't have enough experience or knowledge NOT to use it :-) But if you can protect yourself normally, it's a useful extra tool and I thank theregister for linking to it.

Spamhaus blocks fellow antispam outfit

Anonymous and no wonder

Admin AND business owner

Any decision whether to deploy a blocklist should not be made just by an admin, it should be done only after consultation at top level in a business. Blocking legitimate email addresses (or IP addresses - or worse, whole blocks) can cost companies customers - or suppliers.

Anyone who's tried to get the likes of yahoo not to block their legitimate mail server (no spam), with limited email from domains with SPF records, and fully rDNS IP addresses along the chain, even on the broadband fixed static address connections, will understand what a complete pain ignorant and unnacountable admins such as yahoo have, can be.

As a business owner I'm also server admin, and I don't currently use an RBL, exactly because the blocklist owners are lords of their own domain - as am I!


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