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Fedora 21: Linux fans will LOVE it - after the install woes

Black Helicopters


Gnome was made by The trash icon hater Nazis that want to rectally forced feed people (CIA style) with their different way of doing things. Terrible. And they even dare to make it evolve with time to make it better. Teeeerrrrriblllee.

So YEARS(!!?!) after the creation of Gnome 3 we still have comment about how bad Gnome is, how people are stupid using it and how people will have to walk on their dead body to make them use this unholy GUI.


Use something else. Quit trolling.

But honestly we see less of them.

Now we have a Greater Nazi Scare : SYSTEMD. Each article on SysTeMD creates a flood of FUD, trolling and half disguised personal insults to the developers (or Developer I would say, if you see who I mean...).

That's pitiful (and don't get me started on the "insults" part, that's such a shame)

If you are really so angry about SysTemD just take your finger out of your a$$ and start DOING things with the people developing alternatives. Stop trolling. DO something.

No woman, no drive: Saddo hackers lob Android nasty at Saudi women's rights campaign


Fucking hell... that's a crazy video song... Those guys did quite a good job on the singing and lyrics...

Too bad it's for promoting their middle-age way of thinking.

French snooping as deep as PRISM: Le Monde


electromagnetic signals


“The Directorate General for External Security (DGSE, the services special) systematically collect electromagnetic signals from computers or phones in France, as well as flows between French and abroad,” the outlet writes. “All e-mails, text messages, telephone records, access to Facebook , Twitter , are then stored for years.

It says that it "systematically collect electromagnetic signals"... what does it mean ?

I guess that using "electromagnetic signals" they can collect data from satellite communication or mobile phone.

But what about land line communications ? I guess that most people use Internet from land lines...

so do the spooks spy on those lines ?

Ice core shows Antarctic Peninsula warming is nothing unusual


Re: Agenda?

"I don't know that the Register has an editorial bias. Lewis (and to a degree Andrew Orlowski) do seem to though."

Lewis doesn't SEEM TO have an editorial bias. He HAS an editorial bias.

I could describe it as an 'greenophobia'. Every 'green' speaking is just wrong for him.

Does climate change is happening ? No. Well maybe yes, but not so much, not because of us. It's a big green fascistic conspiracy...

Fukushima ? Great event, all was well, nobody was hurt, no contamination in food and fishes etc.... In a few month when global memory will fade he will probably write an article about the FACT that fukushima didn't happened.

I don't know why I keep reading his articles, some masochism probably.

New nuclear fuel source would power human race until 5000AD


Re: we know that nuclear power is safe

I'm amazed by the number of pro-nuke people on this forum...

Some time ago I thought that nuke power was the least bad we had (compare to coal and oil). then I was traveling in Asia, and Fukushima, happened. And is still happening if I may say.

I guess that some smart people could find a law that link the pro/anti-nuke opinion to the distance people live from Fukushima.

Ivy Bridge for Ultrabooks


so so...

so many errors in this article... i7 3517u do have vpro and trusted execution for example.

and comparing sandy bridges to ivy brigdes doesn't make sens...

I do like a lot The Register but they should get inspired in their review by this great site :


I do have a UX32VD, great machine, fast, wonderful screen (1900x1028, non glare), big hdd, small sdd (perfect to install linux on it and having a very very fast boot).

Microsoft's Android patent ransom to 'total $444m' next year


good question... it seems nobody knows what are those patents... I find it a bit weird, it means there was no leaks about this. I

'm really curious about this. Shouldn't it be possible to have an open-source alternative to those patents ? Are common Linux distros like ubuntu or redhat threatened too ?

Why Samsung won't open the Bada OS box


the US market – the only market that matters according to Strategy Analytics

really ? the billions of people in asia who have (or will have) mobile phones will appreciate... One of this day those guys at 'Strategy Analytics' will wake up with a very big hangover...

Facebook wannabe rioters cop large helpings of porridge

Big Brother

Spring sytle

the media fed us with the beauty of facebook and tweeter during the arab revolts. Now some idiots tried to do the same in UK and they end up in jail for a long long time, "Mubarak style" ?

Do they have proof that some people effectively followed their call for rioting ?

Ubuntu Wayland: Shuttleworth's post-Mac makeover


why not...

I was really happy with the Ubuntu Netbook Remix UI, then Unity came, then my netbook looked like a smartphone... a slow one... So I went back to the classical Gnome desktop UI, with menus, autohide panels and so on.

In the end I have more visual space than with either unity or the previous UI, it's faster, it's less buggy. I was used to the Remix UI but going back to a 'classic' desktop was like being free again... I don't see the point in breaking the 'classic' desktop UI to get a smartphone-like UI on a computer, even on a netbook.

But it's ok for me if Ubuntu tries something different, as long as we have the choice to use alternative UIs.

Financial vice tightens on Wikileaks, hacktivistas retaliate


what a joke...

So here we have one of those swiss banks that shelter money for the bad guys like the mafia, african dictators, war criminals, cybercrooks, corrupt business, citizens looking for tax evasion etc...

And this bank is morally shocked by wikileaks and closes its accounts ?? If I was one of those bad guy having an account in Switzerland I would get scared (or not... as wikileaks had some problems before with leaks from Switzerland we can maybe look at it as a retribution...).

Same for PayPal.

What a wonderful hypocrit world.


"suppressing civil liberties will be considered beneficial for a greater cause" ?

It does seem to me that it's already happening since a long time. And even more since 911... just try to remember all the speeches and laws made by the Bushes, Rumsfelds, Blairs of our world... Take a pick into this list : guatanamo, illegal war and lies about irak, abu grahib, hundred of thousands of civilians dead, enhanced 'security' in airports, wiretaping etc...

All this in the name of freedom and democracy.

A shame.

Long life to wikileaks !

Wikileaks: Berlusconi useless, Pope Catholic


Really ?

So everything seems so obvious that it's time to spit on wikileaks ?

Cheap I would say...

So easy to say "I knew it" afterward.

Whatever you think about wikileaks and Assange they did it. They took insane risks to open a little window on what's going on behind the scene. I'm glad they did. I hope they'll continue and still be safe (but for Assange i'm a bit worried, rednecks look ready to show us how democracy works, waterboard him and hang him asap).

The US gvt doesn't seem so happy about this new leak, so maybe there is more than already old and useless information inside.

Journalists (even those of the great El Reg) should try to dig more, to harvest informations from this, do their job instead of making not so funny jokes about all this. Isn't it a bit weird that whistleblower are going through organisations like Wikileaks instead of going directly to the newsmedia? It should make journalists ask question about their job.

Google charges feds $25 a head for user surveillance


freedom of choice...

Wonderful... Poor Yahoo was humiliated because they helped the Chinese gvt arrest some journalists, but at home yahoo and pals are just doing the same to help the US gvt catch pot smokers (or other drugs that obviously people WANT, and want more and more ).

But well, it's business so it's probably ok. Next time the chinese ask for some info about some dissidents it should do it as a business transaction, maybe people won't notice so much.

Netbooks: notebook evolved - or stunted throwback?

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Linux on netbooks ?

Why is there so few netbooks delivered with Linux instead of windows ? (or even without os)

I remember the first eee pcs had a kind of crappy linux, so I guess that's part of the answer, customers were probably unhappy with it.

but since ubuntu 9.xx it works perfectly on netbooks. It's cost effective, fast, light, user-friendly, virus-crapware-spyware-antiviruscrap-free. All the common application are ready to use.

Why Asus, acer,dell and so on are still selling windows ??

All the manufacturers are ready to ditch windows for Android in the tablet-gadget but regarding x86 they stick to windows.

either cannonical has a very bad commercial strategy or MS is putting mafia-like pressure on manufacturers... let me guess...

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Give me more netbooks !

I have a eee 1008ha. Light. Nice screen. Good keyboard. Fast enough. Nice (even cute) design.

Just what I need for :

- getting ride of windows and replacing it by Ubuntu (or Fedora currently).

- browsing, OOofficing, pythoning, gimping, gaming,movie-ing, music-ing

- traveling

One day I'll maybe have a tablet, but not an Apple one, I don't see the point in paying for an overpriced piece of hardware then reading news about Apple boasting about all the money they have and don't know what to do with it, about their high stock market price and so on... as an Apple customer I would feel very very angry... (or take their last overpriced and underperforming MacNetBook Air). Anyway I don't see the point either in a gadget with 16 GB of capacity (even 64 GB is a joke, give me half an hour and I'll fill it).

So regarding tablets I'll wait a bit, to see how it evolves, if it really adds any value.

Regarding netbooks since one year they don't evolve so much so I'm waiting for the post-atom generation : a dual core or more, some better 2D performance, 1366*768 in 10 inch (or 11 inch at most), at most 1.1 kg, 250 GB SSD at least, good price.


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