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Jolla's Android-aping Sailfish OS smartphones to land in November



I did my account two days ago and no problems?

'Last EVER REAL Nokia' phone heads for Verizon, leaky pic-spurt reveals



you do know there is the following coming...

lumia 1520

lumia 1320

lumia 2520

3 asha phones

and a 8" tablet that is basically finalised

AND whatever is underway now is the phones for next year?

So it would be fair to say there will be about 20 more devices of Nokias old D&S.

( the false assumption here is MS will change the setup)

Elop and a couple of others go to US but the design team stays where they are doing what they are doing now but with greater access to integration that will be on ALL WP* phones.

( Oh no this is bad -lol)

Ohh! The PRECIOUS! Give it to uss. We WANTS it: Shiny iThings coming in 2014


funny to frightening

the Gollum analogy was highly amusing

(thanks for the laugh)

unfortunately the more I thought about it

a frightening reality started to emerge.

Can they be saved ?

Microsoft watches iPads flood into world's offices: Right, remote desktop clients. It's time


Pity it was not a two way street

I could say MS devs were tied up doing the 100th rewrite

of crap to access goggles stuff and their ever moving goal posts.

Or Apples walled communist garden.

At least one of them is doing something about convergence.

I do get your frustration...

but its still better than anything you would get from apple or google if they were in that position.

Tesco's new fondleslab winks at Apple's stealthy NFC assassin iBeacon


Re: Maybe I'm missing something here... Ah yes

You are talking about serialized product.

99% of the things we buy are not...

I wonder how many Apples(sorry for the pun) I could take out of a grocery store

with a single docket.

there is no clear direct association for docket to item.

Its like the old days of honesty boxes... farmers I knew said about 1 in 5 "purchases" were paid

in full. Although a great idea you just don't see them any more.

Apple wins patent for entrance to retail store


Re: the golden colour.

For more informed consumers

They understand these are synonymous for the brand

All I see is another slow trudging decline to the small end of town for Apple.

They have managed to do it with every other product they have had and I don't see

that changing.

As usual Apple have no grey area in their assumed brilliance..

Microsoft Surface 2 fondleslabs finally get off ground with airline order


at least

they wont end up splattered on a runaway

the lumia 820 will direct the to the airport correctly and not onto runaway

I doubt it is much more than they have the system already developed and

putting it on surface is a no brainer. and far easier without having to develop

for multiple platforms completely from scratch.

Windows 8 fans out-enthuse Apple fanbois


Re: "Windows 8 fans out-enthuse Apple fanbois"

Have a think about businesses.

your may have multiple tablets that are used by employees

also PCs at key locations and not just you personal PC and phone.

All of these systems may need access by multiple people.

This is more enterprise thinking not toy thinking

which is personal use.

Thorium and inefficient solar power? That's good enough for me


Hydro-Better yet look at its efficiencies

a lead acid battery which is not great is miles better than hydro on a ROI basis.

What about indias new LEU thorium reactors.

What about ITERs new fussion reactor

( I honestly think everyone will bicker for the next 20-30 yrs till this is done and then the greenies can be silenced)

Solar prices - well that's now because Chinas manufacturing the cells

- any greenie want to hazard a guess what the energy source is?

as 95% of the cost of them is energy in the manufacturing process?

Unfortunately we have big energy needs and its going to need a big solution

Having lived of solar exclusively ( well tried...) its a fallacy...

LPG and diesel are still the work-horses in these scenerios.

for the householder

yes you're still on the grid -its just the smoke and mirrors that greenies lie about.

Peak Apple: Has ANYONE at all ordered a new iPhone 5c?


If the phone was $200-300 us outright I would say OK.

it looks tacky and cheap...

if youre looking for something cheap then that is often the look of those items

- I think it will just p!ss people off when they find out the cost.

They understand premium but that has nothing to do with understanding the

global market. Its not that Apple cannot, its just they dont care... same as

so many areas of computing that they have grovelled to get access to without supporting

in anyway themselves.

Windows 8.1: Microsoft's reluctant upgrade has a split-screen personality



I find a lot of the comments a bit @nal

Having used win7 and win8.

other than adding the start button they worked 99.9% the same

I actually found win8 as a experience more forthcoming and

the system prompts far more generic and user friendly.

there is a lot more "plain language prompts now"

on upgrading to win8 the only learning curve I had was the apps screen

and that was about 5 minutes playing around till I was comfortable with it.

I really believe to many people over think a lot of this

sometimes cheap and nasty apps that pollute the phone/tablet ecosystems

is all you may need. I like the fact that that is an option.

with GIS systems havings access to both

provides a usable creative platform and the consumable interface ie tablets/phones.

When I have work to do I use the desktop and real programs.

if I choose to take a break and just consume info from live tiles or chitchat then its a simple swipe

on my dual screen PC they both can be visible.

I think a lot of the stigma is purely in peoples heads and has little to do with reality.

Not unlike the 80ies and 90ies where 90% of people had mental blocks about PCs.

if you had given them a smartphone back then they would have complained it had no buttons

to dial with!

Larry 'Shared databases are crap' Ellison reveals shared Oracle database


Re: Oracle mainframe?


I have it on good authority, that if you dont knock on the broom closet door you never see them?

World+dog discovers hi-res aerial maps, thanks to Google and Apple


3D modeling?

Already done for cities....lol

guys.... maps.nokia.com have had this for over a year.

google and apple are so far behind in this area and really not worth using if you want 3D street level view.

Christ appears in phone advert, secular authorities act



Richard Dawkins?

No he would think it was funny.. maybe with a slogan "the real deal nothing fake here!"

You know atheists may be a bit insensitive to you.

but at least they do not tell others they will burn in hell for not believing.

You see this behaviour of your like-minded fellows is the most offensive and

gives you no basis for complaint.


They should keep all of it sensored

If you want to be in the public domain then fine... accepted the feedback.

Otherwise crawl back into the hole you came from.

Sorry but engaging the world only on your terms is just despotism.

Networks, handset makers vie for mobile dominance


there are courses for this...

Yes.. mostly waffle

why is there no professionalism any more...

just self-indulgent individuals who cannot seem to provide an objective non-partisan review.

(by all means add your personal view or feelings clearly stated as such)

The register seems to attract this type of reporting...poor effort

sorry not meant to offend.

Oh by the way how did you determine meego is dead?

Hmm. not because of Nokia they don't control it.

not because of sales ... not on sale yet(phones)

not because of reviews of upcoming products ...all rave reviews

not because of manufacturer interest?

you really should do more work and less I feel stuff..again sorry but this is a very poor article

Cheapskate Aussie net-shoppers safe from GST for now


Lazy people looking for the easy life

The Aussie market is a blatant rip-off ! it may not be the retailers but someone is ripping of the australian public and the only way this will be resolved is thru competition. I would have been happy to pay 50% more to an aussie store but this is rediculous. Oh its not my fault.. is the lazy cry... yes I know heard all this excuses... but now it is the retailers problem best you do something and quick. This is not a consumer issue or a taxation issue This is the free market and its about time aussie big business' learn a hard lesson.

(Note: even with a poor exchange rate these still half the price)

Here are my recent purchases

Lets see .....

Levis au $100

levis US $30

Charger AU $485

Charger US $180

T-handle AU $120

T-handle US $15

All of these are the exact same brands

Nokia and Apple bury patent beef


Silly people and their biased phone views

Any commonly (required tech) must be sold on F/RAND terms.

This is to ensure a level playing field and competition.

Why would Apple reject this?

Apple has the worst history of IP theft but has largely got by by being a small player till


As to Apples claims against Nokia .... that would be OS Right! well- talk to Intel and MS.

Are they saying symbian is using IOS tech? LOL

Look they didnt have a leg to stand on and they new it. Nokia was nice enough to agree to

a non-disclosure so Apple could save face.

I'm sure when Droid capitulate they will take it on the JAW and not try to push it under the carpet

like the Apple believers that need to think their religion is perfect.

iPhone users are sad and mentally unfocused


LOL like they live in the here and now....

"Many philosophical and religious traditions teach that happiness is to be found by living in the moment, and practitioners are trained to resist mind wandering and to 'be here now,'" Killingsworth and Gilbert contend. "These traditions suggest that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind." (and a deluded life is not a real life)

what a load of cr*p.

religion is an alternate universe

Philosophers never live it.

yikes.. what impulsive hedonistic self-serving @%#$%

maybe its just the iphone, so simple its boring

Nokia slips out Designed By Community handset



customers need to be surprised and impressed, not consulted.

Well then you should have just read it and said nothing ...

after all your opinions are nothing....

Nokia N8 smartphone

Thumb Up

I love the phone

In a couple of hours I had it configured just the way I like it...I am fussy!

3 screens of widgets and apps (who cares if the old menu is there?)

In reading all the above comments which I would like to thank everyone for....

If you havent used one then ask a question about you concerns not the mindless regurgitation of other individuals gripes/bias.

Hey it makes calls all the time doesnt break when you drop it. There was one reviewer who dropped it 3 metres onto concrete with barely a scratch(tiny ones) and kept going.

Its got Flash and it works great....

would you buy a computer that didnt support flash?

Anyway on the whole I am happy with the phone and would recommend it.