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Moller Skycar to finally crash and burn?

Stuart Hull

Gilo Cardozo

Gilo Cardozo the Brit boffin built and flew his prototype flying car last year, and while it used parasail for lift rather than ducted jets it worked and flew / drove miles. Not very Sci-Fi but a simple solution to the problem.

Logitech Harmony 1100 universal remote control

Stuart Hull


The £50 harmony is a great device I love the way it remembers what is on / off and what channels they are set to - so much more powerful the macro functions on other so called universal remotes. Each key is individually programmable & it will even learn non standard remotes (so if you coffee maker is IR controlled then yes maybe it will control it). Configuration is quite involving but once set up is a joy.

Google Checkout downchecked by UK users

Stuart Hull

Works OK for me but...

I've used it twice with ebuyer (on super-saver delivery which means stuff sits in their warehouse for a week before being despatched next day) to get the £10 discount.

One problem for Google - once the £10 offer is withdrawn I'll not use it again! Another set of logins, hassles and emails… No thanks I'll just enter my card number in future, it's not difficult or time consuming.


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