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PGP founder's mobile privacy app goes live


"and then enter the unsecure public networks, "


Iran linked to al-Qaeda's web jihadi crew by old-school phone line


I had a quick read on http://www.ansar1.info and it is pretty racy verbiage, so long as you lived a thousand years ago. Im my opinion it's a load of crazy-preacher talk.

A wonderful example of super superfluous twaddle is here:

"And may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, his companions, and those who follow him. Thereafter:

Our hearts bleed and our eyes shed tears for the passing of our beloved preaching Mujahid scholar Sheikh Abu Yahya al-Libi, may Allah have wide mercy upon him and accept him among the martyrs. He was a model and example to the Ummah, a man who put Jihad for the sake of Allah above all else. Even with the cowardly drones of the kufaar flying over him, our Sheikh feared no one but Allah the Almighty and waged Jihad with his tongue, his pen, and himself, and may Allah give him the greatest of rewards for his efforts and make him reside with the martyrs in the Gardens of Paradise."

Pastafarians: Get your noodly appendages off that Facebook suspect


Jesus and the donkey

Well then, what message are we sending when we print cartoons depicting Mohammed in a bikini yet with the other hand arrest a man that compared a Greek monk to a pasta dish.

EU: Repeal all these blasphemy laws now : Laws that Greece are free to re-enact if they untangle themselves from the EU ;)

Ubuntu 12.10: More to Um Bongo Linux than Amazon ads


Big deal. (Pun intended). Just disable the Lens. I do not begrudge them trying to make some money. Especially when I can disable it. However, I wonder what the non-technical world of users think about this. My parents mayn't even notice, or care.

Nominet mulls killing off the .co from .co.uk


Re: Cat's already out of the bag

It is not about brand confusion. It is about making a quick bob.

Polish Samsung Galaxy S IIIs first to scoff Jelly Bean update


I've run JellyBean 4.1.1 [CM10] on my Samsung i9100 since July 2012. What's new?


Organic food offers basically no health benefit, boffins find


Sugar and salt in bun

The industry's illusion that its plastic food preservation techniques, packaging and sweetly salty water pumed food is what people want should be challenged. Both organic and non-organic food processes suffer the same problems. In these cases both foods are bad for you.

I do not want a bite of plastic wrapped food with glucose syrup and salt.

When was the last time you bought a glass bottle of milk? From Unigate?

China's net addiction staff told to stop the beatings


I still do not understand the desire to beat up a child, or adult for that matter, as a form of treatment. Loss of job? I'd throw 'em in the brig.

New smart meter tells Brits exactly what they already know


Coal powered fun

Dig and then burn your own coal from the disused coal seam down the road. It'll keep you warm in the winter, heat your water, and make for great summer barbies.

On top of all this, it may well be free! (What no coal seam near you? Just substitute coal with some pine trees - The local country will pay you to take those away.)

Pipex 'silence' condemned punters' emails to spam blackhole

IT Angle

Better to run ones own email server, which will probably outside of the affected IP range. Otherwise your precious email is reliant on a third party SMTP relay (Pipex in this case).

ISP kills off country-ban dodge after just 48 hours



GeoIP is also used for target advertisments. I live in the Netherlands, yet do not speak Dutch. There are advertisments all over my screen (perhaps more so than most countries given the Dutchmens' love of trading) and don't have a clue what is being offered. I think GeoIP is great :D I shall be saddened when they cotton on to this. The downside is that many gmail settings are forced into Dutch, so I cannot use these, which in turn means I stopped using Gmail, which turned out to be a good thing :D

Matt Groening reveals location of Simpsons' Springfield


"and, growing up in nearby Portland, felt an affinity with the town." Which is some 150kms away.

French court lays le smackdown on Google Maps



The supermarkets did the same with the butchers, bakers greengrocers and milkmen. Undercut them out of existence, and then put their prices up to making a profit again once the small businesses were out of business.

The small businesses did not stand a chance, and we gained KingsMill foam bread, hormone enhanced milk, and tasteless fruit and veg. The butchers probably left the country, and no one will every be fathers by the twinkle in a milkman's eye.

The supermarkets got away with it. Regardless of the outcome of the French court-case, Google has pretty much won :( I support the token gesture of the fine meted out.

Bigger businesses win: Look, in every country one can legally sell cigarettes to teenagers in the safe knowledge that these will cause life threatening disease.


US Style

I think so long as you dress the product in US glitz (think modernity in Bordeaux), or the glaring carousal complete with Micky & Daffy, then the French will love it. They like to [poorly] imitate US fashion and culture. Just look at all those post-war 1960-1980 buildings :D

Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN promise songs but no Facebook hack

Paris Hilton

gotta laugh

"radio stations will by law, have to play it. Will they thwart the law to continue making sheep out of the people? "

Radio playlists are no governed by law. These people have a very distorted view of the world. I wish they would grow up and start taking drugs like the rest of us. I won't buy it.

Lest us forget the irony of them claiming the law should play their party tune, when they are willing to break the law. Have to love the cheek of it.

Paris, because she would not be seen dead with a bunch of pubescent basement dwellers, but she may be content to sell them some slinky lingerie and television series on DVD.

Admin: Gmail phishers stalked victims for months



What has a 活泉 got to do with it?

El Reg pays by phone – mmmm, free cookies!



The Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) does not have the NFC in the UK. Maybe later they tell us, but to date not at all. So this leaves an Android reference/dev phone and maybe the iPhone

BT cheerfully admits snooping on customer LANs


the same

Actually, this is exactly what I did.

Brit expats aghast as Denmark bans Marmite



Boycott the Danes' bacon in Britain.



Did they also ban vitamin pills? ^^

Samsung Galaxy S II dual core Android smartphone


2Ghz car crash dummy: 1.5Ghz stable

Someone has successfully overclocked the i9100 dual core to 2Ghz. See xda-developers forum. However it was unstable. Stability was shown at 1.5Ghz.


NFC available in the 32Gb i9100

NFC was omitted from the i9100 16Gb EU (yes this includes the UK) version. The last Samsung press release mentioned that the 32Gb i9100 would have the NFC devil's prongs on it. However, I noticed that some vendors still note the lack of the NFC on the 'phone, but this was based on old information.

Thumb Up


Rooted (took a week) and custom kernels are available. The Voodoo Project (supercurio) is working on a similar Voodoo Colour and Voodoo Sound kernel mod for the S2. Please refer to the xda-developers forum.

As I write there are no proper custom ROMs available, but it has only been out for 19 days (in the UK).


which one

"I've got a phone here with a single core "

Which 'phone? Care to name it?

99% of Android phones leak secret account credentials


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

Who cares if one looses control over ones facebook account. Surely you could phone all your friends and tell them to un-friend you, and then befriend you on your newly created FB account!

Side-tracked there: are we discussing something else...

Crystal Acoustics PicoHD5.1

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Not for sale

Nice box, but sadly I could not buy one. I tried to, but the Check-out box is missing. Oops.

I sent them an Email.

Nokia DC-14 bike charger



And for the real saving:

Cost of charging your phone at home:

Assume a 2AH 3V battery (typical).

Assume 10c per KW Hour (I pay this in CA).

Energy in battery = 2 * 3 = 6 Watt hours.

Cost = 6*0.1/1000 = 0.06 cents.

Figure an efficiency of 50% for the charger and battery, so the cost of the actual power used is 0.12 cents.

In other words, a small fraction of a cent.

25 quid *1.62 = 40 dollars and 50 pennies.

40.50 = 4050 cents * 100 = 405000

405000 / 12 = 33750

I'd have to charge the phone 33750 times to get my money back!

Either I'd be dead from natural causes before, or the dynamo would have broken in the inevitable car crash.


Gmail users howl in anguish at 'disappeared' accounts

Jobs Horns


Do you really think those chat logs are really disabled? Come on :)


desiny's child or bastard

Well, in this case Google Apps boss is correct. Your Email destiny was clearly sent in a particular direction.



Just download your email often to you computer and stick it on a USB drive. if its not possible to archive messages to a local disc, then you could set upa forward to automcatiicaly send all messages you send or recieve to another cloud based Email account.

I run my own a nice postfix/dovecot/Spamass set-up running rather nicely with rsnapshot running hourly backups. Much preferable to any gmail yahoo hotmail etc service around.

German Foreign Office kills desktop Linux, hugs Windows XP


share, whats the point

We have it, as well. I cannot see the great advantage. Other than cost.

Also, we have Lotus Notes. Not a lot of point discussing this.

The repeal bill: what's left in, what's left out


Did no one read this ?

The useful ideas are outnumbered by the waste of time brigade.

Item 6042:

* Do you think any polotitions actually read these comments.

<p>If you are an MP reading these comments please leave a message and mame.</p>

<p> If no names are left then we know we are wasting our time....</p>

My reply: use a spell checker and the politicians might reply.

Item 6047 is similar.

Item 6144:

* Reintroduce transportation to Fraggle Rock

There are some good ones in there.

Man demands police protection from sex-mad missus


no porn

I suppose the IT angle, is that they did not need an Internet connection because there was no need for the usual on-line porn ^^.

Facebook offers 500 million users SSL crypto

Jobs Horns


SSL will save everyone. Quick, turn it on!

Mobile operators handed content billing blueprint


Love thy neighbour

So, about 20Mb an hour which is about 40 pence per hour.

10 hours per month = 4 pounds, or 48 pounds per year.

This may well be fine for those who only use Skype to Skype, but for myself whose Skype phone is based mainly on Skype in and out, then it changes.

Instead of ditching Skype and using the ISP cum telephony operators VoIP system, (as my ISP would like me to), I shall probably hi-jack my neighbours wireless connection and let them pay for my calls. There is now a real reason to hi-jack someones connections by Joe Bloggs. I expect there to be greater interest in hacking into others' networks by general public, because there could save a fair whack on money, and some dubious programmer will write a pretty GUI for cracking the neighbours wifi WEP/WPA etc. Well, maybe, maybe not.

Bummed-out users give anti-virus bloatware the boot

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Why I don't have a real-time scanning AV

I have used aVast, which I thought was pretty good compared to other bloatware (Norton). I have been told that NOD32 is the fastest and one of the best providers of protection. I boot into WXP for one computer game, and spend the rest of my time using either an Android 'phone at home and Linux on the notebook for work. There is little reason for me to have an AV.

Instead of shelling out more money I removed aVast and installed Clam. Its an open source on-demand scanner. The game I play on WXP is now far faster, & WXP completes the log in far quicker than afore. I am pleased because I cannot afford to buy a new notebook for home.

Angry Birds find new way to take your money


Pesky Parrots

Everyone has gone insane. Pay ... for ... Angry Birds ?! I can go down the local pub on a Sat night out and find plenty of those.

I have the annoying birds on my Android; It ceased its lure after the tenth level: I was on a train with plenty of time. Pleased that it was free, because I would have been saddened it I had to part with money for it.

For a nice free game on Android I recommend Robo Defense, and for Windows or Linux (wine) Neocron or Anarchy Online -- Yeah :)

Google morphs Gmail into Microsoft backup service



We have Notes as well. Its hell.

Why is Google's new Nexus S like no other smartphone?


SGS 9000 user

Think of NFC as a test for early adopters. Eventually all el cheapo 'phone will have one.

Even my ancient Sony Vaio has a Felica chip in the palm rest. Not that I have ever used it, because there were no drivers for Linux available back in 2005.

Scroogle busted again after Google tweak



I think many people use the plugin for Firefox (or search bar from Opera) to access Scroogle. I think its show of results are easy to read, pretty much plain test, and no rubbish cluttering the screen. But personal preference seldom counts for much these days (did it every?)



Perhaps, use the POST instead of the GET over HTTPS.



because we do

News because so many use it. I've used it since 2006.

Nominet forgets what the first .uk domain name was


Created equally

" that the country was assigned .uk, rather than the .gb " - No, two TLDs were assigned to Blightly - .gb and .uk. .uk was a mistake because it was derived from the earlier JANET system. .gb was still created at the same time, but sadly fell into disuse. It would be nice to have a specific timeline, but I have not found one, yet.

bash-3.2# nslookup hermes.dra.hmg.gb

Using /etc/hosts on: y7-059

looking up FILES

Trying DNS

Non-authoritative answer:

Name: hermes.dra.hmg.gb