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Julian Assange jailed for 50 weeks over Ecuador embassy bail-jumping


Re: @Len After 50 weeks

Maybe it was a 737 Max 8?

City of Atlanta's IT gear thoroughly pwned by ransomware nasty


Re: @Amos1

I think working with accountants is great honestly. They make sure the numbers line up and nothing obviously shonky is going on. Number counters aren't the problem, it's the nutters with the account numbers that are. Yes. Management.

Five things you need to know about Microsoft's looming Windows 10 Spring Creators Update


Re: Great!

Guys! I figured out how to disable it altogether!


Microsoft says 'majority' of Windows 10 use will be 'streamlined S mode'


Well, if you want encouragement. I did it.

Emprie:TW, X3:AP, Stellaris, Factorio, Arma3, Cities Skylines all work just fine on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS - the only thing a little sketchy is installing steam and steam overlay I turned off. 1080Ti works just fine here too.

And I can choose what and how to update. There's proprietary drivers for GPUs just the same... as if open source drivers matter for most gamers... you're buying proprietary hardware...

The thing I note that doesn't is Company of Heros which I occasionally play with family.

I rarely use Windows personally anymore and happier for it. Only a matter of time till I wipe that SSD and one day discover the usb stick for windows and wonder if I could wipe that too...

Seriously we put up with vista, took a deep breath with windows7, windows 8 got us angry all over and 10 is a goddam nightmare.

It's an operating system for christ's sake. I decided near the end of last year, that's it. I'm out.

Wasps force two passenger jets into emergency landings


Re: Cunning Plan

If we can survive down here this long what makes you think Nukes are gonna hurt us.

Trouble at t'spinning rust mill: Disk drive production is about to head south


Re: I'm puzzled

Slow (fast enough) fat storage is still desired here.

I know all my dashcam footage takes a whole 3TB drive on it's own... and that just died so I'll be looking for another drive (or two) as it was a bitter personal disaster recovery failure

Why Tim Cook is wrong: A privacy advocate's view


Re: except

Whatever. With online backups - just make sure you have factory reset your devices before handing it over to authorities, walk out of the airport etc and reconnect to your profile.

You can get me to login to my online account over hot coals. If it's insisted you log in to your account - have an empty or dummy account ready - just for them.

If the agencies are going to treat adults with such contempt to make us out like children - I see no reason why we cannot play the game.

They started it...

Will IT support please come to the ward immediately. Weeeee have a tricky problem


Not the next one! The one 3 times before the one after that.

Russian Pastafarian wins right to bear colander


Re: sociologists ... who get to decide what is a religion and what is a cult.

Praise be.


Senate asks DHS: you don't negotiate with terrorists, but do you pay off ransomware?


Re: NSA help?

That was just mean associating the NSA with SharePoint.

What did the NSA ever do to you to get dragged so low :-)

Man goes to collect stolen-car court docs found in stolen car in stolen car


Re: "a Nissan Infiniti"

I know my Skoda rocks. I love it *almost* as much as my rice.

I hadn't considered to be the likes of Audi and Bugatti... until now!

Nice it is finally getting the respect it deserves :-)

Globe-spanning SEA-ME-WE 3 sea cable feared cut, broken or ...


Derp. Underwater view... get clicking...


Big Content Australia just blew a big hole in its credibility


Discover outside.

If it's too expensive or the content is too crap. And it is on both counts... just do something better! Like anything outside! Get fit and meet people, make new friends and have a blast.

It's a lot of fun and there is no mandatory advertising that actively blocks your time...yet. I hear you can even meet members of the opposite sex and everything...

Microsoft WINDOWS 10: Seven ATE Nine. Or Eight did really


Re: I'll keep it on the back burner until at least...

Sooo.... that would be Windows 15 then? I'm just going to go ahead and assume SP1 is not an incremental build either...

Torvalds rails at Linux developer: 'I'm f*cking tired of your code'


Re: coding

Just had to do this: ... "just considered *an* asshole". :)

Jurors start stretch in the cooler for Facebooking, Googling the accused


Re: Typcial

RE: train driver.

It couldn't be that perhaps the current systems are deficient or anything else *other than* willful negligence?

I mean, I was reading this as a tragic accident so far and didn't know for myself that he was proven guilty of anything yet. Thanks for saving us all the time to find out.

Guilty. 79 dead already, what's the death of one more amirite?

Why the Apple-Samsung verdict is good for you, your kids and tech


Re: Identity stealing

Dude. I’ll bite, just because it’s better than doing work. But I’m entirely ignoring the first part of your post.

* Apple didn't invent black, in electronic devices or otherwise. It’s a colour that generally doesn’t offend the majority, just like white.

* Icons to launch apps, square or otherwise, are the tried and tested method of launching apps (easily) since OS’s evolved from console apps, though I do remember XTREE. Icons are hardly Apples.

* SSung also didn’t choose to implement icons that: flash red and blue randomly, positioned roughly in a grid concentrically, disappear as you go to select them, have the icon default shape of a Torx security screw head with a triangular, multi-coloured background while swirling everything across the screen like stuff in a fishbowl so things overlap and you can’t select the one you want… breaths… probably is because while certainly distinctive - it’s stupid and would piss people off. Not something you aim for when you want them to buy your crap.

It’s hardly *novel* to opt with using square app / web link icons in a square grid on a square piece of screen real estate. There is loads of prior art to prove that too.

TITANIC 'UNLIKELY' TO SINK AGAIN, says prof - apparently


It's relative. It will be the worst maritime disaster ever. For you.

Qld council gets crafty with mobile data mining


No it won't. Most SE QLD local govts already use specialised mobile, devices for traffic infringements.

Apple admits iPhone battery suckage, promises fix


I supplied a title anyhow.

I thank you el reg for just reporting the news. Sure you make up units, but you didnt this time at least jump on the everything-gate bandwagon. Thank you. It's just a glitch in a dam iphone - not a presidency ender.

Just came from http://www.theaustralian.com.au/australian-it/apple-admits-to-iphone-4s-software-bug-that-drains-the-battery/story-e6frgakx-1226184443383

A fairly normal article until you get assaulted with "Antennagate" and "Batterygate" ... really? That's as stupid as "Utegate": http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/utegate-cops-put-malcolm-turnbull-in-clear/story-0-1225744498449

Watergate was a long time ago but the stupid Baby Boomer reporters here won't get off it. Stop smoking those things and stop making lame, unnecessary, words up and then injecting them into your report.

This whole wordgate affair smells of a ripe conspiracygate.

Drone nerve centre malware was Mafia Wars' infostealer



wasn't connected to the internet.

I agree with your first sentiment - no need to connect it to the internet. I disagree that it's invulnerable to attack if it's not though.

Cuffed Oz bank Trojan perp aiming to bleach his hat



Knew what he was doing was wrong and illegal. Nothing different to picking someone's pocket but much worse cause can/do rob them broke with potential to dip in again and again.

He would have known the risks and moral slant of his actions, I have 0 sympathy for this scum. Lock him up already.

& only "developing" "gaming to excess" @ 14? n00b. No wonder he turned to a life of crime :)


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